12:52 Ticket #731 (The modeling database backend should support a way to store ...) created by gkronber
This can be used to store algorithm parameters like C and Nu of SVM …
12:11 Changeset [2322] by gkronber

Removed display of Nu and C in the SVMModelView because Nu and C are algorithm parameters and not model parameters. #727

11:13 Ticket #730 (Variable impacts of models can't be displayed in CEDMA console) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r2321.
11:13 Changeset [2321] by gkronber

Fixed #730 (Variable impacts of models can't be displayed in CEDMA console).

11:13 Ticket #730 (Variable impacts of models can't be displayed in CEDMA console) created by gkronber
11:11 Changeset [2320] by gkronber

fixed svn:properties

11:09 Changeset [2319] by gkronber

Applied patch from mkommend for variable impact calculators and adapted data-modeling algorithms to use the new operators for variable impact calculation. #728


19:57 Ticket #719 (CEDMA result importer for text based format) closed by gkronber
18:35 Changeset [2318] by mkofler

Fixed Subversion properties for HeuristicLab.Common project (#729)

15:05 Changeset [2317] by mkommend

added FunctionTree getter in GP.StructureIdentification.Predictor, which is needed in the ModelAnalyzer (ticket #722)

14:40 Changeset [2316] by mkofler

Added *.frame file to HeuristicLab.Common project (cf. #729)

14:31 Changeset [2315] by mkofler

Added empty project HeuristicLab.Common for auxiliary classes (cf. #729).

11:19 Ticket #729 (Create project HeuristicLab.Common) created by mkofler
Project for auxiliary HeuristicLab classes that might be of interest …


17:47 Changeset [2314] by mkommend

extended IModelingDatabase interface to return persisted model (ticket #712)

11:53 Changeset [2313] by mkommend

added utility class matrix creator which combines 2 arrays of length N into a matrix [N,2] (ticket #728)

11:18 Ticket #728 (VariableImpactCalculator should use static calculate methods) created by mkommend
A similar mechanism as other simple evaluators use should be …
11:11 Ticket #727 (SVMModelView shows Nu=0.5 Cost=1 for all SVM models) created by gkronber


17:40 Changeset [2312] by gkronber

Added CedmaExporter from #715 branch.

11:35 Changeset [2311] by mkommend
  • implemented GetVariableValues in dataset
  • added row number in rowheaders of dataset view

(ticket #726)

11:34 Ticket #726 (Dataset should provide method to get all values from a variable) created by mkommend


14:23 Ticket #725 (ContainsVariableName should be implemented in dataset) closed by mkommend
fixed: added ContainsVariableName method in dataset r2310
14:22 Changeset [2310] by mkommend

added ContainsVariableName method in dataset (ticket #725)

14:22 Ticket #725 (ContainsVariableName should be implemented in dataset) created by mkommend
Necessary during import of models, to check if a model matches the …
13:25 Changeset [2309] by mkommend

added invoke required checks in close view methods (ticket #716)


13:57 Changeset [2308] by mkommend

corrected bug in ViewClosed method; removed base prefix (ticket #716)

10:55 Changeset [2307] by mkommend

added icons for model analyzer to HeuristicLab.Common.Resources (ticket #724)

10:54 Ticket #724 (HeuristicLab.Common.Resources icons, images, etc.) created by mkommend
Ticket to use when adding items to HeuristicLab.Common.Resources


17:24 Changeset [2306] by mkommend

added check to show every view only one time, second call of ShowView leads to focus of the view (ticket #716)

14:18 Changeset [2305] by mkommend

added possibility to programmatically close views (ticket #716)

12:32 Changeset [2304] by mkommend

added problem methods to modeling database (ticket #712)

11:11 Changeset [2303] by mkommend

added check if problems.count == 0 in GetProblem method (ticket #712)

11:09 Changeset [2302] by mkommend

fired changed event after gui is created (ticket #716)

09:53 Changeset [2301] by mkommend

added method to get IProblem from modeling database (ticket #712)

09:51 Changeset [2300] by mkommend

added MainFormChanged event (ticket #716)


15:35 Changeset [2299] by mkommend

added ctor with !xJitter and !yJitter for VisualMatrixRow (ticket #723)

15:14 Changeset [2298] by mkommend

corrected access modifiers for ViewClosed method (ticket #716)

15:05 Changeset [2297] by mkommend

added ViewClosed method to tell MainForm subclasses that a view was closed (ticket #716)


19:26 Changeset [2296] by mkommend

added clear method to visual matrix (ticket #723)

18:17 Changeset [2295] by mkommend

adapted CEDMA.BubbleChart to meet needs of new ModelAnalyzer (ticket #723)

14:40 Changeset [2294] by mkommend

removed display of active view caption in statusstrip (ticket #716)

12:34 Changeset [2293] by mkommend

removed commented code (ticket #712)

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