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16:32 Changeset [2274] by gkronber

Fixed a bug in the CEDMA importer. #719

16:21 Changeset [2273] by gkronber

Added functionality to open any database file to CEDMA console. #712

15:51 Changeset [2272] by gkronber

Worked on persistence of models into the DB. #719 (CEDMA Importer)

15:50 Changeset [2271] by gkronber

Added a method to persist HL.Model.IModel instances. #712

14:11 Changeset [2270] by gkronber

Added properties for the separation in training/validation/test set to HL.Modeling.IModel. #712

12:06 Changeset [2269] by mkommend

SingleDocumentMainForm shows open froms in taskbar
removed bool listen members from !IToolStripItem
(ticket #716)

11:11 Changeset [2268] by mkommend

added SingleDocumentMainForm
reenabled designer support for MainForms (ticket #716)

09:56 Changeset [2267] by mkommend

added missing license information (ticket #716)


15:55 Changeset [2266] by mkommend

added ability to cancel form close;
removed mistakenly commited csproj.user file (ticket #716)


11:21 Changeset [2265] by gkronber

Worked on CEDMA importer. #719

11:20 Changeset [2264] by gkronber

Fixed export of GP trees to s-exp in the trunk. #715

11:17 Changeset [2263] by gkronber

Refactoring: removed duplicate methods. #719

11:07 Ticket #715 (Tool to export CEDMA results into a simple text based file) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed bug in s-exp export format of terminal nodes with r2262.
11:07 Changeset [2262] by gkronber

Fixed bug in s-exp export format of terminal nodes. #715

10:40 Ticket #715 (Tool to export CEDMA results into a simple text based file) reopened by gkronber
There is a bug in export of terminal nodes.
10:26 Changeset [2261] by gkronber

Refactoring: extracted classes. #719

10:15 Changeset [2260] by gkronber

Worked on CEDMA importer. #719


23:21 Ticket #721 (SVMModel is defined in the incorrect namespace HL.Data) created by gkronber
18:33 Changeset [2259] by gkronber

Added unfinished implementation of CEDMA importer tool. #719

16:50 Changeset [2258] by gkronber
  • Reimplemented method to read a list of already executed algorithms and configurations from the results DB
  • Fixed a bug in the GridExecuter
  • Added a button in the dispatcher view to speed up configuration of input variables


16:43 Changeset [2257] by mkommend

solution changes (ticket #716)

16:31 Changeset [2256] by mkommend

first part of changes after discussion with SWA (ticket #716)

15:55 Changeset [2255] by mkommend

corrected bug in MultipleDocumentMainForm !viewStateChanged were not handled (ticket #716)

11:27 Changeset [2254] by mkommend

added ability for toolstripitems to listen for specific events (ticket #716)


18:11 Changeset [2253] by mkommend

added support for multiple document mainform without docking (ticket #716)

17:19 Changeset [2252] by mkommend

fixed view docking (ticket #716)

16:15 Changeset [2251] by gkronber

Reduced the actual training set for SVM from 5000 to 1000 samples to improve the speed of the parameter search. #717

15:24 Changeset [2250] by mkommend

tried to add docking views - not working right now (ticket #716)

14:09 Ticket #720 (SGP and OSGP engines should be defined in the plugin HL.GP) created by gkronber
SGP and OSGP are currently defined in plugin …
13:57 Changeset [2249] by mkommend

adapted MainForm to create DropDownButtons (ticket #716)

12:55 Changeset [2248] by mkommend

deleted AssemblyInfo.cs from HeuristicLab.MainForm.Test (ticket #716)

12:32 Changeset [2247] by mkommend

adapted HeuristicLab.MainForm.Test to use HL.Common.Resources (ticket #716)

12:31 Changeset [2246] by mkommend

updated HeuristicLab.Common.Resources project file and added HeuristicLabIcon (ticket #716)

11:24 Changeset [2245] by mkommend

created project HeuristicLab.Common.Resources (ticket #716)


19:31 Changeset [2244] by mkommend

forgotten to add one Interface in HeuristicLab.MainForm (ticket #716)

19:24 Changeset [2243] by mkommend

added HeuristicLab!.MainForm.Test project and demo implementation
adapted MainForm to new design (ticket #716)

19:12 Ticket #718 (DiscoveryService should provide a non-generic GetInstances method) closed by mkommend
13:11 Changeset [2242] by gkronber

Changed variable impact calculation operators to use the actual training sub-set instead of the full training set. #717 (SVM regression engine takes a very long time to finish)

13:09 Changeset [2241] by gkronber

Remove obsolete parameter TreeSize in VariableQualityImpactCalculator. #713

12:02 Changeset [2240] by gkronber

Removed obsolete CEDMA plugins. #712

11:42 Changeset [2239] by gkronber

Fixed a problem in the HL.GP.StructId project file. #323

11:41 Changeset [2238] by gkronber

Deleted unused files in HL.CEDMA plugins. #712

11:22 Ticket #719 (CEDMA result importer for text based format) created by gkronber
11:20 Changeset [2237] by gkronber

Deleted unused field. #323

11:18 Changeset [2236] by gkronber

Deleted commented code. #323

11:17 Ticket #323 (The default representation of FunctionTreeView should show ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r2235.
11:17 Changeset [2235] by gkronber

Fixed #323 (The default representation of FunctionTreeView should show coefficients and time-offsets of variables and values of constants).

10:23 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by gkronber
fixed typo (diff)
10:11 Ticket #715 (Tool to export CEDMA results into a simple text based file) closed by gkronber
10:02 Changeset [2234] by mkommend

implemented non-generic GetInstances method in the DiscoveryService (ticket #718)

10:01 Ticket #718 (DiscoveryService should provide a non-generic GetInstances method) created by mkommend
09:24 Ticket #717 (SVM regression engine takes a very long time to finish) created by gkronber
Maybe a better approach would be to use a smaller training set and …


16:52 Changeset [2233] by mkommend

implemented first version of MainFormBase and DockingMainForm (ticket #716)

12:26 Changeset [2232] by gkronber

Implemented export of variable impacts and changed GP Tree exporter to use variable names instead of indexes. #715

10:41 Changeset [2231] by mkommend

added HeuristicLab.MainForm project (ticket #716)

10:36 Changeset [2230] by mkommend

added last changes in CEDMA.Core (ticket #712)

09:57 Changeset [2229] by mkommend

added license information (ticket #712)

09:45 Ticket #716 (Prototype implementation for generic main form) created by mkommend
A generic main form for developing HeuristicLab GUIs should be …


18:00 Changeset [2228] by gkronber

Added first crude implementation of CEDMA exporter. #715

17:30 Ticket #693 (SVMs should not learn on rows where the target variable is nan) closed by mkommend
15:26 Changeset [2227] by gkronber

Created a branch to implement the CEDMA exporter. #715

15:25 Ticket #715 (Tool to export CEDMA results into a simple text based file) created by gkronber
15:18 Changeset [2226] by gkronber
  • Added extension method IsAlmost to type double
  • changed evaluation semantics of boolean operations in HL3TreeEvaluator


15:13 Changeset [2225] by gkronber

deleted GP-Refactoring branch after merge to trunk. #713

14:26 Changeset [2224] by mkommend

deleted branch modeling database backend (ticket #712)

14:23 Changeset [2223] by mkommend

reintegrated branch new heuristic.modeling database backend (ticket #712)

12:29 Ticket #342 (BakedFunctionTree relies on a specific order of elements in the ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed in combination with #713 with r2222.
12:26 Changeset [2222] by gkronber

Merged changes from GP-refactoring branch back into the trunk #713.

11:33 Changeset [2221] by mkommend

performance improvements by reusing the datacontext (ticket #712)

10:35 Changeset [2220] by gkronber

Deleted unused file GeneralTreeSerializer.cs and commented code. #713

10:31 Ticket #714 (Mousecursor is not set back to standard after a "Save..." action) created by gkronber


13:36 Changeset [2219] by gkronber

fixed serialization of function trees and GPModels. (#713)


12:31 Changeset [2218] by gkronber

Worked on persistence of function trees. #713

12:11 Changeset [2217] by mkommend

first part of performance improvements (ticket #712)


19:41 Changeset [2216] by gkronber

GP Refactoring #713

  • cleaned code
  • reintegrated GP.Boolean and GP.SantaFe
  • worked on serialization of function trees
16:46 Changeset [2215] by gkronber

fixed build errors. #713

14:45 Changeset [2214] by mkommend

removed SqlServerCe.Entity.dll (ticket #712)

13:14 Changeset [2213] by mkommend

corrected deployment of SQLServer compact (ticket #712)

10:47 Changeset [2212] by gkronber

GP Refactoring: #713

  • added project GP.Operators
  • moved operators from plugin GP to plugin GP.Operators
  • deleted unused constraints
  • removed dependency of GP plugins on Constraints plugin
  • moved StructID functions into directory Symbols
  • deleted unused class FunView
  • implemented add and remove functionality for the FunctionLibraryView


19:07 Changeset [2211] by gkronber


  • renamed MinArity and MaxArity properties
  • fixed a caching bug in the Dataset
  • renamed BakedTreeEvaluator to HL3TreeEvaluator
  • deleted class BakedFunctionTree
18:28 Changeset [2210] by gkronber

GP Refactoring #713

  • introduced a plugin for GP interfaces
  • created a new interface IGeneticProgrammingModel which represents GP models in HL scopes instead of IFunctionTree
  • changed interfaces IFunction and IFunctionTree
  • moved some files to new directories (general housekeeping)
  • changed all GP operators and engines to work with IGeneticProgrammingModels
  • removed parameters TreeSize and TreeHeight in all GP operators
  • changed parameter OperatorLibrary to FunctionLibrary in all GP operators
17:11 Changeset [2209] by mkommend

removed AssemblyInfo.cs from HeuristicLab.SQLServerCompact (ticket #712)

15:49 Changeset [2208] by mkommend

removed obsolete usings in CEDMA.Core and CEDMA.Server (ticket #712)

14:44 Changeset [2207] by mkommend

first stable version of CEDMA with new database backend (ticket #712)

13:43 Changeset [2206] by mkommend

corrected bug in AlgortihmBase.Model. model was created for every call which results in duplicate variables in the bestvalidationsolutionscope => exception.
therefore a caching mechanism was implemented. (ticket #712)

13:39 Changeset [2205] by mkommend

added functionality in database backend to query inputvariable results (ticket #712)

13:37 Changeset [2204] by mkommend

corrected behavior of dispatcher view to change checkbox with one click (ticket #712)

10:50 Changeset [2203] by mkommend

corrected bugs in database sqlservercompact (ticket #712)


19:24 Changeset [2202] by gkronber

Created a branch for #713

19:12 Changeset [2201] by gkronber

Added statements to set the input variables of models in all regression engines. #712

18:37 Changeset [2200] by mkommend

added primary key for ModelResult (ticket #712)

18:32 Changeset [2199] by gkronber

Changed dispatcher to allow all variables as input or target variable. #712

17:51 Changeset [2198] by gkronber

Fixed a few bugs in CEDMA dispatching. #712

16:28 Changeset [2197] by mkommend

adapted connection string and explicitly implemented the defined interfaces in hl.modeling.database (ticket #712)

15:48 Changeset [2196] by mkommend

updated copy assemblies in branch (ticket #712)

15:43 Changeset [2195] by gkronber

Fixed compile errors #712.

15:29 Changeset [2194] by mkommend

adapted HeuristicLab.Modeling.Database and Database.SQLServerCompact (ticket #712)

15:26 Changeset [2193] by gkronber

Added problem view for the cedma server. #712

14:33 Changeset [2192] by gkronber

added ignore property for *.user

14:31 Changeset [2191] by gkronber

Additional commit to r2190. #712

14:28 Changeset [2190] by gkronber

Refactored CEDMA plugins to work with new modeling backend. #712

14:20 Changeset [2189] by mkommend

added Properties directory for HL.SQLServerCompact #712

14:17 Changeset [2188] by gkronber

Added new project HL.Modeling.Database with interfaces for the data access layer #712.

13:40 Changeset [2187] by mkommend

renamed SQLServerCompact to HeuristicLab.SQLServerCompact (ticket #712)

12:57 Changeset [2186] by mkommend

moved data objects into own folder (ticket #712)

12:54 Changeset [2185] by mkommend

commit to synchronize with GK
CAUTION: this changeset does not build (ticket #712)


10:07 Changeset [2184] by mkommend

changed access modifiers for Algorithm members (ticket #712)

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