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18:58 Ticket #203 (Operator to create algorithms with different settings) created by gkronber
15:14 Ticket #202 (Split the big reader/writer lock in class Database into separate ...) created by gkronber
01:00 Ticket #201 (Fix plugin dependencies for CEDMA plugins) created by gkronber
00:47 Ticket #200 (Simple indexer for results and matching search-frontend for ...) created by gkronber
00:29 Ticket #191 (Operators to store results in the database) closed by gkronber
fixed: r394 * added an operator to store a whole scope as a result in the …
00:28 Changeset [394] by gkronber
  • implemented operator to store a whole scope as an result item into the cedma-db.
  • worked on AgentListView to display results as sub-nodes of agents.

(ticket #191)


23:34 Ticket #189 (Scheduler for the round-robin execution of agents) closed by gkronber
fixed: prototypical implementation with r388:393
23:31 Ticket #188 (Persistence of agents and runs in the database) closed by gkronber
fixed: worked on prototypical implementation in r388:393 .
23:29 Changeset [393] by gkronber

worked on very basic control to view the tree of agents/runs (ticket #188)

21:16 Changeset [392] by gkronber

worked on unification of agents and runs (ticket #188)

21:15 Changeset [391] by gkronber

improved JobManager code and fixed a typo in the JobState enum. (ticket #188)

19:15 Changeset [390] by gkronber

unified runs and agents (are actually the same with the minor difference that agents can create new agents (runs)) (ticket #188)

14:06 Changeset [389] by gkronber

worked on #188


17:18 Changeset [388] by gkronber

fixed a bug in the AgentScheduler that caused each agent to stop after 100 steps

17:12 Changeset [387] by gkronber

changed ManualResetEvents to AutoResetEvents in JobManager (related to #199)

16:43 Ticket #199 (ThreadPool contention in the JobManager) closed by gkronber
fixed: fixed with r386 by introducing to queues for waiting and running …
16:40 Changeset [386] by gkronber

worked on #199

13:47 Ticket #199 (ThreadPool contention in the JobManager) created by gkronber
JobManager queues a thread-pool WaitCallback to collect. In …


12:42 Changeset [385] by mkofler

Adjusted ScheduleTree and TimeSlot to allow preemptive scheduling


11:50 Changeset [384] by gkronber

merged changesets r382 and r383 (fix references and compiler warnings) into the "collections" branch

11:46 Changeset [383] by gkronber

changed code to remove compiler warnings

11:40 Changeset [382] by gkronber

fixed references to HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure


14:21 Ticket #198 (Evaluate different ideas to improve performance of collections) created by swagner
Lukas Aigner will work on the performance of .NET collections in his …
14:16 Changeset [381] by swagner

Created feature exploration branch for bachelor thesis of Lukas Aigner


17:22 Changeset [380] by gkronber

improved contention problem by using ReaderWriterLock in the DB proxy and reducing the number of threads in the RunScheduler (ticket #189)

17:19 Changeset [379] by gkronber

removed white space

12:19 Changeset [378] by gkronber

worked on #189

11:06 Changeset [377] by gkronber

renamed Plugin CEDMA.Console -> CEDMA.Core

10:54 Changeset [376] by gkronber

renamed directory CEDMA.Console -> CEDMA.Core


21:37 Changeset [375] by gkronber

worked on #188

20:51 Changeset [374] by gkronber

added key to sign plugin HeuristicLab.Grid

20:38 Ticket #197 (Use SQLite backend to store waiting engines and results instead of ...) created by gkronber
13:07 Changeset [373] by gkronber

removed reference to non-existent file

10:38 Ticket #104 (Plugin for local sqlite databases) closed by gkronber
fixed: updated dll to most recent version with r370. Plugin is used for the …
10:36 Ticket #187 (Components to edit and upload agents) closed by gkronber
fixed: worked on the front-end, service and database backend to create and …
10:34 Changeset [372] by gkronber

worked on #187 - code is still a mess

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