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#2684 Implement TreeView for nested Parameters reviewing jkarder feature request medium HeuristicLab 3.3.x Backlog
#2745 Implement EGO accepted bwerth feature request medium
#2780 Implement Surrogate Assisted Population Based Algortihm accepted bwerth feature request medium
#2798 Unify Important Multi-objective Calculations new bwerth enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.17
#2842 DataAnalysisAlgorithms should all produce a result with the same name (Solution) new gkronber enhancement medium HeuristicLab 4.0
#2847 Implement M5'-(Meta-)-Regression assigned gkronber feature request medium HeuristicLab 3.3.16
#2866 Hyperbolic functions for symbolic regression readytorelease gkronber enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.16
#2943 Allow all multiobjective BasicProblems for MO-CMAES accepted bwerth enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.16
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