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Changeset 4368

09/07/10 10:22:27 (14 years ago)
  • created HiveClient which shows an overview over all submitted HiveExperiments
  • its possible to download all submitted HiveExperiments including results
  • Experiments are now sent as a whole to the Hive and the Hive-Slaves take care of creating child-jobs (if necessary). The parent job is then paused and will be reactivated when all child-jobs are finished
  • WcfService-Clients are now consistently managed by WcfServicePool which allows to use IDisposable-Pattern and always keeps exactly one proxy-object until all callers disposed them.
  • created ProgressView which is able to lock a View and display progress of an action. It also allows to simulate progress if no progress-information is available so that users don't get too nervous while waiting.
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