Changeset 2327

09/03/09 14:54:59 (12 years ago)

Applied changes in modeling plugins that are necessary for the new model analyzer (#722)

  • predictor has properties for the lower and upper limit of the predicted value
  • added views for predictors that show the limits (also added a new view for GeneticProgrammingModel that shows the size and height of the model)
  • Reintroduced TreeEvaluatorInjectors that read a PunishmentFactor and calculate the lower and upper limits for estimated values (limits are set in the tree evaluators)
  • Added operators to create Predictors. Changed modeling algorithms to use the predictors for the calculation of final model qualities and variable impacts (to be compatible with the new model analyzer the predictors use a very large PunishmentFactor)
  • replaced all private implementations of double.IsAlmost and use HL.Commons instead (see #733 r2324)
  • Implemented operator SolutionExtractor and moved BestSolutionStorer from HL.Logging to HL.Modeling (fixes #734)
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