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1README HeuristicLab Hive Slave Installation
4The HeuristicLab Hive Slave runs as a windows service and calculates jobs that it receives from the Hive server.
5Every Slave sends periodically heartbeats to the server and asks for a new job.
6If the server has new jobs, the Slave fetches the jobs and calculates them.
8There are two installers for the Hive Slave:
11Installs the Slave windows service. The default installation path is C:\Program Files\HEAL\HeuristicLab Hive Slave.
12The installed windows services is called HeuristicLab.Clients.Hive.Slave and can be stopped or started from the
13Windows Services console.
14There will also be a Event source created which is called "HLHive" and a Log called "HiveSlave" where
15severe errors are logged. The logs can be viewed with the Windows Event Viewer.
16The windows service will be started automatically after the installation is completed and will also
17automatically start after boot.
20Installs the graphical frontend for the windows service. This program should be installed for all users
21(checkbox in installation dialog) so that all users can use the application.
22The Hive Slave TrayIcon is started when a user logs in and sits in the windows taskbar.
23If opened, it displays information about the current state of the windows service and lets the user
24pause the slave.
25The default installation path is C:\Program Files\HEAL\HeuristicLab Hive Slave TrayIcon.
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