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source: branches/HeuristicLab.LinqExpressionTreeInterpreter/PreBuildEvent.cmd @ 12807

Last change on this file since 12807 was 12807, checked in by bburlacu, 7 years ago

#2442: Added new interpreter as described above. The new function symbol accepts lambdas in the constructor and gets intitialized with a fixed arity. The MethodInfo of the provided lambda is stored internally and used by the interpreter. The MethodInfo field should be [Storable] but this would require a small change to the serializer (relatively trivial I think). Currently it works with the programmable problem and the SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding (see attached example).

File size: 597 bytes
[12807]1IF EXIST "%ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs.frame" SubWCRev "%ProjectDir%\" "%ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs.frame" "%ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs"
2IF %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 0 GOTO Error_Handling
3IF EXIST "%ProjectDir%\Plugin.cs.frame" SubWCRev "%ProjectDir%\" "%ProjectDir%\Plugin.cs.frame" "%ProjectDir%\Plugin.cs"
4IF %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 0 GOTO Error_Handling
5GOTO Done
8ECHO There was an error while running subwcrev. Please verify that the *.cs.frame files have been correctly converted to *.cs files, otherwise HeuristicLab won't build.
9exit 0
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