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source: branches/HeuristicLab.Hive-3.4/sources/MergeConfigs.cmd @ 5786

Last change on this file since 5786 was 5786, checked in by cneumuel, 13 years ago


  • implemented correct numbering of BatchRuns
  • improvements in ExperimentManager
  • fixed bug in server (jobs were scheduled multiple times)
  • added exception handling for task in slave
  • improved timeout handling of jobs (LifecycleManager)
File size: 577 bytes
1copy "%SolutionDir%HeuristicLab.Hive 3.4.dll.config" "%TargetDir%"
3%SolutionDir%ConfigMerger "%SolutionDir%HeuristicLab.Services.Hive.DataAccess\3.4\app.config" "%TargetDir%HeuristicLab.Hive 3.4.dll.config"
4%SolutionDir%ConfigMerger "%SolutionDir%HeuristicLab.Clients.Hive\3.4\app.config" "%TargetDir%HeuristicLab.Hive 3.4.dll.config"
6copy "%SolutionDir%HeuristicLab 3.3.exe.config" "%TargetDir%"
8%SolutionDir%ConfigMerger "%TargetDir%HeuristicLab.Hive 3.4.dll.config" "%TargetDir%HeuristicLab 3.3.exe.config"
9copy "%TargetDir%HeuristicLab 3.3.exe.config" "%target%"
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