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HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Code Review - HeuristicLab.Optimizer-3.3

Reviewer: swinkler

  • The years in the license header should be corrected
  • Several files do not contain a license statement
    • swagner: Added missing license information in r2790.
  • Using System.Linq might be unnecessary
    • swagner: Removed unused usings in r2790.
    • mkommend: I would not remove such essential although unused usings like System.Linq, because it is very likely that these will be added again.

Reviewer: mkommend

  • OperatorsMenuItem: In the OnToolStripItemSet method a new OperatorSideBar is created and shown, which is a misuse of the OnToolStripItemSet method. If views should be created and shown at the appllication start up this functionality should be implemented in the OnInitialized method in the MainForm of the application.
  • NewItemDialog: The items in the ListView should be aligned.
Last modified 13 years ago Last modified on 03/05/10 03:54:38