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Changes between Version 45 and Version 46 of ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0ApplicationDone

04/14/10 05:15:31 (14 years ago)



  • ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0ApplicationDone

    v45 v46  
    113113 * Does it make sense to change the name of result variables or to remove their values?
    114114   * swagner: Disabled in r3226.
     115 * The button for changing the evaluation in the TSP view features "+" which is used for adding, not setting in other views.
     116   * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to use the "+" icon for adding and for setting values as long as there is no better idea which icon to use for setting values.
     117   * abeham: I'd suggest `EditTable` for change operations. Also in the results collection, I'd like to see different icons for `DataTable` and the solution visualization so that they pop out. I'd suggest `Object`, or if it hasn't been used already `Properties`.
     118   * swagner: Changed in r3306, r3327 and r3341.
    214218   * swinkler: Me too!
    215219   * swagner: Ok, ok, I got it. Changed in r3225.
     220 * Add != Set Value; In all forms with a simple value (`IntData`, `DoubleData`, `BoolData`,..) a plus icon signalizes the possible change/edit. I would change the plus sign for example to a pencil (as you do not add a new value but change it).
     221   * swagner: Changed in r3306, r3327 and r3341.
    217223=== Priority: LOW ===
    246252   * Another idea, double clicking an operator could add it to the currently visible operator graph. (Probably not so easy to implement)
    247253   * swagner: Changed in r3290 that the operators sidebar is not visible by default.
     254 * The [+] Button in the !ValueParameterView is slightly misleading once a value has been added, then it should mean change the value.
     255   * swagner: Changed in r3306, r3327 and r3341.
    249257=== Priority: LOW ===