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Changes between Version 37 and Version 38 of ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0ApplicationDone

04/08/10 22:04:04 (14 years ago)



  • ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0ApplicationDone

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    181181=== Priority: MEDIUM ===
     182 * After starting HeuristicLab it is not very obvious that the user has to choose the small new item button in order to have access to the standard methods.
     183   * swagner: Would it be an acceptable solution to show the new dialog automatically each time the HL 3.3 Optimizer is started? Another solution would be to show a wizard that guides the user through the first steps. If we want to have a wizard, should it show anything else than the available items that can be created?
     184   * gkronber: I think this is an important point because potential new users can be scared off within one minute if HeuristicLab doesn't have a few simple entry points to begin experimenting. One idea that comes to mind is to open a 'starter document' that has just 3 or 4 large buttons that activate a few basic entry points (e.g. "Genetic Algorithm: Optimize Tours", "Evolution Strategy: Find Minimum of Real-Valued Functions", "Show List of all Demos", "Load Algorithm From File"). Maybe we add an opt-out button for this starter screen. Sure a wizard of the kind "Solve your problem in 4 steps" would be nice but is probably not really necessary.
     185   * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to show a "Start Page" when the optimizer is started that contains initial information how to use HeuristicLab and how to create new algorithms and problems.
     186   * swagner: A start page has been implemented in r3202. Is this enough to guide new users? Should there be any additional or other information shown on the start page?
    183188=== Priority: LOW ===