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    99 * When the TSP importer is used after pausing the execution, the engine should be reset.
    1010 * Operator graph view
    11   * Dragging an item from the clipboard does not really create a copy as the mouse cursor indicates. It will link them.
    12   * The `ConditionalBranch` gets a strange third false out-port in the lower middle if its false out-port is connected to another operator and the conditional branch is "breakpointed". To reproduce: Create a new user defined algorithm, switch to the operator graph view, drag in an `EmptyOperator` and a `ConditionalBranch`, connect the !FalseBranch of the `ConditionalBranch` to the in-port of the `EmptyOperator` and then activate the breakpoint in the `ConditionalBranch`.
    1311  * It's possible to add operators to the selection by (ctrl|shift)-clicking, but not removing them again through another (ctrl|shift)-click.
     12    * mkommend: This is the default behavior of the Netron library. As far as I understand the source it is related to selection of grouped / stacked items.
    1413  * The boxes grow in size when the text gets larger, but they do not shrink again when the text gets smaller
    15   * Sometimes the arrow is not drawen when connecting two operators, or it's drawn wrong
     14  * Sometimes the arrow is not drawn when connecting two operators, or it's drawn wrong
    1615  * Placing two operators above each other and left-clicking selects the operator on top, but right-clicking opens the context menu on the bottom one
    1716  * The red square surrounding a port still remains selected sometimes after creating a connection