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Changes between Version 114 and Version 115 of ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application

03/28/10 04:16:36 (14 years ago)



  • ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application

    v114 v115  
    4444   * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to use the "+" icon for adding and for setting values as long as there is no better idea which icon to use for setting values.
    4545    * abeham: I'd suggest `EditTable` for change operations. Also in the results collection, I'd like to see different icons for `DataTable` and the solution visualization so that they pop out. I'd suggest `Object`, or if it hasn't been used already `Properties`.
    46  * Does it make sense to change the name of result variables or to remove their values?
    4746 * The quality chart looks great!
    4847   * We should probably use the same colors we had in 1.1 for best/average/worst qualities.
    204203 * Engine has to be stopped to be able to click and view results
    205204 * Import from TSPLIB button is easily overlooked (TSP Problem)
    206  * Value of Items from the Results pane can be added/changed and deleted
    207205 * Show results tab when engine is started, set a default item that is selected too (e.g. quality chart)
    208206 * hierarchical grouping of operators by namespace in operator tab (instead of just by plugin)