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HeuristicLab 3.3 Release

Work Packages

  • Implementation (78d)
Task Developers Effort
refactor plugin infrastructure gkronber, swagner 10d
refactor optimization frontend swagner 3d
refactor core swagner, epitzer 10d
refactor data swagner, epitzer 5d
implement generic interface for algorithms and problems swagner 5d
implement experimenter swagner 5d
implement graph visualization for algorithms mkommend, swagner 10d
implement standard algorithms (ACO, ES, GA, ParallelGA, PSO, RAPGA, RS, SA, SASEGASA, SS, SSGA, TS, UGA) ??? 15d
implement standard problems (BBTSP, JSSP, TF, TSP, VRP, QAP) ??? 10d
integrate MS Chart Controls swagner 2d
create VS wizards and code snippets swagner, abeham 3d

  • Test (10d)
Task Developers Effort
test whole application maffenze 10d
  • Documentation (30d)
Task Developers Effort
write API documentation (XML comments in code) all 10d
write wiki pages all 5d
write tutorials all 5d
create video tutorials swagner, abeham, mkofler 10d
  • Deployment (11d)
Task Developers Effort
redesign HeuristicLab homepage (trac) swagner 2d
create/redesign research group homepage (CMS?) ??? 5d
create update location swagner 1d
create setup swagner 3d
  • Total Effort: 129d = 25.8w = 6.45m

To Discuss

  • What happened to the plugins CEDMA.Core, CEDMA.DB, CEDMA.Operators?
  • Solution representations should be grouped in a new namespace.
  • DataAnalysis should be shifted into the Modeling namespace.
  • Algorithms and problems should be grouped in new namespaces.
  • Better namespace/plugin name for LinearRegression.