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HeuristicLab Grid Brainstorming


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  • only trust signed assemblies
  • who signs? HEAL certificate authority?
  • untrusted code has to be executed in a sandbox (restricted access to hard disk, network, etc.)


  • HeuristicLab Plugin Infrastructure
  • cache assemblies
  • request required assemblies

Client Configuration

  • online times
  • demand of resources (CPU, RAM, hard disk)
  • poll config from server? override config by user?
  • automatic generation of snapshots


  • report to server
  • description of client (CPU, RAM)
  • progress reporting like in BackgroundWorker
  • statistical values (runtime, processed jobs, errors, ...)
  • prognosis of a client's confidence
  • request a snapshot

User Management

  • use LDAP and Windows users (Active Directory)?
  • user management only on the server
  • identify clients only by their GUID
  • management console

Client Application

  • how to make the client attractive for users?
  • feedback about jobs?
  • combine with game, instant messager, weather service, social network, ...