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    55The Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem (PTSP) models situations in a delivery context where a set of customers have to be visited on a regular basis (e.g. daily), but all customers do not always require a visit (they have \probabilities" of being visited). In general, every day only a subset of customers requires a visit, and this subset is only known the same day as the required deliveries so re-optimizing vehicle routes from scratch every day is unfeasible. In this situation, the delivery man would follow a standard route skipping the customers that do not require a visit on that day. Therefore, the goal is to find a standard route of least expected length.
     7Based on the way the solutions are evaluated, we can distinguish between an analytical PTSP and a estimated PTSP. Currently, one the second one is fully functional in HeuristicLab.
    79'''Problem Parameters:'''
    1113|| Coordinates         || The x- and y-Coordinates of the cities. ||
    1214|| !DistanceMatrix      || The matrix which contains the distances between the cities. ||
    13 || Evaluator           || [#Evaluator TSPRoundedEuclideanPathEvaluator]: The operator which should be used to evaluate PTSP solutions. ||
     15|| Evaluator           || The operator which should be used to evaluate PTSP solutions. ||
    1416|| ProbablityMatrix    || The matrix which contains the probabilities of the cities. ||
    1517|| Realizations        || The list which contains the realizations of the Monte Carlo sampling. ||