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Genetic Programming Problem Definition Language

Gabriel Kronberger, last update 8th of July, 2013

The aim of GPDL is to make it easier to use GP-systems. Right now, it is very cumbersome to implement new problems in GP-systems. Several factors limit the usefulness of existing GP implementations:

  • a lot of boiler-plate code has to be written to integrate into the GP framework.
  • it is necessary to learn the API of the GP system
  • we cannot re-use problem implementations to try different GP systems (e.g. ECJ, HeuristicLab, ...)

GPDL separates the implementation of problem details from the intricacies of algorithm implementations. Only the details of the problem are specified in a framework-independent way. A compiler can transform the problem description to source code for different GP systems. This way it will be much easier to implement problems and try to solve them with different GP implementations or even other kinds of solvers!

On this page we provide a first specification of the GPDL language and a reference implementation for a GPDL compiler for HeuristicLab.


Example Problem Definitions

Syntax Definition

Reference Implementation for HeuristicLab


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