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added note for resharper users

Here you can find information on several visual studio code snippets that might be helpful when programming for HeuristicLab. The snippets are available for download under trunk/tools/HL3Snippets and are tested in Visual Studio 2010.

When you have checked out the sources you can point Visual Studio 2010 to the snippets location and have them included automatically. You can do this by going to Tools > Code Snippet Manager and from the languages drop down box choose "Visual C#". Then choose "Add..." and select the folder where you have checked out the snippets.

If you don't have a working copy of the source you can download the files from the link above and place them into:
<My Documents>\Visual Studio 2010\Code Snippets\Visual C#\My Code Snippets

Updating the code snippets usually doesn't require a restart of Visual Studio. They should be available immediately.

IntelliSense automatically recognizes snippets, all the snippets have a shortcut prefixed with "hl3".

Note if you use ReSharper then the snippets will not show up in the autocompletion list. Instead you should use the key combination 'CTRL-J'.

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