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     1= Biomass Logistics Poster Workshop at [ WSED 2015] =
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     10== Description & Topics ==
     11Logistics are becoming an increasingly important factor for exploiting existing biomass potentials in economically
     12viable ways. We need more sustainable concepts for energy provisioning with respect to emission reduction and
     13avoidance of fossil fuels. Biomass transport and handling require tailor-made logistics. Biogenic feedstock (e.g.,
     14straw, forestry residues or biodegradable waste from households) and derived energy carriers are very diverse
     15with respect to their transport and handling requirements. In particular, de-central availability, the low energy
     16content, and the ensuing collection and transportation efforts (last-mile problem) need increased attention and
     17innovation. Additionally, the storage of biomass poses new challenges compared to classical logistics for example
     18to avoid biological degradation of the material.
     20Sophisticated and innovative concepts and devices are often
     21required to cope with these special needs. In addition to physical means for improved biomass logistics, novel
     22and more powerful planning tools, such as computer algorithms for modelling, simulation, and optimization of decentral
     23logistics, are also required.
     25In this poster session we invite you to join the discussion and present innovative ideas, results and prototypes for
     26biomass logistics or novel findings it’s planning and optimization.
     28== Topics ==
     29Suggested topics for posters include but are not limited to:
     30* Technical solutions for
     31 * biomass collection
     32 * biomass handling and transport
     33 * biomass storage
     34 * biomass-based intermediates
     35* Modelling, planning and optimization of biomass logistics
     36* Requirements for biomass logisticsRisk analysis of biomass logistics
     37* Economic models for biomass usage
     38* Best-practice examples
     39* Biomass value chain analysis
     41== Important Dates ==
     43|| Submission deadline: || '''January 30th, 2015''' ||
     44|| Notification of acceptance: || '''February 10th, 2015''' ||
     45|| Registration deadline: || '''February, 18th, 2015''' ||
     46|| Workshop at WSED European Pellets Conference 2015: || '''February 26th, 2015''' ||
     48== Program ==
     50'''Location:''' Halle 20, First Floor, Stadthalle Wels, Austria [[BR]]
     51'''Date:''' February 26th, 2015 [[BR]]
     52'''Time:''' 14:00 - 16:00 [[BR]]
     54* '''Biomass Potentials in Optimal Locations for Straw Processing Plants within NUTS Regions''' Rafał Pudełko, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker, Anna Jędrejek, IUNG – Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation State Research Institut, Poland
     56* '''The Feedstock Potential Assessment for EU-27+CH in NUTS-3'''Rafał Pudełko, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker, Antoni Faber, IUNG –  Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation State Research Institute, Poland
     58* '''Large-Scale Biomass Logistics using Simulation and Optimization''' Erik Pitzer and Gabriel Kronberger, FH OÖ, Campus Hagenberg, Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory, Austria
     60* '''Cost Assessment and Risk Analysis of Biomass Logistics''' Gerald Schönwetter and Christian Rohrhofer, FH OÖ, Campus Steyr, Logistikum, Austria
     62* '''Logistics Chains for Wood Chips From Short Rotation Forestry''' Franz Handler, Emil Blumauer, BLT Wieselburg, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum, Austria
     64* '''Logistics and Costs of Harvesting Corn Cobs''' Franz Handler, Lukas Sulzbacher, Emil Blumauer, BLT Wieselburg, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum, Austria
     66* '''Logistics Chains For Harvesting Miscanthus''' Franz Handler, Emil Blumauer, BLT Wieselburg, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum, Austria
     68* '''Biomass based Energy Intermediates Boosting Bio-Fuel Production''' Klaus Lenz, SYNCOM Forschungs- und Entwicklungsberatung GmbH, Germany
     70* '''Stability and Storability of Catalytic Pyrolysis Oil''' Chrysoula Michailof, Kostas Kalogiannis, Eleni Iliopoulou, Iacovos Vasalos and Angelos Lappas. Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Chemical Process and Energy Resources  Institute (CPERI), Greece
     72== Chairs ==
     73Gerald Schönwetter, Erik Pitzer and Gabriel Kronberger (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)