16:56 Changeset [18075] by dpiringe


  • added a hidden interpreter parameter for StructuredSymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveProblem
  • fixed a bug which crashed the application by changing ProblemData with different variables
  • fixed a bug which crashed the application by running the problem with an empty StructureTemplate
  • added a better output of exceptions of type AggregateException
  • added and resize event handler to repaint nodes of type SubFunctionTreeNode
  • code cleanup
11:34 Changeset [18074] by chaider


-Fixed cloning of StructureTemplate

09:55 Changeset [18073] by dpiringe


  • fixed a bug: parsing an expression now resets the viewHost content, this prevents to view old content of non-existing sub-functions


14:31 Changeset [18072] by chaider


  • Added info text in StructureTemplateView
  • Fixed cloning constructors
  • Added check if linear scaling nodes are set


14:39 Changeset [18071] by dpiringe


  • added linear scaling logic in Evaluate and (for UI reasons) Analyze
  • added logic forSubFunctionSymbol (modified OpCodes) -> the SubFunctionTreeNode is display in the tree but has no effect on evaluation (works like a flag)
    • works now with SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeInterpreter
  • default grammar for SubFunction is now ArithmeticExpressionGrammar instead of LinearScalingGrammar


15:21 Changeset [18070] by jkarder

#3017: sign Build.ps1 and Test.ps1

13:39 Changeset [18069] by dpiringe


  • added linear scaling support for structure template parameter


17:00 Changeset [18068] by dpiringe


  • modified the StructureTemplateView to enable colorful tree nodes of type SubFunctionTreeNode
  • refactored SubFunctionTreeNode, SubFunction and StructureTemplate
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