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17:00 Changeset [18068] by dpiringe


  • modified the StructureTemplateView to enable colorful tree nodes of type SubFunctionTreeNode
  • refactored SubFunctionTreeNode, SubFunction and StructureTemplate


17:59 Changeset [18067] by dpiringe


  • changed the StructureTemplateView -> nodes of type SubFunctionTreeNode are now clickable
    • still need to overhaul the UI elements
  • added a way to parse SubFunctionTreeNode with a unique name in InfixExpressionParser


09:41 Changeset [18066] by dpiringe


  • added a simple way of evaluation (using r2 evaluator)
  • added a simple analyzing logic for "Best Tree"
  • added a connection to SubFunction in SubFunctionTreeNode


16:28 Changeset [18065] by dpiringe


  • modified InfixExpressionParser to fully support SubFunctionSymbol
    • created a SubFunctionTreeNode to store the function arguments
  • modified StructureTemplateView to regenerate the content state
  • first implementation for the main tree build up logic


16:13 Changeset [18064] by mkommend

#2997: Simplified tree creator interface and removed cloning of grammars,


17:16 Changeset [18063] by dpiringe


  • added view components and classes for sub functions


13:05 EvoSoft/2021 created by swagner


10:55 Changeset [18062] by dpiringe


  • added a new Symbol SubFunctionSymbol for sub functions
  • modified InfixExpressionParser to support SubFunctionSymbol (parsing of variableNames still in work)
  • modified StructuredSymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveProblem to extract sub functions and add them to MultiEncoding
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