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17:53 Changeset [18061] by dpiringe


  • added a new type of problem called StructuredSymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveProblem, represents a first construct for future implementations


13:37 Changeset [18060] by pfleck

#3040 Added a subvector symbol with ranges as subtrees.


22:22 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
22:22 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
13:03 Changeset [18059] by dpiringe


  • removed/renamed all interfaces, classes and views related to results (are replaced by RunCollectionModifiers)
  • fixed a bug in JsonTemplateInstantiator to prevent errors for opening templates without a defined property for RunCollectionModifiers


13:55 Changeset [18058] by pfleck

#3040 Switched from offset-length sub-vector to "start-end with wrapping" subvector.


17:20 Changeset [18057] by dpiringe


  • fixed a bug with dynamic casting in EnumTypeConverter
  • reworked RegressionProblemDataConverter
    • the target type is now: ValueParameter<IRegressionProblemData>
    • removed all dynamic/reflection code
    • reduced a lot of complexity
    • now it works with different variables (the Variable symbol bug should be fixed)


16:25 Changeset [18056] by dpiringe


  • fixed a wrong description for the invert parameter in RunCollectionValueRemover
  • fixed the usage of a wrong formatter in RunCollectionSRSolutionGraphVizFormatter
  • fixed a bug in ListJsonItem where an empty guid field can cause an exception
  • started to rework the RegressionProblemDataConverter -> it causes a bug with the symbol Variable of the TypeCorherentGrammar (maybe more grammars)
    • the reasons for the rework: this converter was already the source of some problems in the past; it uses a lot of reflection and dynamic objects -> it is very complicated to read/understand
  • added an official description property Description in the metadata part of a template + entry in Constants.cs


15:27 Changeset [18055] by dpiringe


  • added StorableTypeAttribute and StorableConstructorAttribute to all JsonItems
  • added a new JsonItem ListJsonItem + Interfaces IListJsonItem
  • renamed SymRegPythonProcessor to RunCollectionSRSolutionPythonFormatter
  • removed Interface IResultCollectionProcessor -> using the interface IRunCollectionModifier now (has aleady implementations)
  • renamed all related variables/fields/properties with a connection to ResultCollectionProcessor
  • added new implementations for IRunCollectionModifier


14:39 Changeset [18054] by dpiringe


  • branched trunk
14:35 Ticket #3136 (Structure templates for symbolic regression) created by dpiringe
Implementing a new problem type with a structure template parameter …
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