17:36 Changeset [18042] by dpiringe


  • changed the output path to $(SolutionDir)\bin\ for the JsonInterface projects
16:16 Changeset [18041] by dpiringe


  • added PythonResultFormatter
  • removed code which was used for debugging and was forgotten
  • fixed the release build path of all JsonInterface projects
  • changed the output of Runner -> now: it writes the results after (at least) one run is finished


17:19 Changeset [18040] by dpiringe


  • added some test cases for JsonInterface
  • deleted the HeuristicLab namespace part in a lot of test classes (this caused a lot of compile errors)
  • enhanced the OS path logic for absolute and relative path in JsonTemplateGenerator and JsonTemplateInstantiator
  • fixed a bug in ValueParameterConverter -> the injection logic was not working correctly
  • changed the folder determination in Main.cs for the HeadlessRun method
  • added a new abstract type of JsonItem IntervalRestrictedJsonItem for JsonItems with a need of Minimum and Maximum bounds but without a specific value
    • changed in RangedJsonItem the base class from IntervalRestrictedValueJsonItem to IntervalRestrictedJsonItem


10:53 Changeset [18039] by dpiringe


  • fixed the possibility for duplicated result entries in template generation
  • added a check for duplicated result entries in Runner to prevent an Key already exists exception (a user could manually manipulate the template file to generate this type of exception, thats the reason for a second check)
  • fixed the relative to absolute path transformation in JsonTemplateInstantiator


11:29 AdditionalMaterial edited by pfleck
11:29 Changeset [18038] by pfleck

Added additional material for GPTP 2021 publication.


18:17 Changeset [18037] by swagner

#3026: Added Dockerfile

17:55 Changeset [18036] by dpiringe


  • fixed injection of new matrix value in ValueTypeMatrixConverter
17:27 Changeset [18035] by swagner

#3026: Added solutions for headless HeuristicLab

14:43 Changeset [18034] by chaider

#3073 Moved VariableRanges from RegressionProblemData to DataAnalysisProblemData to make it also available in classification problems

14:23 Changeset [18033] by dpiringe


  • fixed the injection of VariableRanges in RegressionProblemDataConverter (now: the entries in IntervalCollection get replaced instead of the whole collection object)
13:30 Changeset [18032] by chaider

#3075 noise generation method to ValueGenerator; use same method for generating noise in friedman and feynman instances


17:59 Changeset [18031] by dpiringe


  • fixed wrong inheritance for RangedJsonItem
  • added VariableRanges automatic injection for RegressionProblemDataConverter
14:28 Changeset [18030] by dpiringe


  • added check for missing path property
  • added functionality for relative .hl file paths
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