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20:54 Ticket #3018 (Interdependence between mutliple HiveJobManagerViews) closed by jkarder
done: r18025: merged r17221, r17222 and r17267 into stable
20:53 Changeset [18025] by jkarder

#3018: merged r17221, r17222 and r17267 into stable

20:35 Ticket #3037 (Exclude assemblies from scripting) closed by jkarder
done: r18024: merged r17329 into stable
20:34 Changeset [18024] by jkarder

#3037: merged r17329 into stable

20:23 Changeset [18023] by jkarder

#3065: update Sim# to 3.3.2

19:31 Ticket #3100 (TriangularMatrix uses wrong base class) closed by gkronber
19:28 Ticket #3132 (Locked / Readonly state of Items is tracked in views instead of Items) created by gkronber
Views for items may be locked or set to readonly to prevent changes …
19:23 Ticket #3024 (Hive project owner unintentionally changes to first valid option) closed by jkarder
19:04 Changeset [18022] by gkronber

#3125: merged r17976,r17978,r18020 from trunk to stable

19:03 Changeset [18021] by gkronber

#3115: merged r17920,r17938,r17939 from trunk to stable

18:56 Changeset [18020] by gkronber

#3125: made a few small code simplifications

18:34 Changeset [18019] by gkronber

#3039: merged r17344,r17345,r17347,r17437,r17441,r18008,r18018 from trunk to stable

18:32 Changeset [18018] by gkronber

#3039: added description for irregularity parameter.

18:18 Changeset [18017] by gkronber

#3024: merged r17223,r17268,r17273,r17274 from trunk to stable

18:16 Ticket #3113 (Loading new data for Random Forest Solution results in an error) closed by gkronber
18:16 Changeset [18016] by gkronber

#3105: merged r17922, r17929 from trunk to stable

18:14 Changeset [18015] by gkronber

#3095: merged r17817 from trunk to stable

18:13 Ticket #2898 (Generalized additive models (GAM)) closed by gkronber
18:12 Changeset [18014] by gkronber

#2898: merged r17812,r17815,r17839,r17867,r17888,r17889 from trunk to stable


17:54 Changeset [18013] by gkronber

#3087: used a recent version of the native-interpreter dll (pipeline #9880) x64-build-generic-archive

17:53 Changeset [18012] by gkronber

#3087 fixed compile error in unit tests


23:04 Changeset [18011] by bburlacu

#3087: Implement ceres-based parameter optimizer in new evaluator. Revert constant optimization evaluator to old behavior.

12:13 Changeset [18010] by bburlacu

#3087: fix typo bug

12:07 Changeset [18009] by bburlacu

#3087: refactor ConstantOptimizationEvaluator to use the native ParameterOptimizer


16:11 Changeset [18008] by bburlacu

#3039: fix small bug

14:38 Changeset [18007] by gkronber

#3087: removed "strings-enums" in ParameterOptimizer and do not derive ParameterOptimizer from NativeInterpreter (+ renamed enum types in CeresTypes)

10:55 Changeset [18006] by gkronber

#3087: merged r17784:18004 from trunk to branch to prepare for trunk reintegration (fixed a conflict in CrossValidation.cs)

10:34 Ticket #3076 (Interval Arithmetic Evaluators and Analyzers) closed by gkronber
obsolete: Has been merged to trunk together with #3073. Further activities …
10:30 Ticket #3126 (Excessive use of memory caused by storing all Pareto-optimal solutions ...) closed by gkronber
rejected: This can be solved easily by deactivating the analyzer.


15:04 Changeset [18005] by mkommend

#3131: Merge r18004 from trunk to stable.

14:54 Changeset [18004] by mkommend

#3131: Change reference to HL.PluginInfrastructure in HL.OrTools-7.0.0 from file to project reference.

14:52 Ticket #3131 (OrTools reference PluginInfrastructure per file reference instead of ...) created by mkommend
This could lead to build errors (depending on the concrete build …


09:22 EvoSoft edited by swagner


19:15 Changeset [18003] by gkronber

#3127: changed VarProMRGP to use HEAL.VarPro instead of VarPro implementation in NativeInterpreter

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