17:09 Ticket #3064 (The ItemListView should delete items from bottom to top) created by gkronber
Deleting all items from an ItemList using the ItemListView takes a …


17:51 Changeset [17476] by pfleck

#3040 Worked on TF-based constant optimization.


16:19 Changeset [17475] by pfleck

#3040 Updated HeuristicLab.Algorithms.DataAnalysis plugin and its dependencies to Framework 4.7.2 to avoid conflicting System.ValueTuple locations (mscorelib or nuget).

15:02 Changeset [17474] by pfleck

#3040 Started working on the TF constant opt evaluator.


17:17 Changeset [17473] by dpiringe


  • refactored inheritance structure of json items, now the default JsonItem is an abstract class without properties Value and Range -> splitted up into new interfaces
  • updated view models for new json item structure
  • updated SingleLineArrayJsonWriter
08:28 Changeset [17472] by pfleck

#3040 Moved Alglib+AutoDiff constant optimizer in own class and created base class to provide multiple constant-opt implementations.


10:36 Changeset [17471] by dpiringe


  • deleted INamedMatrixJsonItem and all corresponding classes/views, because of bad design
  • added ILookupJsonItem and IValueLookupJsonItem (incl. all corresponding implementations, VMs, Views)
  • added IResultJsonItem
  • changed type of property Control from JsonItemBaseControl to UserControl in IJsonItemVM (because the details control now builds up with linked user controls -> allows better construction of dynamic controls)
  • added all properties of INamedMatrixJsonItem in IMatrixJsonItem
  • refactored a lot of views for better usage (TableLayoutPanel is used a lot now -> for better item positioning)
  • property ActualName is now located in ILookupJsonItem instead of IJsonItem


20:20 Changeset [17470] by jkarder

#3063: removed useless code

20:14 Ticket #3063 (Remove dead / useless code in Hive) created by jkarder
20:10 Ticket #3062 (Hive janitor does not properly clean up / generate statistics) created by jkarder
On the one hand, some queries executed by the janitor time out. On the …


12:35 Changeset [17469] by pfleck

#3040 Added TensorFlow.NET library for constant optimization with vectors (as alternative to AutoDiff+Alglib).


15:42 Ticket #3060 (Exceptions thrown in IOptimizer.StartAsync are sometimes unhandled) closed by jkarder
done: r17468: merged r17445 into stable
15:42 Changeset [17468] by jkarder

#3060: merged r17445 into stable

12:00 Changeset [17467] by pfleck

#3040 Added a "final aggregation" option for the vector interpreter in case the result is a vector.

08:32 Changeset [17466] by pfleck

#3040 Added separate mean symbol instead of reusing the average symbol.


16:35 Changeset [17465] by pfleck

#3040 Simplified default vector grammar.

15:53 Changeset [17464] by dpiringe


  • Runner now uses SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionMATLABFormatter to save instances of ISymbolicRegressionSolution
  • refactored user controls for detail view of json items, now they do not inherit from JsonItemBaseControl -> JsonItemBaseControl uses now an extra control
    • this change was made for fluid repositioning of controls (e.g. when no ActualName is present)
15:04 Changeset [17463] by pfleck

#3040 Added type coherent vector grammar to enforce that the root symbol is a scalar.

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