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14:00 Changeset [17391] by djoedick

#3044: Added transformation of input variables to problem data and created scaled dataset.

13:21 Changeset [17390] by djoedick

#3044: Added new implementation for transformation of input variables in KernelRidgeRegressionModel and added helper methods in transformation base class.

12:44 Changeset [17389] by mkommend

#3044: Allowed modification of column within transformations.

11:37 Changeset [17388] by djoedick

#3044: Added parameter for input variable scaling for regression problems.

10:26 Changeset [17387] by djoedick

#3044: Created new branch for SymRegScaling.


11:12 Changeset [17386] by jkarder

#3045: fixed build fail

11:00 Changeset [17385] by jkarder

#3045: fixed cursor placement

10:58 Changeset [17384] by jkarder

#3045: added dialog that displays warning/error information

10:53 Ticket #3045 (Dialog for compilation warnings and errors) created by jkarder
Double-clicking an entry in the ScriptView's error list should open …


16:32 Changeset [17383] by mkommend

#2521: Adapted analyze methods of single-obj problems.

16:11 Changeset [17382] by mkommend

#2521: Refactored single-objective problems to use EvaluationResult instead of double as return type from Evaluate.

15:06 Changeset [17381] by mkommend

#2521: Fixed single-objective evaluation results and scope contexts.

14:19 Changeset [17380] by pfleck

#3042 Moved code for enabling/disabling the Optimize-Button to SetEnabledStateOfControls and called SetEnabledStateOfControls after the Model is changed.


17:16 Changeset [17379] by dpiringe


  • removed classes:
    • CheckedItemListConverter: unnecessary
    • ItemCollectionConverter: unnecessary
    • PrimitiveConverter: not possible to implement because it needs to Extract/Inject from/into objects (but interfaces pretends IItem)
    • StorableConverter: unnecessary
    • ConfigurableConverter: unnecessary
  • removed graphviz code in Heuristiclab.ConfigStarter/Program.cs
  • updated Constants
  • some simple code refactors in BaseConverter
  • in JsonItem:
    • renamed Parameters -> Children
    • removed Properties: Operators, Type, Reference, IsConfigurable, IsParameterizedItem
    • removed unnecessary/old code
  • implemented a new way to get data from an object, which is a matrix, in ValueTypeMatrixConverter method: CopyMatrixData
    • converts the object into an array -> rows: from array.Length, cols: when the length is > 0 pick length of first array of index 0 (it is saved as an array of arrays)
  • created a binding flag const in ValueRangeConverter to prevent duplicates in code
13:59 Ticket #3044 (Add scaling of input features) created by djoedick
Investigation of ticket #3043 has shown, that scaling of input …
12:55 Ticket #3043 (Addition of new problem instances for scaling) created by djoedick
Addition of five new problems for testing the effects of scaling the …
10:32 Changeset [17378] by pfleck

#3042 Optimize Constants button is now only enabled, if CanOptimizeConstants is true.

10:09 Changeset [17377] by pfleck

#3042 Removes the progress bar in case of an exception, and rethrows the exception.

10:07 Ticket #3042 (Remove progress bar after constant optimization error) created by pfleck
If an exception occurs during the constant optimization within the …


13:25 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Updated information on GPEM publication (diff)


11:47 Changeset [17376] by jkarder

#3041: fixed overwriting of IsDisposable for known slaves

10:51 Ticket #3041 (IsDisposable is overwritten when slaves say Hello) created by jkarder
Per default, slaves communicate that they are disposable when …
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