11:54 Changeset [17372] by chaider

#2971 Changed partial dependence plot range to interval range


13:27 Changeset [17371] by dpiringe


  • added new Converters:
    • CheckedItemListConverter
    • ItemCollectionConverter
    • PrimitiveConverter: not implemented yet
    • ConfigurableConverter: maybe this converter can replace all others
  • added program for testing -> HeuristicLab.ConfigStarter
  • added the option to register converter with an attic guid


16:02 Ticket #3020 (The MutatorParameter of genetic algortihms is replaced during ...) closed by mkommend
13:39 Changeset [17370] by chaider

#2971 Removed the possibility of declaring open and closed intervals. All intervals are closed intervals now.

12:04 Changeset [17369] by pfleck

#3040 Added Vector symbols to TypeCoherentExpressionGrammar & fixes.

09:19 Changeset [17368] by chaider

#2971 Merged trunk into branch


16:31 Changeset [17367] by pfleck


  • Added VectorVariable and its corresponding TreeNode.
  • Added symbols for basic vector operations and symbols for sum and avg of vectors.
  • Added a VectorEvaluate method in the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeInterpreter that returns a DoubleVector instead of a double that is also called within the regular Evaluate method.
15:54 Changeset [17366] by mkommend

#2521: Fixed bugs in solution context and adapted programmable problem template to include a cancellation token in the evaluate function.

13:23 Changeset [17365] by pfleck

#3040 Added explicit vector types to avoid type-missmatches when representing vectors as IList<T>, List<T> or IReadOnlyList<T>.

10:06 Changeset [17364] by pfleck


  • Added double vectors for Dataset. Extended the type-checks for DataAnalysisProblemData.
  • Added a small benchmark instance with data containing vectors. Adapted the ArtificialRegressionDataDescriptor to be able to specify non-double values.


17:58 Changeset [17363] by mkommend

#2521: First version of contexts in problem evaluation.

13:24 Changeset [17362] by pfleck

#3040 Branched trunk

13:20 Ticket #3040 (Vector-based GP) created by pfleck
This ticket will track the overall development of implementing …


15:52 Changeset [17361] by abeham

#2521: fixed further unit tests (plugin dependencies)

15:33 Changeset [17360] by abeham

#2521: fixed some unit tests

15:01 Changeset [17359] by abeham

#2521: fix bugs in unit tests, add vns_tsp sample

14:54 Changeset [17358] by mkommend

#2521: Corrected cloning method of solution contexts.

14:47 Changeset [17357] by mkommend

#2521: Added solution context and evaluation results.

14:32 Changeset [17356] by abeham

#2521: fixed some problems in Samples.Create unit tests and updated samples

13:52 Changeset [17355] by abeham

#2521: removed obsolete files and fixed compilation error in VnsTspSampleTest


16:59 Changeset [17354] by dpiringe


  • relocated BuildJsonItem from JCInstantiator into JsonItem
  • in JsonItem: removed JContainer usage in setter for Value (now in BuildJsonItem)
16:33 Changeset [17353] by dpiringe


  • relocated GetMaxValue and GetMinValue from ValueTypeValueConverter into BaseConverter
  • fixed a bug in ConstrainedValueParameterConverter (from GetType().Name to ToString())
  • printing now PrettyNames for types
  • added comments
  • added StorableConverter.cs (not finished, maybe not a good converter)
  • added ValueRangeConverter.cs for DoubleRange and IntRange
  • added ParameterConverter.cs for default parameter conversion
15:22 Changeset [17352] by mkommend

#3020: Merged r17198 into stable.

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