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21:40 Changeset [17336] by abeham

#2521: Refactored pTSP to use compositional pattern

21:40 Changeset [17335] by abeham

#2521: Refactored pTSP to use compositional pattern

11:55 Changeset [17334] by mkommend

#2521: Moved IStorableContent from generic problem implementation to IProblem.

10:01 Changeset [17333] by mkommend

#2521: Updated branch with most recent trunk changes.


16:45 Changeset [17332] by bwerth

#2745 updated persistence to HEAL.Attic

15:42 Changeset [17331] by dpiringe


  • added new project: HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.OptimizerIntegration -> to generate/load .json templates in HeuristicLab.Optimizer
  • added new menu dropdown items (Import/Export) in HeuristicLab.Optimizer -> they are only active when they have items
  • added item for Import/Export menu items (Json-Template), logic in file FileManager.cs in project HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.OptimizerIntegration
  • repositioned CloseMenuItem, CloseAllMenuItem and added new seperator in menu File (to separate import/export from save/open and close/closeAll)
15:29 Changeset [17330] by dpiringe


  • changed the access modifiers in Constants from public to internal
  • added comments in JCGenerator
  • the config file for JCInstantiator is now optional
  • added Runner.cs (forgot last commit)


13:42 Changeset [17329] by abeham

#3037: added ability to exclude assemblies

13:40 Ticket #3037 (Exclude assemblies from scripting) created by abeham
Some assemblies are really heavy and should be excluded to load while …
11:51 Ticket #3036 (Add help for the formula structure input for non-linear regression) created by gkronber
The information should include a list of all allowed functions, the …


20:55 Changeset [17328] by gkronber

#2994 made some fixes in the const-opt evaluator with constraints and added some debugging capabilities

20:54 Changeset [17327] by gkronber

#2994 introduced a new analyser which scales models under consideration of constraints

20:54 Changeset [17326] by gkronber

#2994 fix plugin dependencies


11:13 Changeset [17325] by gkronber

#2994: worked on ConstrainedNLS


18:32 Changeset [17324] by dpiringe


  • added new project HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.App -> takes two arguments (template and config) to create an IOptimizer-Item, starts the run and writes the results to a file (currently hardcoded: C:\Workspace\test.txt)
  • made HeuristicLab.JsonInterface and HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.App to valid plugins
  • fixed a reference resolving bug with not-changeable parameters
14:16 Changeset [17323] by dpiringe

#3026 added unit tests for HeuristicLab.JsonInterface

14:13 Changeset [17322] by dpiringe


  • changed project type from console to library
  • activated signing
  • lots of refactors in JCInstantiator and JsonItem


15:22 Ticket #3035 (ReflectionTypeLoadException does not tell about reasons why a plugin ...) created by abeham
We should include the LoaderException in the error message, otherwise …


22:51 Changeset [17321] by abeham

#2521: fixed compile errors in Tests


17:31 Changeset [17320] by mkommend

#2521: Added cancellation token to evaluate function of problems.

16:56 Changeset [17319] by gkronber

#2994: recheck cbrt() and sqrt() autoDiff tests

16:27 Changeset [17318] by gkronber

#2994: refactor / cleanup of unit tests related to intervals and new interpreters

16:19 Ticket #3034 (Mutable implementation of solution encodings) created by abeham
Vectorized solution encodings (BinaryVector, Permutation, ...) are …
16:03 Changeset [17317] by abeham

#2521: refactored multi-objective problems' maximization

  • Add ForceValue method to IValueParameter to perform changes even when it is read-only
  • Add MaximizationChanged event handler
15:59 Changeset [17316] by klichtbe

#3033 changed machine ID generation to only create intial value once on startup without using MAC addresses

14:23 Changeset [17315] by abeham

#2521: reverted r17309

13:27 Ticket #3033 (Hive slave can register itself multiple times with different client ID) created by jkarder
Currently, a slave calculates its ID every time it is started based on …
10:40 Changeset [17314] by gkronber

#2994: fix bug in calculation of cos() and sin()

09:57 Changeset [17313] by gkronber

#2971: merged r17301:17305 from trunk:Interval.cs to branch:Interval.cs

09:44 Changeset [17312] by gkronber

#2994: merged r17220:17306 from trunk to branch

09:34 Changeset [17311] by gkronber

#2994: add names for constraints and derivatives, fix a problem: variableRanges are reset when creating a new solution. fix smaller bugs

09:32 Changeset [17310] by gkronber

#2994: worked on unit tests for interval autodiff (work-in-progress, doesn't compile)


17:43 Changeset [17309] by abeham

#2521: Refactored maximization property for multi-objective problems

14:58 Changeset [17308] by gkronber

#2994 fix compile error

14:56 Changeset [17307] by gkronber

#2994 added unit test for comparison of autodiff results with numeric differences and fixed a few bugs in AutoDiff code

14:42 Changeset [17306] by chaider

#3032 Added unit tests for absolute operation on intervals

14:39 Changeset [17305] by chaider

#3032 Added absolute operation for intervals

12:59 Changeset [17304] by chaider

#2971 merged trunk into branch

12:30 Changeset [17303] by gkronber

#2994 continued refactoring and extended unit tests. Interval calculation still fails for some edge cases (mainly for undefined behaviour). VectorEvaluator and VectorAutoDiffEvaluator produce the same results as the LinearInterpreter. TODO: check gradient calculation

12:19 Changeset [17302] by chaider

#3032 Added unit tests for cubic root

12:14 Changeset [17301] by chaider

#3032 Fixed calculation problems for negative interval boundaries in cubic root

11:58 Ticket #3032 (Fixing cube root calculation for intervals and extending intervals ...) created by chaider
- Fixing calculation for cube root calculation (for negative numbers) …
10:27 Changeset [17300] by chaider

#2971: Fixed calculation of cubic roots (negative numbers)

10:10 Changeset [17299] by gkronber

#2994 add a unit test for Abs()

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