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09:51 Changeset [17218] by lleko

#3022 renamed C#-Project, Solution, Plugin and Algorithm
created sample data
downloaded python repo
created script for testing functionality of python repo


19:05 Changeset [17217] by gkronber

#2994: more test cases to understand specific problems when optimizing with constraints

19:05 Changeset [17216] by gkronber

#2994 bug fix for integer roots (in particular cbrt (same as in trunk)) added a unit test to compare outputs of new evaluators to LinearInterpreter

19:02 Changeset [17215] by gkronber

#2994: use new code for NLOpt in the NLOpt evaluator

19:02 Changeset [17214] by gkronber

#2994: support for other NLOpt analysers, display trees for constraints for debugging

19:01 Changeset [17213] by gkronber

#2994: fixed a bug caused by cloning of trees, support other NLOpt solvers, implement idisposable, experiment with preconditioning (still not working)

13:41 Changeset [17212] by gkronber

#2994: fixed division, multiplication and cos for intervals based on failing tests

10:26 Changeset [17211] by gkronber

#2971: added clean script

09:41 Changeset [17210] by gkronber

#2971: merged r17180:17184 from trunk to branch

09:40 Changeset [17209] by gkronber

#2994: merged r17132:17198 from trunk to branch

09:39 Changeset [17208] by gkronber

#2971: merged r17180:17184 from trunk to branch

09:38 Changeset [17207] by gkronber

#2971: merged r17180:17184 from trunk to branch

09:35 Changeset [17206] by gkronber

#2971: merged r17180:17184 from trunk to branch

09:29 Changeset [17205] by gkronber

#2994: added a unit test

09:29 Changeset [17204] by gkronber

#2994: added parameter for gradient checks and experimented with preconditioning

09:28 Changeset [17203] by gkronber

#2994: re-wrote implementation of interval arithmetic for Sin()


11:58 Changeset [17202] by lleko

#3022 add algorithm scaffold.

11:11 Changeset [17201] by gkronber

#3022: created branch for new algorithm plugin

11:06 Ticket #3022 (Implement FFX (Fast Function Extraction) in HeuristicLab) created by gkronber
The algorithm should be available in HeuristicLab. McConaghy, FFX: …
10:50 Changeset [17200] by gkronber

#2994 implemented checking of autodiff with numeric differentials and fixed a bug in IntervalEvaluator.

09:42 Changeset [17199] by gkronber

#3021: updated EmptyAlgorithm template to work with new persistence

09:42 Ticket #3021 (Update templates to work with new persistence) created by gkronber


12:16 Changeset [17198] by mkommend

#3020: Adapated AfterDeserializationHook of genetic algorithms to check if the mutator parameter already has the correct type.
In detail the following algorithms have been adapted: ALPS-GA, ALPS-OSGA, GA, Island-GA, NSGA-2, Island-OSGA, OSGA, SASEGASA.

12:03 Ticket #3020 (The MutatorParameter of genetic algortihms is replaced during ...) created by mkommend
#2792 changed the mutator parameter of genetic algorithms from an …


18:20 Changeset [17197] by gkronber

#2994: made an algorithm to experiment with NLOpt solvers

09:03 Changeset [17196] by gkronber

#2994 added NLOpt wrapper and evaluator

09:02 Changeset [17195] by gkronber

#2994: added early stopping and fixed a bug in ConstrainedConstantOptimizationEvaluator


14:44 Changeset [17194] by mkommend

#2829: Updated HiveDrain to .Net version 4.6.1 and added handling of invalid characters in filenames.

14:06 Ticket #3019 (Implementation of the Pareto Front Analysis for Symbolic ...) created by fholzing
By using NSGA-II with a Symbolic Regression Problem, a Pareto Front …
13:32 Changeset [17193] by mkommend

#2974: Merged trunk changes into branch.

11:28 Ticket #3018 (Interdependence between mutliple HiveJobManagerViews) created by fholzing
Closing a HiveJobManagerView while having multiple HiveJobManagerViews …
08:47 Changeset [17192] by abeham

#3017: merged 17016, 17052, 17191 to stable (changes to Build and Test scripts)

08:42 Changeset [17191] by abeham

#3017: Adapted discovery of msbuild and vstest

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