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14:15 Changeset [17002] by msemenki

Class HelpFuction get new static functions that are used in different Map’s classes and possible in other classes.
Branch was adapted to Hive.
New version of class structure for Maps:

  1. 3 new variants of maps (RankMap, SuccessMap and ZeroMap) are added.
  2. BaseMap class was simplified, some class members were deleted and other were transported to child class, because some of them are not used in all kinds of maps.
  3. Functions between base class and child class were divided in other way.
  4. Mutation operators were adapted to work with new class structure. Now mutation make less work for ModelNodes than previously.
  5. ModelNode and Model symbols were simplified. They should not take into account a map type.
  6. Models frequency analyzers were adapted for new variants of maps.
  7. EMMAlgorithm class was adapted to new maps


07:44 Changeset [17001] by gkronber

#2925: fixed a bug in AutoDiff code.


13:56 Changeset [17000] by gkronber

#2925: merged r16992:16997 from trunk to branch

13:55 Changeset [16999] by gkronber

#2925: Added optimization of weights for variables and added an integration method which uses CVODES to integrate over the whole episode (without input variables)


12:31 Changeset [16998] by dpiringe


  • in project HeuristicLab.CommandLineInterface changed output for options -> hidden options are not shown in the help box anymore
  • in project HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp:
    • added ApplicationAttributes
    • added full cancel/pause/resume support for class AppTest to test the same behaviour between main and child process
  • in project HeuristicLab:
    • changed auto generated Dockerfile -> only copies necessary projects -> speeds up the build process
    • in file HeuristicLab-3.3.csproj:
      • changed DockerDefaultTargetOS to Linux
      • removed reference HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage
      • added icon and manifest
    • deleted folder Properties with file launchSettings.json
    • changed the direct access to ApplicationTypes for OptimizeCommand and InspectCommand to new method IApplicationManager.GetInstances<T>(params object[] args)
  • added build script for docker image dockerImageBuild.ps1
12:28 Changeset [16997] by gkronber

#2520 Update plugin dependencies and references for Core.Views and Optimizer for new persistence

12:27 Changeset [16996] by gkronber

#2520 Update plugin dependencies and references for HL.MetaOptimization for new persistence

12:27 Changeset [16995] by gkronber

#2520 Update plugin dependencies and references for HL.FLA for new persistence

12:26 Changeset [16994] by gkronber

#2520 Update plugin dependencies and references for HL.DataImporter for new persistence

12:16 Changeset [16993] by dpiringe


  • added IEnumerable<T> GetInstances<T>(params object[] args) where T: class and IEnumerable<object> GetInstances(Type type, params object[] args) method to IApplicationManager and implemented them in LightweightApplicationManager -> to instantiate types with specific constructor arguments
  • added RunnerState State { get; } property in IRunnerHost, was already in RunnerHost
  • added user authentication for NativeRunnerHost
  • added optional check for a running docker daemon and available image for type DockerRunnerHost + Exception DockerException
  • added caching of the saved IApplication in ApplicationRunner to prevent a new instance every get call
  • removed System.ServiceModel.Primitives NuGet package
  • lots of formatting
11:20 Changeset [16992] by gkronber

#2520: Use ContentManager in Clipboard and StartPage. Show info when objects cannot be restored.

11:09 Changeset [16991] by dpiringe


  • removed unused NuGet packages for Projects:
    • HeuristicLab.Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions-3.3
    • HeuristicLab.Problems.ExternalEvaluation.Scilab-3.3
    • HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views-3.4
    • HeuristicLab.Optimizer-3.3
  • updated NuGet package System.Drawing.Common from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 for Project HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views-3.4
  • added NuGet PackageReference Microsoft.Win32.Registry.AccessControl for Project HeuristicLab.Problems.ExternalEvaluation.Scilab-3.3
  • added Key Files for Projects:
    • HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp
    • HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage
    • HeuristicLab.CommandLineInterface
10:50 Changeset [16990] by dpiringe

#2924: removed unused NuGet package references and migrated CodeDom NuGet package from packages.config to PackageReference format


08:59 Ticket #2961 (Hive slave does not properly unload plugins) closed by jkarder
done: r16989: merged r16909 into stable
08:58 Changeset [16989] by jkarder

#2961: merged r16909 into stable


08:43 Changeset [16988] by gkronber

#2925: Merge r16894:16983 from trunk to branch

08:41 Changeset [16987] by gkronber

#2925: Call base ctor in ExecutionContext ctor


13:14 Changeset [16986] by dpiringe


  • changed the use of AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory to Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() in projects HeuristicLab.MathJax and HeuristicLab.Problems.GeneticProgramming, this change helps to load these plugins correctly with the new PluginInfrastructure
  • deleted obsolete files from folder HeuristicLab/3.3/Properties and added launchSettings.json for docker
13:08 Changeset [16985] by dpiringe


  • added CLI Framework HeuristicLab.CommandLineInterface
  • added definition language test project HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage
  • added test project HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp, for PluginInfrastructure testing
  • changed project HeuristicLab to .NET Core and used it to create a CLI-Tool with the new CLI Framework
  • added Docker support to HeuristicLab
  • added IRunnerHost.cs ... forgot last commit
  • changed DockerRunnerHost and NativeRunnerHost to HeuristicLab-3.3.exe, was a little test project before
  • added new solution file HeuristicLab 3.3 No Views.sln, where all view projects are unloaded at start
12:28 Changeset [16984] by dpiringe


  • merged projects HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure.Runner and HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure
  • applied changes of code reviews (13.05.2019 and 22.05.2019) -> the old Runner is now RunnerHost and uses a Runner, which is executed on the child process
  • added Type GetType(string) to IApplicationManager and implemented it for LightweightApplicationManager
  • removed IActivator and IActivatorContext
  • deleted unused types like PluginDescriptionIterator


13:42 Changeset [16983] by bburlacu

#2950: Remove obsolete Comparer for T in HashNode<T>

13:02 Changeset [16982] by jkarder

#3008: fixed FindAll

13:01 Ticket #3008 (Search and Replace in Data Preprocessing is inverted) created by jkarder
When searching for e.g. all values < 0, all values >= 0 are selected …
10:38 Changeset [16981] by bburlacu

#2977: Make SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeAverageSimilarityCalculator non-discoverable.

10:23 Changeset [16980] by bburlacu

#2950: Remove building block analyzer (does not belong here), minor refactor in DiversityCrossover.


14:19 Changeset [16979] by bburlacu

#2950: Simplify symbol comparison (use only calculated hash value). Run simplification in a loop (successive simplification steps until no more changes).

13:14 Changeset [16978] by bburlacu

#2977: Introduce separate SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeAverageSimilarityCalculator operator for computing the population similarity matrix. Refactor evaluator to use the values calculated by the SimilarityCalculator.


23:26 Changeset [16977] by gkronber

#2925 Update sundials libraries with statically linked (self-contained) versions

22:56 Changeset [16976] by gkronber

#2925: Update data files to have equidistant time steps. Reactivated CVODES solver.

10:34 Changeset [16975] by gkronber

#2925: Update LotkaVolterra.csv data

10:01 Changeset [16974] by gkronber

#2925: Account for different file formats for datasets

10:00 Changeset [16973] by gkronber

#2925: Fix filename in

09:57 Changeset [16972] by gkronber

#2925: Fixes in problem instances and calculation of numerical differences in Analyze()


22:42 Changeset [16971] by gkronber

#2925 renamed files for consistency

22:37 Changeset [16970] by gkronber

#2925: Rename file

22:36 Changeset [16969] by gkronber

#2925: Rename variables

22:08 Changeset [16968] by gkronber

#2925 Add a short readme to give references for datasets

22:04 Changeset [16967] by gkronber

#2925 Add datasets from supplementary material for
Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data
Michael Schmidt and Hod Lipson

Science 03 Apr 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5923, pp. 81-85
DOI: 10.1126/science.1165893


16:33 Changeset [16966] by jzenisek


  • splitted creation of networks with/without possible cycles
  • included additional check to prevent errors within the impact calculation
13:16 Changeset [16965] by dpiringe

#2924: changed project HeuristicLab.Persistence to be .net core compatible

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