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11:37 Changeset [16230] by hmaislin

#2929: Adapted pge plugin to check for null value

11:01 Ticket #2952 (Option to store actual model instead of a surrogate-model for ...) created by fholzing
Implement the same Option as in #2883 to store either the Quality, the …
10:51 Changeset [16229] by fholzing

#2883: Implemented Review-Points (Renamed ModelStorage to ModelCreation and and gave the enum-values better names), also added a more descriptive description.

09:55 Changeset [16228] by hmaislin

#2929: Updated PGE dll


12:00 Changeset [16227] by gkronber

#2925: changed test case to linear oscillator

11:49 Changeset [16226] by gkronber

#2925: added vector access methods

11:22 Changeset [16225] by gkronber

#2925: first working version of CVODES integration


17:30 Changeset [16224] by jkarder

#2951: updated build script

17:28 Changeset [16223] by jkarder

#2951: updated build script

16:49 Changeset [16222] by gkronber


  • added comments about parameter identification for differential equation models
  • added source code of cvodes library (part of sundials) which provides functionality to calculate gradients for the parameters of partial differential equation models efficiently using the 'adjoint state method'.
  • added compiled version of cvodes
16:38 Changeset [16221] by jkarder

#2951: added new build script (now implemented in PowerShell)

  • supports cleaning/building multiple solutions sequentially (Which solution(s) to build? {1..5}: 5 4)
  • adapted Build.cmd to call Build.ps1
16:30 Ticket #2951 (Update Build.cmd and Test.cmd to use newer versions of MSBuild) created by jkarder
Our current batch scripts should use newer versions of MSBuild to …


16:07 Changeset [16220] by fholzing

#2883: Changed formatting to adhere to the coding guidelines

15:32 Changeset [16219] by jzenisek

#2839: fixed several bugs:

  • made additional slaves checkable
  • changed default collapsing of additional slave group
  • added info in project name text box
14:42 Changeset [16218] by bburlacu

#2950: Initial commit of hashing functionality as well as simplification rules for symbolic expression trees. As this is still in development the public api is not yet established (all methods public for now).

14:40 Ticket #2950 (Support hash-based simplification of symbolic expressions) created by bburlacu
Hashing of symbolic expression trees consists of assigning each node …
12:56 Changeset [16217] by abeham

#2165: Changed to .net 4.5 and adapted paths to make it compile again

12:52 Changeset [16216] by gkronber

#2948: removed string interpolation

08:17 Changeset [16215] by gkronber

#2925: added sin and cos functions


12:01 Ticket #2949 (AutoResize of columns in ItemListView reduces GUI update performance ...) created by swagner
In r9755 of #1421 a call to AdjustListViewColumnSizes was added to …


10:00 Changeset [16214] by gkronber

#2925 added datasets from supplementary material for "distilling free-form laws ..." (oscillator, pendulum, double pendulum, ...)

09:00 Ticket #2932 (CSV import dialog should choose system values as default) closed by gkronber
09:00 Ticket #2923 (Penn ML Benchmark Problem Instances) closed by gkronber
08:59 Ticket #2908 (Make ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider csv functionality useable from ...) closed by gkronber
08:59 Ticket #2888 (Disallow zoom in Partial Dependence Plots) closed by gkronber
08:59 Ticket #2911 (Add TSQL Formatter for ISymbolicExpressionTreeStringFormatter) closed by gkronber
08:59 Ticket #2934 (InputVariables of ProblemData can be renamed in the GUI) closed by gkronber
08:58 Ticket #2941 (Allow zero-variance features in k-nearest Neighbours) closed by gkronber
08:58 Ticket #2940 (Linear regression drops the constant offset if only string variables ...) closed by gkronber
08:58 Ticket #2905 (Partial dependence plots throws exception for support vector ...) closed by gkronber
08:56 Changeset [16213] by gkronber

#2948 changed unit test cases to assert results of derivative calculations. Fixed bug in deriving sqrt(x)

08:10 Changeset [16212] by gkronber

#2929 several fixes


12:07 Changeset [16211] by jzenisek


  • disabled „Start Time“, „End Time“, „All Day Event“ checkbox for non admins
  • reload ProjectResources on change of resources
  • fix bug in ProjectResources regarding ungroupedGroupNode


17:48 Changeset [16210] by jkarder

#2520: worked on new persistence

  • added cache for different attributes
  • refactored StorableTypeBoxTransformer
  • implemented paths for Storable members
  • implemented more unit tests
15:06 Changeset [16209] by jzenisek


  • adapted job execution implementation at ProjectJobsView
  • prohibited resource checking for non-admins
07:18 Changeset [16208] by jzenisek

#2839: updated job execution implementation in ProjectJobsView


09:58 Changeset [16207] by gkronber

#2948 added new unit test class to project (combine with previous commit)

09:57 Changeset [16206] by gkronber

#2948 added first implementation of symbolic differentiation as well as a test case (to be checked manually)

09:54 Ticket #2948 (Symbolic differentiation) created by gkronber
Sometimes it can be helpful to look at derivatives of a model. It is …


16:21 Changeset [16205] by jzenisek

#2839 adapting project job view

15:43 Changeset [16204] by jzenisek

#2839: added assembly reference

15:18 Changeset [16203] by jzenisek

#2839: fixed job listing method for hive administrators

15:14 Changeset [16202] by jzenisek

#2839: fixed several bugs:

  • renamed tab "Slaves" to "Resources"
  • fixed bugs in job manager > resource selector reported by fholzinger
  • adapted client-side handling of disabled resource ancestors
  • adapted parentship check in HiveAdminClient
  • adapted seting of enabled state of controls for project details, project resources
  • introduced "inactive" tag in ProjectsView
15:06 Changeset [16201] by lkammere

#2886: remove branch as it was migrated to Git

03:43 Changeset [16200] by hmaislin

#2929: Updated DLL to get coeff results and release memory


18:17 Changeset [16199] by gkronber

#2929: renaming things, use data from regression problem instead of hard-coded data. Algorithm crashes in StepW.

18:07 Changeset [16198] by lkammere

#2886: Cleanup R-scripts for expression clustering.

17:05 Changeset [16197] by gkronber

#2929: renaming things

16:52 Changeset [16196] by gkronber

#2929 introduced parameter names to prepare for renaming parameters

16:31 Changeset [16195] by gkronber

#2929 copied go-pge.dll to plugin folder and include in project, set unsafe property for project

15:40 Changeset [16194] by bburlacu

#2886: Fix compilation errors in test

15:22 Changeset [16193] by bburlacu

#2886: Implement new hasher (faster & less collision prone) and update unit tests

14:08 Changeset [16192] by dpiringe

#2924: added packages.config

02:17 Changeset [16191] by hmaislin

#2929: Added current DLL to PGE dir that needs to be placed in bin path

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