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17:49 Changeset [16070] by ddorfmei


  • added ExtLib plugin for Google OR-Tools
  • added empty plugin for mathematical optimization
  • upgraded target framework of all projects to .NET Framework 4.6.1
09:59 Changeset [16069] by bwerth

#2847 fixed serialization bug


17:10 Changeset [16068] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • derived UserListView, UserGroupListView and RoleListView from ItemCollectionView<T>
16:55 Changeset [16067] by fholzing

#2904: Added additional Unit-Test for performance measurement

16:43 Changeset [16066] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • improved RunInHiveMenuItem
16:32 Changeset [16065] by fholzing

#2904: Added more Unit-Tests for Classification

16:31 Changeset [16064] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • fixed bug in StyleTreeNode
16:12 Changeset [16063] by mkommend


  • Implemented ModifiableDataset.InsertVariable
  • Added ModifiableDataset.ToDataset for convience reasons
  • Altered ModifiableDataset ctor to allow specification of whether the values should be cloned
  • Simplified code of Dataset.ToModifiable
  • Added protected setter to Rows in the Dataset and made the corresponding field private
16:10 Changeset [16062] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • removed .resx file from project
16:08 Ticket #2935 (It should be possible to insert a variable at a specific position in ...) created by mkommend
Currently there is no way to insert a new variable at a specific …
15:39 Changeset [16061] by fholzing

#2904: Added Unit-Tests for Classification/Performance and renamed VariableImpactCalculationTest.cs to RegressionVariableImpactCalculationTest.cs

15:34 Changeset [16060] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • added .ToList() calls within some service methods to prevent TransactionExceptions
  • added check for InvokeRequired
  • improved RunInHiveMenuItem
  • removed .resx files from projects
14:33 Changeset [16059] by mkommend

#2934: Locked the StringValues in the input variables of every DataAnalysisProblemData to avoid modification.

14:32 Ticket #2934 (InputVariables of ProblemData can be renamed in the GUI) created by mkommend
It is currently possible (and has been at least for some time) to …
14:28 Changeset [16058] by fholzing

#2904: Added Unit-Tests for Regression

10:40 Ticket #2876 (Open BubbleChart from Boxplot View) closed by mkommend
10:40 Ticket #2880 (RunCollectionBoxPlotView axis-selection bug with DropDown) closed by mkommend
10:40 Ticket #2930 (Prevent UI-Freeze in case of Endpoint-Failure) closed by mkommend


18:15 Changeset [16057] by jkarder


17:59 Changeset [16056] by bburlacu

#2886: Remove redundant EvaluatePhrase method in the Grammar class and fix compilation of tests.

17:35 Changeset [16055] by fholzing

#2904: Also applied changes from regression to classification

17:15 Ticket #2933 (Parallel experiment execution can lead to identical seeds) created by abeham
In #2822 it was possible that multiple optimizers in an experiment …
17:04 Changeset [16054] by mkommend

#2932: Specified default values based on the current culture for the list and decimal separator in the DataAnalysisImportDialog.

17:00 Ticket #2932 (CSV import dialog should choose system values as default) created by mkommend
Currently, the default values for the list and decimal separator are …
16:54 Changeset [16053] by bburlacu

#2886: Refactor RSquaredEvaluator as a standalone ParameterizedNamedItem which is a parameter of the algorithm. Implement BestSolutionAnalyzer analyzer for quality statistics. Add license headers where missing.

16:31 Changeset [16052] by fholzing

#2904: Fixed wrong variable usage

16:16 Changeset [16051] by fholzing

#2904: Refactored Methods for better readability. Fixed styling mistakes.

14:29 Changeset [16050] by jkarder

#2839: fixed connection string

14:11 Changeset [16049] by mkommend

#2930: Merged r16024, r16025, r16032, r16033 into stable.

14:08 Changeset [16048] by mkommend

#2880: Merged r15621, r15622, r15623, r15672, r15754, r15755 into stable.

13:58 Changeset [16047] by mkommend

#2876: Merged r15607, r15610 into stable.


12:09 Research edited by abeham


16:12 Changeset [16046] by ddorfmei

#2931: created branch for integration of LP and MIP solvers based on Google OR-Tools in HeuristicLab

16:09 Ticket #2931 (Integration of LP and MIP Solvers based on Google OR-Tools in HeuristicLab) created by ddorfmei
Google OR-Tools provides an easy-to-use API for LP and MIP solvers …
15:11 Changeset [16045] by ddorfmei

#2747: renamed branch

14:38 Changeset [16044] by jzenisek


  • adapted icons: replaced ".PublishToWeb" with ".Save"
  • pre-select project with all resources for new jobs, if it is the only available
13:50 Changeset [16043] by jzenisek

#2839: adapted handling of project start/end boundaries for non-admins

11:12 Changeset [16042] by fholzing

#2904: Renamed variableImactsArrayView to variableImpactsArrayView

10:55 Changeset [16041] by fholzing

#2904: Removed ElementAt


16:58 Changeset [16040] by jzenisek

#2839: fixed handling of project related updates for project owners, who are no admins and do not own parent projects

09:22 Changeset [16039] by fholzing

#2904: Added Test-Proj to Solution

08:44 Changeset [16038] by fholzing

#2904: Branched UnitTest-Project


14:14 Changeset [16037] by fholzing

#2904: Restyled ClassificationSolutionVariableImpactsCalculator to be nearly identical to it's Regression-pendant

14:01 Changeset [16036] by fholzing

#2904: Streamlined the variableimpactcalculator code on both Regression and Classification. Taken over the regression-code for classification with some minor adaptations.


13:26 Changeset [16035] by fholzing

#2904: Better method-ordering, variable-naming and cleaned up some code not necessary anymore.


16:59 Changeset [16034] by fholzing

#2904: Removed callback, adapted both view and calculator.

14:38 Changeset [16033] by abeham

#2930: reduced to what it was before, but without privilege check

14:23 Changeset [16032] by fholzing

#2930: Removed permission check

13:07 Changeset [16031] by fholzing

#2904: Changed formatting (adhering to the HL-standard) and renamed variables/methods for better comprehensibility

13:02 Changeset [16030] by fholzing

#2904: Made the branch compile

11:36 Changeset [16029] by fholzing

#2904: Branched the View

11:34 Changeset [16028] by fholzing

#2904: Removed folder for View-branch

11:33 Changeset [16027] by fholzing

#2904: Added folder for View-branch


19:28 Changeset [16026] by bburlacu


  • replace functionally-overlapping classes Production and SymbolString with a single class SymbolList
  • refactor methods from Grammar class as methods and properties of SymbolList
  • add parameter for the number of constant optimization iterations
  • refactor code


17:10 Changeset [16025] by fholzing

#2930: Removed workaround.

17:05 Changeset [16024] by fholzing

#2930: Made the permissions-check async and restructured the logic for short-circuit evaluation.

17:02 Ticket #2930 (Prevent UI-Freeze in case of Endpoint-Failure) created by fholzing
Currently, the class CreateFromExperimentMenuItem Enables/Disables the …
14:26 Changeset [16023] by fholzing

#2871: Added UnitTests

13:17 Changeset [16022] by bburlacu

#2886: Remove MaxSentenceLength from priority calculation for the time being.

13:11 Changeset [16021] by fholzing

#2871: Changed default of ReplacementMethod to Shuffle

13:00 Changeset [16020] by fholzing

#2904: Removed static calculator-variable, Changed efault ReplacementMethod from Median to Shuffle, Adapted Calculation-Method adhering to the OnlineCalculators, Re-Added the condition for counting the input-parameters

12:39 Changeset [16019] by bburlacu

#2886: Fix properties lacking implementation in Production.


19:17 Changeset [16018] by fholzing

#2904: Unified order of IFixedValueParameter. Use FactorReplacementMethod as default for .Calculate method

19:04 Changeset [16017] by fholzing

#2904: Added IFixedValueParameter for factory variable replacement. Unified the default values.

18:19 Changeset [16016] by fholzing

#2904: Removed unnecessary where-condition (.Where(...).Count()); Cloned the dataset before the .ToModifiable() call; Adapted the CalculateValue-Method for a single loop through the IEnumerables for the target and estimated values

11:36 Changeset [16015] by fholzing

#2871: Fixed bug where factory-variables would be ignored

10:14 Ticket #2912 (PositiveClass value not preserved in the SolutionComparisonView) closed by mkommend
09:34 Changeset [16014] by fholzing

#2864: Removed regions, EventHandler and Changed from OptionalValueParameter to ValueParameter (Matrix)

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