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14:35 Changeset [15950] by bburlacu

#2886: Try to use variable importance information (from a random forest) to guide the search.

14:33 Changeset [15949] by bburlacu

#2886: Fix serialization (saving the algorithm).

12:39 Ticket #2923 (Penn ML Benchmark Problem Instances) created by bburlacu
The EpistasisLab at the University of Pennsylvania maintains a curated …


16:13 Changeset [15948] by pfleck

#2558 Adapted branch naming convention and adapted repository folder restructure.

16:03 Ticket #2849 (Enhanced OS-ALPS Strategies) closed by pfleck
rejected: r15947 removed branch This ticket will not be developed further.
16:02 Changeset [15947] by pfleck

#2849 removed branch


08:27 Changeset [15946] by gkronber

#2389: added prototype implementation of semi-dynamic eps-lexicase selection

08:24 Changeset [15945] by gkronber

#2389 created branch for EpsLexicase


07:13 Changeset [15944] by gkronber

#2915 added support for Abs() symbol to tree interpreter and linear interpreter as well as to the infix parser

07:11 Changeset [15943] by gkronber

#2915 created branch

07:09 Changeset [15942] by gkronber

#2922 changed DataCompletenessView to use a simple bitmap instead of the ChartControl.

07:08 Changeset [15941] by gkronber

#2922 Created branch for ticket

07:06 Ticket #2922 (DataCompletenessChart is still slow) created by gkronber
In #2393 the performance of the data completeness chart has been …


11:57 Changeset [15940] by bburlacu

#2921: Implement result aggregation view.

11:56 Ticket #2921 (Results aggregation view for run collections) created by bburlacu
When publishing results it is often necessary to aggregate different …
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