22:00 Changeset [15403] by gkronber

#2796 worked on MCTS symb reg

14:23 Ticket #2845 (Enhance Progress(View)) created by pfleck
The progress should explicitly differ between "progress" and …
13:58 Changeset [15402] by pfleck

#1666: Reverted accidental commit of app.config

13:56 Changeset [15401] by jkarder


  • worked on hive administrator view
  • updated service clients
13:55 Changeset [15400] by pfleck


  • Reverted r15371 for HeuristicLab.MainForm and HeuristicLab.MainForm.WindowsForms (all changes concerning the progress)
  • Changed the signature of OptimizeConstants in the simplifiers to "tree in - tree out" (thanks to bburlacu)
13:46 Changeset [15399] by jkarder

#2839: worked on database model

09:58 Changeset [15398] by abeham

#2640: fixed interactive merge config

08:41 Ticket #2844 (The number of iterations for constant optimization is fixed in the ...) created by gkronber
Currently, the number of steps for constants optimization in the …


18:14 Ticket #2841 (MathJax does not work in the trunk version) closed by gkronber
worksforme: I also tested this. Cannot reproduce with a clean build of the current …
14:08 Changeset [15397] by abeham

#2640: Added .editorconfig file

12:41 Changeset [15396] by mkommend

#2843: Removed target variable check and adaption for regression problem data.

12:36 Changeset [15395] by mkommend

#2843: Added cloning in DataAnalysisSolutionView if the problemData is changed by drag and drop.

12:27 Ticket #2843 (Changing of ProblemData for DataAnalysisSolution does not work as expected) created by mkommend
* via Drag & Drop the problemData is not cloned. Hence, the new …
12:23 Changeset [15394] by jkarder

#2822: fixed synchronization of batch run and optimizer

10:07 Ticket #2842 (DataAnalysisAlgorithms should all produce a result with the same name ...) created by bwerth
When comparing different DataAnalysisAlgorithms in an experiment the …
09:27 Ticket #2831 (Breakpoints in ParallelEngine can cause unexpected behavior) closed by jkarder
done: r15393: merged r15368 and r15376 into stable
09:27 Changeset [15393] by jkarder

#2831: merged r15368 and r15376 into stable


22:59 Ticket #2820 (Bug in residual update in Bin packing) closed by abeham
done: r15392: merged revisions 15325, 15388 to stable
22:59 Changeset [15392] by abeham

#2820: merged revisions 15325, 15388 to stable

22:57 Ticket #2824 (Test's app config contains service definitions) closed by abeham
done: r15391: merged revisions 15329,15357 to stable
22:57 Changeset [15391] by abeham

#2824: merged revisions 15329,15357 to stable


16:46 Changeset [15390] by bburlacu

#1666: Fix bug in the OptimizeConstants method of the InteractiveSymbolicRegressionSolutionSimplifierView where the same tree was returned instead of the clone with the optimized constants. Renamed regressionModelModel variable to regressionModel.

12:24 Changeset [15389] by pfleck

#2822: When the user manually pauses a running optimizer, the experiment now correctly changes to Paused.

11:32 Ticket #2837 (Lost Exception in DataPreprocessing during Import) closed by mkommend


13:48 Changeset [15388] by jkarder

#2820: removed duplicate comment and unnecessary return statement

13:16 Ticket #2827 (SingleObjectiveTestFunctionSolutionView throws Exception for ...) closed by bwerth
done: r15387 merged r15336, r15383 to stable
13:16 Changeset [15387] by bwerth

#2827 merged r15336, r15383 to stable

08:09 Ticket #2835 (Check service identity using the certificate's DNS/SN instead of the ...) closed by jkarder
done: r15386: merged r15361 into stable Indeed.
08:08 Changeset [15386] by jkarder

#2835: merged r15361 into stable

08:06 Ticket #2833 (Hive service does not reschedule tasks) closed by jkarder
done: r15385: merged r15358 into stable
08:05 Changeset [15385] by jkarder

#2833: merged r15358 into stable

08:04 Ticket #2830 (Uncought Exceptions in IOptimizers get lost) closed by jkarder
done: r15384: merged r15367 into stable
08:04 Changeset [15384] by jkarder

#2830: merged r15367 into stable


19:44 Ticket #2841 (MathJax does not work in the trunk version) created by gkronber
We received the following bug report: Ich habe jetzt ein Problem bei …
17:10 Ticket #2840 (Avoid side-effects in constructors of data analysis solutions) created by abeham
In #2238 it was decided to strip the grammar off the symbolic …
13:06 Changeset [15383] by bwerth

#2827 changed dimensionality check to be much more defensive

10:33 Ticket #2823 (Synchronous Experiment.Start call might return too early) closed by pfleck
done: #2823 merged r15327, r15339 to stable
10:32 Changeset [15382] by pfleck

#2823 merged r15327, r15339 to stable


14:57 Changeset [15381] by mkommend

#2837: Merged r15370 into stable.

14:56 Ticket #2818 (GUI is unresponsive if multiple displayed algorithms are running) closed by mkommend


17:20 Changeset [15380] by jkarder

#2839: worked on Project and ProjectPermission service methods

15:36 Changeset [15379] by jkarder


  • added Project and ProjectPermission DAOs and service methods
  • made Project.EndDate nullable
14:45 Changeset [15378] by jkarder

#2839: worked on database model

09:38 Changeset [15377] by jkarder

#2839: created branch for hive project management

09:27 Ticket #2839 (Implement project management for Hive) created by jkarder
Hive jobs should be assigned to projects instead of resources. We …


15:37 Ticket #2838 (NLR algorithm should support stopping and maybe even pausing) created by gkronber


15:56 Changeset [15376] by jkarder

#2831: changed exception handling in engines

15:12 Changeset [15375] by pfleck


  • Correctly triggers optimizer task exception within continuation.
  • Using lazy evaluation to re-include "externally started but then paused" optimizers.
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