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23:37 Changeset [14210] by swagner

#2538: Merged r14202 and r14205 into stable

23:25 Changeset [14209] by abeham

#2526: manually excluded SimpleSymbol from the types checked for deep clonability (it's a non-discoverable type)

23:11 Changeset [14208] by swagner

#2526: Updated svn ignores

23:05 Changeset [14207] by swagner

#2526: Corrected post build events and config merging

22:49 Changeset [14206] by abeham

#2526: updated robocode sample and unit test to create a valid sample even if jdk was not installed

22:14 Changeset [14205] by swagner

#2538: Updated samples experiment in test resources

21:17 Changeset [14204] by swagner

#2526: Updated samples

20:59 Changeset [14203] by swagner

#2526: Updated samples

19:17 Changeset [14202] by swagner

#2538: Fixed references in test project

18:53 Changeset [14201] by swagner

#2538: Merged r14200 into stable

18:45 Changeset [14200] by swagner

#2538: Removed outdated plugins

18:23 Changeset [14199] by swagner

#2643: Merged r14198 into stable

14:40 Changeset [14198] by mkommend

#2643: Corrected small bug in subtree crossover to preserve backwards compatibility.

09:09 Ticket #2644 (Upgrade Sim# to 3.0.9) closed by abeham
done: r14197: merged to stable
09:07 Changeset [14197] by abeham

#2644: merged to stable

08:58 Changeset [14196] by abeham

#2644: upgraded Sim# version from 3.0.7 to 3.0.9

08:57 Ticket #2644 (Upgrade Sim# to 3.0.9) created by abeham
02:52 Changeset [14195] by swagner

#2526: Merged r14190 from stable back into trunk

01:39 Changeset [14194] by jkarder

#2526: merged r14189 into stable

01:37 Changeset [14193] by jkarder

#2526: merged r13499, r13509 and r13644 into stable

01:20 Changeset [14192] by jkarder

#2526: merged r14191 into stable

01:16 Changeset [14191] by jkarder

#2526: fixed build configurations

00:33 Changeset [14190] by swagner

#2526: Updated versions

00:31 Changeset [14189] by jkarder

#2538: deleted unnecessary NRefactory.CSharp.AstVerifier project


20:46 Changeset [14188] by swagner

#2526: Updated year of copyrights in license headers

20:36 Changeset [14187] by swagner

#2526: Updated year of copyrights in license headers

20:32 Changeset [14186] by swagner

#2526: Updated year of copyrights in license headers

18:02 Changeset [14185] by swagner

#2526: Updated year of copyrights in license headers

16:41 Ticket #2642 (Bin packing fails tests) closed by gkronber
16:37 Changeset [14184] by bburlacu

#2635: Simplified evaluator code.

15:27 Changeset [14183] by swagner

#2526: Updated year of copyrights

15:19 Ticket #2643 (Subtree crossover can fail when tree size is larger than maximum tree size) closed by mkommend
done: r14182: Merged r14181 into stable.
15:16 Changeset [14182] by mkommend

#2643: Merged r14181 into stable.

14:32 Changeset [14181] by bburlacu

#2643: Prevent invalid values for maxInsertedBranchLength and maxInsertedBranchDepth in SubtreeCrossover.cs.

14:30 Ticket #2643 (Subtree crossover can fail when tree size is larger than maximum tree size) created by bburlacu
This is a weird corner case which normally doesn't happen in practice. …
14:25 Changeset [14180] by gkronber

#2642: merged r14174,r14177,r14178,r14179 from trunk to stable

11:18 Changeset [14179] by gkronber

#2642: added missing sample file

11:16 Changeset [14178] by gkronber

#2642: fixed mess in project files

10:40 Ticket #1087 (Implement multiobjective test functions) closed by mkommend
10:40 Ticket #2597 (Gradient chart view for regression solutions) closed by mkommend
10:40 Ticket #2594 (Better axis scaling in scatter plot and related charts) closed by mkommend
10:27 Changeset [14177] by gkronber

#2642: updated sample for bin packing problem

  • updated guids in assembly info (were the same)
10:15 Changeset [14176] by mkommend

#2597: Merged r14175 into stable.

10:14 Changeset [14175] by mkommend

#2597: Deleted StudentTProcessModel.cs from the trunk.

08:51 Changeset [14174] by abeham


  • Upped plugin version from 3.3.7 to 3.3.14 (as is AssemblyFileVersion)
  • Corrected output path for x64 platform
08:50 Ticket #2642 (Bin packing fails tests) created by abeham
06:34 Ticket #2527 (Implement ALPS with Offspring Selection) closed by abeham
06:34 Changeset [14173] by abeham

#2527: merged 13402,13964 to stable

05:15 Ticket #2579 (Changing Name of a ProgrammableProblem does not change caption in view) closed by abeham
done: r14172: merged to stable
05:14 Changeset [14172] by abeham

#2579: merged to stable

00:22 Changeset [14171] by swagner

#2526: Updated year of copyrights


22:16 Ticket #2641 (Bin Packing Trunk Integration) closed by gkronber
21:57 Changeset [14170] by gkronber

#2641: merged r14162,r14163,r14167,r14168,r14169 from trunk to stable

21:52 Changeset [14169] by gkronber

#2641: temporarily excluded file to create the TS_BPP sample because it fails to build on the builder

21:32 Changeset [14168] by gkronber

#2641: fixed build dependencies and configurations (of testfunctions.multiobjective)

21:07 Changeset [14167] by gkronber


  • fixed persistence bug
  • added unit test to create BPP sample
  • added BPP sample to start page
  • renaming of properties
17:24 Changeset [14166] by mkommend

#2597: Merged r14095, r14096, r14098, r14099, r14118, r14119, r14131, r14157, r14158 into stable.

17:21 Changeset [14165] by mkommend

#1087: Merged r14120, r14121, r14122, r14124, r14125, r14126, r14127, r14130, r14132, r14150, r14164 into stable.

17:16 Changeset [14164] by mkommend

#1087: Reverse merged changes in r14125 to hive solution and settings.

17:04 Changeset [14163] by gkronber

#2641: svn:ignore and commit of missing file

17:01 Changeset [14162] by gkronber

#2641: first import of bin packing problem (TODO: persistence and sample)

16:57 Changeset [14161] by mkommend

#2594: Merged r13764, r13765, r13807, r14007, r14008, r14014, r14152, r14155, r14156, r14159 to stable.

16:54 Changeset [14160] by bburlacu

#2594: Fix very small omission.

16:42 Changeset [14159] by bburlacu

#2594: Slight improvement of scaling.

16:25 Changeset [14158] by pfleck

#2597 Fixed an issue with wrongly positioned title and density chart after initialization.

16:11 Changeset [14157] by bburlacu

#2597: Avoid calling CalculateAxesInterval when the interval is invalid.

16:07 Changeset [14156] by bburlacu

##2594: Fix bug in scaling when interval is too small to be rounded to multiples of 5 or 10.

15:13 Changeset [14155] by bburlacu

#2594: Improved axis scaling.

15:08 Changeset [14154] by gkronber

#1966: refactoring

14:33 Changeset [14153] by gkronber

#1966: implemented 3d bin packing problems (using permutation and integer vector encoding) based on the 2d implementations

13:51 Changeset [14152] by bburlacu

#2594: Improved axis scaling.

13:03 Changeset [14151] by gkronber

#1966: added abstract problem and move evaluator classes and implemented 2d bin packing problem based on integer vector encoding

12:40 Changeset [14150] by pfleck

#1087 Changed BestKnownFront parameter to OptionalValueParameter to allow null if no best front is known (DTLZ8 and SchafferN2 and DTLZs with objectives > 2).

12:06 Changeset [14149] by gkronber

#1966: refactoring 2d problem

11:00 Changeset [14148] by gkronber

#1966: restructuring

10:54 Changeset [14147] by gkronber

#1966: finished implementation of 2d bin packing problem using permutation encoding

10:45 Ticket #2641 (Bin Packing Trunk Integration) created by gkronber
This ticket is used to track the changes for the trunk integration of …
10:19 Changeset [14146] by gkronber

#1966: new implementation for 2d bin packing problem with permutation encoding

09:54 Ticket #2626 (Make it possible to exclude fields from object graph traversal explicitly.) closed by gkronber
09:53 Changeset [14145] by gkronber

#2626: merged r13998, r14032 and r14144 from trunk to stable

07:17 Changeset [14144] by abeham

#2626: some minor changes and speed improvements

05:54 HL Download 3.3.14.png attached to Pictures by jkarder
05:51 Changeset [14143] by jkarder

#2526: updated hl download images

05:30 Changeset [14142] by jkarder

#2581: fixed compiler warnings

05:27 Ticket #2639 (Fix build warnings in trunk solution) closed by jkarder
done: r14141: merged r14140 into stable
05:26 Changeset [14141] by jkarder

#2639: merged r14140 into stable

05:24 Changeset [14140] by jkarder

#2639: fixed compiler warnings (except for MCTS files)

05:23 ChangeLog edited by swagner
05:15 Ticket #2640 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.15) created by swagner
Codename: * Berlin New Features: * Barnes-Hut t-SNE (C# …
05:11 ChangeLogPending edited by swagner
05:00 Ticket #2586 (Reduce HIVE load on downloading jobs) closed by abeham
done: r14139: merged r13678 to stable
05:00 Changeset [14139] by abeham

#2586: merged r13678 to stable

04:58 Ticket #2281 (New parameter type for storing results) closed by abeham
done: r14138: merged r14136 to stable
04:57 Changeset [14138] by abeham

#2281: merged r14136 to stable

04:57 Changeset [14137] by jkarder

#2639: reverted r14106, r14129 and r14135 ...

04:53 Changeset [14136] by abeham


  • made setter more robust and removed redundant null check
  • I had a backwards compatibility problem with previously stored files, resultCollectionName could never be set if it was null to begin with
04:53 Pictures edited by swagner
02:17 Changeset [14135] by jkarder

#2639: reverted MCTS files to r14016 to be able to merge this ticket

01:54 Ticket #2563 (Exceptions thrown during code folding/completion are not handled) closed by jkarder
done: r14134: merged r13549 into stable
01:53 Changeset [14134] by jkarder

#2563: merged r13549 into stable

00:49 Ticket #2534 (Build.cmd does not work with Visual Studio 2015-only installations) closed by jkarder
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this error.


18:02 Changeset [14133] by mkommend

#2281: Merged r14037,r14056,r14057,r14071, r14100 into stable.

16:56 Changeset [14132] by pfleck

#1087 Corrected namespace of the MultiObjectiveTestFunctionParetoFrontScatterPlotView.

15:56 Changeset [14131] by pfleck


  • Moved variable name + cursor value to the top.
  • Fixed some warnings (missing async await).
14:38 Changeset [14130] by bburlacu

#1087: Remove HintPath for DataVisualization dll and unnecessary source control xml tags from project file.

14:30 Changeset [14129] by jkarder

#2639: removed casts

14:02 Changeset [14128] by gkronber

#1966: refactoring of bin packing implementation

13:45 Changeset [14127] by mkommend

#1087: Readded accidentally deleted TestFunctions.

13:38 Changeset [14126] by bburlacu

#1087: Removed duplicate PreBuildEvent in the project file

13:26 AdditionalMaterial edited by pfleck
Linked EMSS 2016 additional materials (diff)
13:24 Changeset [14125] by bburlacu

#1087: Revert accidental commit in r14124.

13:15 Changeset [14124] by bburlacu

#1087: Fix PreBuildEvent for Linux in project file

13:05 Changeset [14123] by pfleck

AEDA: Uploaded additional online materials for EMSS paper.

13:00 Changeset [14122] by mkommend

#1087: Renamed Testfunctions folder to TestFunctions to comply to name reference in the solution and that the compile works also with case-sensitive file systems (e.g., Linux).

12:41 Ticket #2627 (Non-linear regression based on a given model structure) closed by mkommend
12:40 Ticket #2618 (Create benchmark problem instances for variable network modeling) closed by mkommend


18:24 Changeset [14121] by mkommend

#1087: Copied unit tests from branch and adapted path of multi-objective test function project file.

17:52 Changeset [14120] by mkommend

#1087: Integrated multi-objective test functions in the trunk.

17:23 Changeset [14119] by pfleck

#2597 deleted branch

17:21 Changeset [14118] by pfleck


  • Fixed issue with automatic movement of the cursor in some cases (missing position changed event).
  • Disable the whole GradientChartConfigurationDialog during chart recalculation after pressing apply.
16:53 Changeset [14117] by mkommend

#2618: Merged r13939, r13963, r14110 into stable.

16:52 Changeset [14116] by mkommend

#2627: Merged r14024, r14026, r14036, r14109 into stable.

16:49 Ticket #2598 (ProblemData cannot be changed for DataAnalysisProblems) closed by mkommend
done: r14115: Merged r13785, r13786 into stable.
16:49 Changeset [14115] by mkommend

#2598: Merged r13785, r13786 into stable.

16:47 Ticket #2566 (Improve collecting (Before|After)ExecutionOperators in Run) closed by mkommend
done: r14114: Merged r13566, r14103 into stable.
16:46 Changeset [14114] by mkommend

#2566: Merged r13566, r14103 into stable.

16:45 Ticket #2637 (Conversions from ValueTypeArray/Matrix to standard arrays) closed by mkommend
done: r14113: Merged r14082, r14083 into stable.
16:44 Changeset [14113] by mkommend

#2637: Merged r14082, r14083 into stable.

16:43 Ticket #2620 (RegressionSolution Scatterplots should use semi-transparent data points) closed by mkommend
16:43 Changeset [14112] by mkommend

#2620: Merged r13958 into stable.

16:29 Changeset [14111] by mkommend

#1087: Change plugin and folder name from HeuristicLab.Problems.MultiObjectiveTestFunctions to HeuristicLab.Problems.Testfunctions.MultiObjective and adapted namespaces and projects accordingly.

14:47 Changeset [14110] by mkommend

#2618: Removed obsolete code in friedman random functions and variable networks instance providers.

14:43 Ticket #2577 (Platform-dependent CLR behavior affects experiment reproducibility) closed by gkronber
worksforme: Discussed. Thanks for the detailed analysis.
14:21 Changeset [14109] by mkommend

#2627: Adapted constant name for result and renamed the infix formatter / parser unit test.

13:46 Changeset [14108] by mkommend

#1087: Fixed bugs in Spacing and Hypervolume calculation, corrected plugin dependencies and minor changes to the scatter plot view.


21:25 ecdf3.png attached to Blog: Run-Length Distribution Analysis with HeuristicLab by abeham
Run-Length Distribution of Algorithm Instances on the esc32a QAP Instance
21:24 Blog: Run-Length Distribution Analysis with HeuristicLab edited by abeham
21:20 ecdf-missed.png attached to Blog: Run-Length Distribution Analysis with HeuristicLab by abeham
Run-Length Distribution of a Genetic Algorithm Instance applied to the …
21:18 Blog: Run-Length Distribution Analysis with HeuristicLab created by abeham
17:45 Changeset [14107] by pfleck


  • Added an additional function to ALGLIB that returns the prediction for each tree of a decision forest.
  • Implemented IConfidenceRegression/Solution for RandomForestModel/Solution using the variance of the predictions from the trees.
17:30 Changeset [14106] by jkarder

#2639: fixed compiler warnings

17:24 Ticket #2639 (Fix build warnings in trunk solution) created by jkarder
Some compiler warnings should be fixed, e.g. for * declared but unused …
17:15 Ticket #2549 (Optimize OKB Query Service) closed by abeham
done: r14105: merged to stable
17:15 Changeset [14105] by abeham

#2549: merged to stable

17:14 Changeset [14104] by bburlacu

#2635: Improve performance and accuracy of evaluator and analyzer.

17:09 Changeset [14103] by abeham

#2566: implemented hard cast

17:02 Changeset [14102] by abeham

#2634: Integrated RLD analysis into trunk

  • HeuristicLab.Analysis:
    • IndexedDataTable<T>, IndexedDataRow<T>
    • QualityPerClockAnalyzer, QualityPerEvaluationsAnalyzer
    • ExpectedRuntimeHelper
  • HeuristicLab.Analysis.Views:
    • IndexedDataTableView
  • HeuristicLab.Optimization.Views:
    • RunCollectionRLDView

To test:

  1. Configure an algorithm/problem combination
  2. In the algorithm's analyzers add the QualityPerEvaluationsAnalyzer
  3. Make sure the BestAverageWorstQualityAnalyzer is executed before
  4. Run the algorithm several times
  5. In the Runs tab select the "Run-length Distribution View"
16:54 Changeset [14101] by abeham

#2634: Fixed some remaining bugs in runcollection rld view regarding runs with unequal length

16:39 Changeset [14100] by abeham

#2281: Fixed description of result parameter not appearing in result (thx to mkommend)

16:21 Changeset [14099] by pfleck


  • Renamed IConfidenceBoundRegressionModel/Solution+Views to IConfidenceRegressionModel/Solution+Views.
  • Moved IConfidenceRegressionModel and IConfidenceRegressionSolution into own files.
  • Moved some (helper) controls into separate sub folder.
  • Fixed typo.
15:56 Changeset [14098] by mkommend

#2597: Corrected plugin dependencies of Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views.

15:50 Changeset [14097] by bwerth

#1087 refactored Analyzers to use ResultParameters

15:42 Changeset [14096] by mkommend

#2597: Adapted unit test to changes in gaussian process model.

15:23 Changeset [14095] by mkommend

#2597: Merged all changesets from HeuristiLab.RegressionSolutionGradientView into the trunk.

14:16 Changeset [14094] by abeham

jkarder simplified test.cmd

14:06 Changeset [14093] by bwerth

#1087 altered Cloning in ScatterPlotContent

13:50 Changeset [14092] by bwerth

#1087 removed NormalizedHypervolumeAnalyzer and IMOFrontModel.cs, refactored ScatterPlotAnalyzer ,fixed bug in HypervolumeAnalyzer

12:12 AdditionalMaterial edited by pfleck
Added EMSS 2016 section (diff)


08:17 Ticket #2636 (Exception in error characteristics curve view when the test dataset is ...) closed by gkronber
worksforme: Hm, cannot reproduce…


20:07 Changeset [14091] by ichiriac

Add license information for SHADE algorithm

19:27 Changeset [14090] by bwerth

#1087 several fixes according to the review comments 35 and 38

15:36 Changeset [14089] by pfleck


  • Hide density chart when zoom is active.
  • Changed columns textbox to numberic up/down control (thus removed validation).
14:41 Changeset [14088] by ichiriac

Add SHADE algorithm implementation

14:25 Changeset [14087] by ichiriac

Final revision of the code

14:24 Changeset [14086] by ichiriac

Final revision of the code

14:14 Changeset [14085] by mkommend

#1087: Further refactoring of testfunction problem and analyzers.

13:41 Changeset [14084] by bburlacu

#2635: Forgot to add solution and project files.

13:26 Changeset [14083] by mkommend

#2637: Corrected cast and signature of CloneAsArray.

13:20 Ticket #2638 (Redraws slow down UI in Windows 10) created by abeham
Ever since I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 a lot of operations …
13:17 Changeset [14082] by mkommend

#2637: Added CloneAsArray and CloneAsMatrix to the appropriate ValueType classes.

13:15 Ticket #2637 (Conversions from ValueTypeArray/Matrix to standard arrays) created by mkommend
When using with HL data types often primitives of the same type are …
10:34 Ticket #2636 (Exception in error characteristics curve view when the test dataset is ...) created by gkronber
10:31 Changeset [14081] by mkommend

#1087: Refactored utility class NonDominatedSelect.

10:25 Ticket #2610 (TimeSpanValue Parse) closed by mkommend
done: r14080: Merged r14025, r14034 to stable.
10:24 Changeset [14080] by mkommend

#2610: Merged r14025, r14034 to stable.

10:20 Changeset [14079] by gkronber

#2434: merged changes r14026:14078 from trunk to branch

10:20 Ticket #2616 (DataPreprocessing StatisticsView throws an exception for columns ...) closed by mkommend
10:20 Ticket #2393 (DataCompleteness chart is slow) closed by mkommend
10:19 Ticket #2559 (Decouple DataPreprocessing from SymbolicDataAnalysis) closed by mkommend
01:03 Changeset [14078] by abeham

Renamed Test.cmd to Test-VS2015.cmd
Added previous version of Test.cmd as Test-VS2013.cmd
Added Clean.cmd


22:41 Changeset [14077] by mkommend

#2616: Merged r13934, r13935 into stable.

22:39 Changeset [14076] by mkommend

#2393: Merged r13838 into stable.

22:38 Changeset [14075] by mkommend

#2559: Merged r13502, r13504, r13507, r13508, r13512, r13514, r13517 into stable.

22:23 Changeset [14074] by thasling

made minor changes

17:40 Changeset [14073] by mkommend

#1087: Worked on Multi-objective test function problem and adapted plugin dependencies.

17:24 Changeset [14072] by bburlacu

#2635: Initial implementation.

17:24 Ticket #2635 (Predict if a child should be rejected during OSGA offspring selection) created by bburlacu
The idea is to try to predict if a child should be rejected by …
16:17 Changeset [14071] by abeham

#2281: merged ResultParameter to trunk

15:52 Ticket #2634 (Run-length distribution (RLD) Analysis of Algorithm Instances) created by abeham
Run-length distributions give insight into the required algorithmic …
15:46 Changeset [14070] by abeham

#2281: fixed some bugs in the view (thx to mkommend)

15:08 Changeset [14069] by mkommend

#1087: Moved Pareto fronts to subfolders in the according test functions folder and changed PFStore.

14:33 Changeset [14068] by mkommend

#1087: Added checks for min and max objectives to testfunctions.

13:34 Changeset [14067] by mkommend

#1087: Refactored multi-objective test functions.

11:31 Changeset [14066] by mkommend

#1087: Forgot to commit the project file.

11:30 Changeset [14065] by mkommend

#1087: Refactored instance providers and data descriptors for MOTF.


21:24 Changeset [14064] by gkronber

#1966: first steps for refactoring to use new Encoding framework

21:02 Changeset [14063] by gkronber

#1966: implemented random instance generation for 2d BPP instances

20:39 Changeset [14062] by gkronber

#1966: reimplemented problem instance generation from paper Silvano Martello, David Pisinger Daniele Vigo, "The Three-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem"

19:13 Changeset [14061] by thasling

PeerList is now recieved each 10 seconds instead of 20 seconds
PeerList is also recieved at Init-Call for the first time
changed data type of some parameters of P2PMigrationAnalyzer

15:37 Changeset [14060] by thasling

changed parameter in P2PMigrationAnalyzer, so that there is no invalid cast ExceptionThrown
other parameters still TBD
made WcfPeerListManager stateless by removing a stored ChannelFactory and creating a new one by each method call

12:11 Changeset [14059] by abeham

#2431: Removed NonDiscoverableType attribute on ResultParameter

10:51 Changeset [14058] by abeham

#2431: Refactored ResultsParameter

10:38 Changeset [14057] by abeham

#2281: moved type verification to member method

09:47 Changeset [14056] by abeham


  • Moved check if context contains a parameter of the requested translated name to the front of the loop
    • Reason is that ResultsParameter queries for a parameter "Results" which doesn't exist in its own context
  • Added a flag to suppress the type check in LookupParameter's GetValue
    • Default value of that flag is true, so existing code is not affected
    • Reason is that ResultsParameter queries for ResultCollection with a generic type e.g. IntValue which don't match
  • Replaced some ContainsKey/Access combinations with TryGetValue
09:30 Changeset [14055] by gkronber

#1966: simplified parsers

08:29 Changeset [14054] by gkronber

#1966: renamed *EvaluationAlgorithm to *DecodingEvaluator


20:51 Changeset [14053] by gkronber

#1966: separated 2d and 3d problem instances using two different providers

20:41 Changeset [14052] by gkronber

#1966: deleted dead code

20:39 Changeset [14051] by gkronber


  • renamed files to match class names
  • deleted RegularSimpleRotationIdenticalBinPackingPlanEvaluator because it has been merged with EvaluatorBase
20:35 Changeset [14050] by gkronber

#1966: renamed evaluators

20:03 Changeset [14049] by gkronber

#1966: simplified class names

19:54 Changeset [14048] by gkronber

#1966: renamed *PackingDimension -> PackingPosition

19:44 Changeset [14047] by gkronber

#1966: renamed PackingPlan* -> Solution

19:34 Changeset [14046] by gkronber

#1966: unified namespaces

18:23 Changeset [14045] by gkronber

#1966: removed types for *PackingBin because PackingBins and PackingShapes have the same capabilities

18:20 Changeset [14044] by mkommend

#1087: Refactored and improved analyzers for multi-objective test functions.

18:02 Changeset [14043] by gkronber

#1966: removed interface IRegularPacking shape (=> all our packing shapes are regular)

17:53 Changeset [14042] by gkronber

#1966: moved obsolete files into a separate folder

17:52 Changeset [14041] by gkronber

#1966: formatting

17:51 Changeset [14040] by gkronber


  • removed separation of general bin packing problems and 'regular' (=rectangular or cuboid) bin packing problems (=> all our bin packing problems are regular)
  • removed ISOContainer BinPacking problem (seems to be just a minor variant for generic 3d bin packing)
17:12 Changeset [14039] by gkronber

#1966 restored functionality after splitting into 2d and 3d problems

16:35 Changeset [14038] by gkronber

#1966: fixed compile errors and reverted some changes from the last commit which prepared for refactoring to use new Encoding framework

15:47 Changeset [14037] by mkommend

#2281: Refactored LookupParameter<T> to prepare for the ResultsParamter and make the name translation methods reusable.


22:28 Ticket #2633 (Solution caching to avoid costly re-evaluations) created by abeham
I implemented the u574 TSP instance in form of a programmable problem …
15:03 Changeset [14036] by mkommend

#2627: Fixed bug in constant optimization of trees with unary subtraction symbols.

14:32 Changeset [14035] by abeham


  • Fixed bug that occurs when runs of unequal length are aggregated over multiple problem instances
14:05 Changeset [14034] by pfleck

#2610 Added format specifier for ToString calls.


19:42 Changeset [14033] by gkronber

#2615: fixed the problem where an exception occurred in object graph traversal when an algorithm is stopped

19:40 Changeset [14032] by gkronber

#2626: reverted changes from r13998 and introduce a new attribute (ExcludeFromObjectGraphTraversalAttribute) which can be used to mark fields that should be excluded from object graph traversal

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