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19:46 Changeset [14011] by mkommend

#2628: Added methods for calculating the population stddev and variance of IEnumerable<double>.

19:45 Ticket #2628 (Population variance should be available as enumerable extension) created by mkommend
Currently only the sample standard deviation and variance can be …
16:49 Changeset [14010] by thasling

fixed bug so that at least one individuem is migrated

16:47 Changeset [14009] by thasling

made minor changes,
wrong commit happende last time, so still tbd:
-sort List
-dispose of anaylzer is never called

14:50 Changeset [14008] by bburlacu

#2594: Added chart util method to calculate the "optimal" axis interval (reducing the number of fractional digits to make it look nice). Modified the regression solution line chart and scatter plot to use the new scaling method.

07:35 Ticket #2627 (Non-linear regression based on a given model structure) created by gkronber


23:24 Changeset [14007] by bburlacu

#2594: Fixed small scaling bug when calculating the necessary decimals for the axis interval.

22:43 Changeset [14006] by bburlacu

#2597: Fixed a couple of bugs in the GradientChart related to the configuration of axis limits.

21:41 Ticket #2619 (FeatureCorrelation should have an option to ignore missing values) closed by mkommend
done: r14005: Merged r13938 and r14001 into stable.
21:41 Changeset [14005] by mkommend

#2619: Merged r13938 and r14001 into stable.

21:35 Ticket #2609 (Cannot apply constant optimization on simplified trees) closed by mkommend
done: r14004: #2584: Merged r13670 and r13916 into stable. #2609: Merged …
21:35 Ticket #2584 (ConstantOptimization should be configurable to ignore variable weights) closed by mkommend
done: r14004: #2584: Merged r13670 and r13916 into stable. #2609: Merged …
21:34 Changeset [14004] by mkommend

#2584: Merged r13670 and r13916 into stable.
#2609: Merged r13869 and r13900 into stable.

21:25 Ticket #2243 (JavaScript error when showing symbolic models in mathematical notation ...) closed by mkommend
done: r14003: Merged r13932, r13933, r13984 into stable.
21:25 Changeset [14003] by mkommend

#2243: Merged r13932, r13933, r13984 into stable.

21:22 Ticket #2614 (Name of Job Shop Scheduling Solution is not set (GUI lockup)) closed by mkommend
done: r14002: Merged r13983 into stable.
21:22 Changeset [14002] by mkommend

#2614: Merged r13983 into stable.

18:11 Changeset [14001] by gkronber

#2619: changed the text for the ignoreMissingValuesCheckbox

14:05 Changeset [14000] by mkommend

#2604: Removed default ctor arguments for the target variable in regression and classification models.

13:30 Changeset [13999] by bburlacu

#2597: Fix position of the error provider icon for the validation of the columns textbox. Removed .resx files from project.

12:02 Changeset [13998] by gkronber

#2626: excluded all TypeInfo objects and all instances of types from the System.Runtime.Serialization assembly

12:00 Ticket #2626 (Make it possible to exclude fields from object graph traversal explicitly.) created by gkronber
We encountered a problem in the object graph traversal in connection …
11:57 Changeset [13997] by gkronber

#2615 removed initState override and updated references to trunk

11:52 Changeset [13996] by bburlacu

#2597: Removed resx files from project. Better handling of model simplification.

02:44 EvoSoft edited by swagner


23:43 Changeset [13995] by bburlacu

#2597: Improved drag & drop support for all charts. Added configuration option to adjust the number of columns in the view. Fixed bug where attempting to set row & column style would result in an exception. Fixed boundaries of the vertical annotation line in the GradientChart.

23:40 Changeset [13994] by bburlacu

#2597: Merged trunk changes.

23:11 Ticket #2625 (Improve symbolic simplifier to allow simplification using approximations) created by gkronber
E.g. 1/(1+e) ~ 1 - e for |e| < 0.03
23:02 Ticket #2624 (Improve symbolic simplifier for expressions) created by gkronber
Related to #2609. Where it was observed that "I'm surprised that it is …
22:49 Changeset [13993] by gkronber

#2604: minor changes in time series models and fix build fail

22:29 Changeset [13992] by gkronber

#2604: set default target variable to string.Empty in AfterDeserialization hook for regression and classification models and changed a few ctor calls to correctly pass the target variable

19:15 Ticket #2623 (Exception when dropping a new problem data onto the simplifier view ...) created by gkronber
It is possible to drop ProblemData objects onto regression solutions …
10:34 Changeset [13991] by bwerth

#1087 removed unused function

10:11 Changeset [13990] by bwerth

#2592 reimplemented Indicators

09:58 Changeset [13989] by bwerth

#1087 removed unused usings

09:47 Changeset [13988] by bwerth

#1087 moved project bugfixes


20:22 Ticket #2622 (Handle missing values (i.e. NaN) correctly when training GBT models) created by gkronber
Right now GBT training only uses comparison operators and assumes that …
20:12 Changeset [13987] by gkronber

#2595: fixed build fail (added plugin dependency to the wrong plugin)

20:09 Ticket #2617 (Local search seems to perform differently for single-objective test ...) closed by gkronber
worksforme: Thanks for testing this and for preparing the demo problem implementation.
19:56 Changeset [13986] by gkronber

#2595: added two new variants for variable impact calculation (shuffle and Gaussian noise)

19:45 Changeset [13985] by gkronber

#2595: two small fixes in RegressionSolutionVariableImpactsCalculator

19:24 Changeset [13984] by gkronber

#2243: added javascript method to allow repainting the formula when we change the model (relevant when using the mathjax view together with the simplifier).


17:02 Changeset [13983] by mkommend

#2614: Set default name for schedule and made class sealed.

15:23 Changeset [13982] by thasling

made minor changes

14:46 Ticket #2590 (RegressionEnsembles should support weighting of the estimated values) closed by gkronber
14:46 Ticket #2611 (Add SARCOS (inverse dynamics) as a real world regression problem instance) closed by gkronber
14:46 Ticket #2071 (Refactor TableFileParser) closed by gkronber
14:46 Ticket #2589 (Possibility to prevent resizing of ValueTypeArrays) closed by gkronber
14:38 Changeset [13981] by gkronber

#2591: merged r13438 (#2541), r13721, r13724, r13784, r13891 from trunk to stable

14:05 Changeset [13980] by gkronber

#1795: merged r13978 from trunk to stable

14:03 Changeset [13979] by gkronber

#2589: merged r13695 from trunk to stable

13:56 Changeset [13978] by gkronber

#1795: removed MCTS symb reg as algorithm in GBM to cut the dependency between GBM and MCTS symb reg (MCTS symb reg not ready for release yet)

09:08 Changeset [13977] by gkronber

#1795: merged r13646,13653,13655,13699,13703,13707,13889,13898,13917 from trunk to stable

09:02 Changeset [13976] by gkronber

#2590 merged r13697:13698, r13700:13702, r13704:13705, r13711, r13715 from trunk to stable

08:22 Changeset [13975] by gkronber

#2541: deleted implementation for studentT process
Implementation is not stable enough yet
Functionality has not been very useful so far.

08:15 Changeset [13974] by gkronber

#2071: merged r13411,r13413,r13414,r13415,r13419,r13440,r13441,r13442,r13445,r13447,r13525,r13526,r13529,r13584,r13901,r13925 from trunk to stable

07:54 Changeset [13973] by gkronber

#2611: merged r13890 from trunk to stable


20:24 Changeset [13972] by thasling

improved log
made changes in data structure

19:23 Changeset [13971] by thasling

increased message size to 20MB
made changes in some interfaces

17:53 Changeset [13970] by thasling

made minor changes

17:25 Changeset [13969] by thasling

implemented migration strategies
log in HL now also logs exceptions of peers

14:59 Changeset [13968] by bburlacu

#2288: Update project file.

14:58 Changeset [13967] by bburlacu

#2288: Provide binaries of the external libraries upon which this branch depends.

11:48 Changeset [13966] by thasling

made minor change

10:47 Changeset [13965] by thasling

made minor changes

09:14 Changeset [13964] by pfleck

#2527 Removed some commented out code.


16:13 Changeset [13963] by gkronber

#2618: added graphviz output for the variable network instances

14:09 Changeset [13962] by pkuelzer

#2558 cloning constructor to public

14:06 Changeset [13961] by gkronber

#745: minor change to compile with current trunk

13:24 Changeset [13960] by gkronber

#2615 debugging and changes preparing for different migration strategies

11:24 Ticket #2621 (ClearState is not called when a window is closed) created by gkronber
-> check


22:23 Changeset [13959] by thasling

it works

18:00 Changeset [13958] by mkommend

#2620: Made data points in the regression solution scatter plot semi-transparent per default.

17:59 Ticket #2620 (RegressionSolution Scatterplots should use semi-transparent data points) created by mkommend
When working with larger datasets (> 10k rows) the scatter plot is not …
17:21 Changeset [13957] by thasling

implemented mechanism to check wheter recieved packages are from the same problem instance or not
added several config parameters to P2PMigrationAnalyzer
added new enum for migration strategies

15:28 Changeset [13956] by thasling

finally fixed bug concerning message send to the wrong peers
also made communicationRate and messageCacheCapacity as paramters
integration in P2PMigrationAnalyzer still TBD

14:26 Ticket #2565 (AlgorithmView clears the ViewType of the ProblemViewHost leaving the ...) closed by mkommend
14:21 Changeset [13955] by mkommend

#2565: Merged r13560 into stable.

14:19 Ticket #2599 (DateManipulation throws a GDI exception) closed by mkommend
done: r13954: Merged r13796 into stable.
14:18 Changeset [13954] by mkommend

#2599: Merged r13796 into stable.

14:15 Ticket #2602 (Enumerable extensions for generating k-combinations of elements from a ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13953: Merged r13802, r13899 into stable.
14:15 Changeset [13953] by mkommend

#2602: Merged r13802, r13899 into stable.

14:13 Ticket #2571 (Create a RandomSearchAlgorithm) closed by mkommend
done: r13952: Merged r13580, r13581, r13677, r13679, r13680, r13863 into stable.
14:12 Changeset [13952] by mkommend

#2571: Merged r13580, r13581, r13677, r13679, r13680, r13863 into stable.

14:02 Ticket #2542 (Estimated values view should also show predictive variance for each ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13951: Merged r13439 and r13592 into stable.
14:02 Changeset [13951] by mkommend

#2542: Merged r13439 and r13592 into stable.

13:59 Ticket #2572 (SymbolicRegressionSolutionsAnalyzer should also add training and test ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13950: Merged r13582 and r13660 into stable.
13:59 Changeset [13950] by mkommend

#2572: Merged r13582 and r13660 into stable.

13:57 Ticket #2593 (Add method to convert a Dataset into a Modifiable dataset and ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13949: Merged r13760 and r13761 into stable.
13:56 Changeset [13949] by mkommend

#2593: Merged r13760 and r13761 into stable.

10:36 Changeset [13948] by pfleck


  • Merged recent trunk changes.
  • Adapted VariablesUsedForPrediction property for RegressionSolutionTargetResponseGradientView.
  • Fixed a reference (.dll to project ref).
01:27 Changeset [13947] by thasling
00:50 Changeset [13946] by thasling

Fixed bug with reading queues
made all lock-objects static

00:24 Changeset [13945] by thasling

fixed major bug in PeerNetworkMessageHandler, because one queue was missing for the sending queues


23:26 Changeset [13944] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix bug in fragment length calculator leading to exception when we try to compute the average out of an empty sequence of fragment lengths.

17:03 Changeset [13943] by thasling

implemented lock for timers, because if elapsed-method takes longer than the timer to elapse again, the method is called by another thread conccurently

14:26 Changeset [13942] by mkommend

#2595: Corrected tooltip on the variable impacts button and disabled the button when the content is locked.

13:33 Changeset [13941] by mkommend


  • Base classes for data analysis, classification, and regression models
  • Added target variable to classification and regression models
  • Switched parameter order in data analysis solutions (model, problemdata)
12:53 Changeset [13940] by gkronber


  • added scatterplot of R² values over lambda instead of line chart,
  • normalized coefficient values in coefficient path chart
  • changed parameter lambda to LogLambda


17:45 Changeset [13939] by gkronber

#2618: added regression benchmark instances (random functions) and first implementation of synthetic benchmark instances for variable networks

15:28 Changeset [13938] by mkommend


  • Refactored and separated the different feature correlation calculations.
  • Added a checkbox to ignore missing values in the calculation.
15:25 Ticket #2619 (FeatureCorrelation should have an option to ignore missing values) created by mkommend
If just one value of a feature is missing, no correlation will be …


17:05 Ticket #2618 (Create benchmark problem instances for variable network modeling) created by gkronber
09:08 Ticket #2617 (Local search seems to perform differently for single-objective test ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Run local search or simulated annealing with 10-dim …


21:23 Changeset [13937] by thasling

implemented ConcurrentQueue
made minor changes in Dispose-methods

15:03 Changeset [13936] by bwerth

#1087 added more functions (IHR1-4, IHR6, CIGTAB, ELLI)

14:00 Changeset [13935] by mkommend

#2616: Added default value for min, max and most common value operations for data preprocessing.


12:13 Changeset [13934] by mkommend

#2616: Added checks in percentile calculation when no valid values are present.

12:11 Ticket #2616 (DataPreprocessing StatisticsView throws an exception for columns ...) created by mkommend
The percentile calculation does not check if there are any values present.


12:08 Changeset [13933] by mkommend

#2243: Deleted old MathJax version from extlibs, adapted displayModelFrame.html and tex exporter to work with new MathJax version.

10:00 Changeset [13932] by mkommend

#2243: Added MathJax-2.6.1 to ExtLibs.

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