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18:07 Changeset [13572] by gkronber

#2504: removed SharpDX from HL.ExtLibs solution

18:04 Changeset [13571] by gkronber

#2504: deleted SharpDX external library again (too heavy weight for our purposes)

16:46 Changeset [13570] by mkommend

#2568: Changed access modifiers of UpdateRow/ColumnHeader in the StringConvertibleMatrix/ArrayView to public.

16:45 Ticket #2568 (UpdateRow/ColumnHeaders in StringConvertibleMatrixView should be public) created by mkommend
When working with the StringConvertibleMatrixView and hiding …


11:23 Changeset [13569] by abeham

#2457: fixed bugs in iterated algorithm, fixed bug in expert system view

09:00 Changeset [13568] by abeham

#2457: added code to auto-sync stopping criterion with embedded algorithm in iterated algorithms


17:58 Changeset [13567] by mkommend

#2567: Implemented saving and restoring the window position, size and state of the optimizer.

17:56 Ticket #2567 (HeuristicLab Applications do not respect their previous location and size) created by mkommend
When for example the optimizer is started and moved to another …
17:34 Changeset [13566] by abeham

#2566: improved collection of parameter values in InstrumentedOperator

13:50 Ticket #2566 (Improve collecting (Before|After)ExecutionOperators in Run) created by abeham
In a default configuration of a genetic algorithm and a tsp there are …
12:26 EvoSoft edited by swagner


21:53 Changeset [13565] by bburlacu

#1772: Slight refactor of schema diversification operators to try to fix potential problems with serialization/cloning


16:21 Changeset [13564] by abeham


  • Fixed bugs in IteratedAlgorithm
15:01 Changeset [13563] by mkommend

#1087: Added reference to System.Drawing in HL.Problems.MultiObjectiveTestFunctions.

14:43 Changeset [13562] by bwerth

#1087 added more unittests and comments


11:15 Changeset [13561] by abeham


  • added two types of problem instance mappings: PCA and MDS


15:01 Changeset [13560] by mkommend

#2565: Changed algorithmView to reset the viewType of the problemViewHost only when the types of the displayed and new problem differ.

14:59 Ticket #2565 (AlgorithmView clears the ViewType of the ProblemViewHost leaving the ...) created by mkommend
When the problem of an algorithm is changed, the according …
14:02 Ticket #1258 (Explore possibilities of using data binding in HeuristicLab (parameter ...) closed by abeham
obsolete: r13559: terminated branch
14:00 Changeset [13559] by abeham

#1258: terminated branch

13:08 Changeset [13558] by gkronber

#1966: finished view for 3d packings


12:45 Changeset [13557] by thasling

Implemented P2PTask-class
Changed communication protocoll http --> net.tcp
Logger is now Parameter of P2PTask

12:00 Changeset [13556] by thasling

new hive project

10:06 Changeset [13555] by thasling

cleanup on contact server now works correct
included "hive-startup-project" to solution

10:04 Ticket #2564 (Set reasonable SolutionId in SolutionMessage) created by pfleck
Currently, all SolutionMessages generated by the …
09:57 Changeset [13554] by thasling

PeerList now is fetched from the server each time the peerlist is needed

09:49 Changeset [13553] by thasling

changed a few method names and other refactoring

08:51 Changeset [13552] by abeham

#2560: fixed okb problem view, forgot to commit change

08:49 Changeset [13551] by abeham

#2457: Added characteristic calculator for qap and adapted expert system view

08:38 Changeset [13550] by abeham

#2560: changed characteristic calculator to output IItem instead of double


16:51 Changeset [13549] by jkarder

#2563: catch and ignore exceptions thrown during code folding/completion

16:46 Ticket #2563 (Exceptions thrown during code folding/completion are not handled) created by jkarder
HL crashes if unsupported language features are used within the code …
15:34 Changeset [13548] by thasling

removed old code

15:28 Changeset [13547] by thasling

Added Dispose() to MessageHandler and WCF service host

15:20 Changeset [13546] by thasling

svn ignore

15:18 Changeset [13545] by thasling

deleted binaries

15:16 Changeset [13544] by thasling
15:16 Changeset [13543] by thasling
15:16 Changeset [13542] by thasling


15:15 Changeset [13541] by thasling

added new empty project for test on hive
changed scheme for ip determination
changed handling of queues in messagehandler

15:03 Changeset [13540] by abeham

#2560: added loading of characteristic calculators into OKB problem view

14:06 Changeset [13539] by mkommend

#2536: Implemented rows and columns explicitly in the Dataset.

13:24 Changeset [13538] by thasling

Connectionstring to peerlistserver now in app.config

10:41 Changeset [13537] by thasling

Stable build before changing communication protocoll to net.tcp

10:27 Changeset [13536] by thasling

removed test-files

10:00 Changeset [13535] by abeham

#2560: altered plugin dependency


20:06 Changeset [13534] by abeham


  • Updated clients (moving of all characteristic service methods to run creation service)
  • Adapted OKB problem view to display characteristic values for the instances
18:50 Changeset [13533] by aballeit

#2283 quality diagram fix

18:21 Changeset [13532] by gkronber

#1966 work in progress WPF control to visualize packings

18:14 Changeset [13531] by gkronber

#1966 deleted PackingPlanVisualizations which uses SharpDX to display 3d packings

18:12 Changeset [13530] by gkronber

#1966 final commit of changes to game before deleting the whole visualization plugin

15:16 Changeset [13529] by gkronber

#2071: fix of unit test fail on builder

11:10 Changeset [13528] by thasling

Peers only communicate with 10% of the network


15:39 Changeset [13527] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed the way operator improvement is calculated so it also works when a diversification strategy is applied (introducing multiple intermediate vertices between parent and child). Minor code refactoring in the diversification operators. Fixed very small typo in the BeforeManipulatorOperator.

15:22 Changeset [13526] by gkronber

#2071 added code for type conversion of columns to the table file parser and made some other minor changes

15:21 Changeset [13525] by gkronber

#2071 added unit test for type conversion of columns

12:31 Changeset [13524] by thasling

Upload des Projekts letztendlich, trotz buggendes Clients...

12:29 Changeset [13523] by thasling

Weitere Funktionalitätstest des Repositoriums

12:27 Changeset [13522] by thasling

Bug Pictures uploaded
second test

12:16 Changeset [13521] by thasling

Added temp project

01:00 Changeset [13520] by thasling

client test


18:08 Changeset [13519] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix cloning of CloneableCollection to avoid a stack overflow exception in some cases.

17:42 Changeset [13518] by aballeit

#2283 UCT parameter c -> refactoring

17:14 Changeset [13517] by pfleck


  • Correctly adapt training and test partition when inserting and deleting rows.
  • Fixed problem with correlation matrix.
  • Fixed bug within value frequency calculation for histogram.
16:14 Changeset [13516] by ascheibe

#2562 fixed problem with paused hive tasks

16:12 Ticket #2562 (Fix problem with tasks that get paused) created by ascheibe
Seems to be a logic error from the last refactoring.
16:07 Changeset [13515] by bwerth

#1087 minor bugfixes and added unittests

15:21 Changeset [13514] by pfleck


  • Enabled pasting values with headers into preprocessing. The headers will be extracted and the columns renamed.
  • Removed an unnecessary interface.
14:12 Changeset [13513] by abeham

#2560: fixed problem of characteristic values getting overridden

12:58 Changeset [13512] by pfleck

Removed parameterless constructor of PreprocessingContext to avoid breaking the DeepClonable unit-test since preprocessing is not yet correctly cloneable.

12:13 Changeset [13511] by abeham

#2560: Moved both get and set characteristic values functionality to run creation service

11:28 Ticket #2561 (TimeLimitRun does not work with the Hive Slave) created by ascheibe
TimeLimitRun's check-pointing triggers the pause event. The slave …
11:09 Changeset [13510] by pfleck

Fixed wrong excluding of types in object graph traversal (no members were traversed any more).
Added a unit test that verifies that GetObjectGraphObjects yields a reasonable number of objects.

10:14 Changeset [13509] by ascheibe

#2526 fixed post build events in Hive slave project


17:51 Changeset [13508] by pfleck


  • Enabled type selection for creating/importing/exporting/applying.
  • Deleted unnecessary interfaces.
  • Reorganized source files of DataPreprocessing.


14:51 Changeset [13507] by pfleck


  • Enabled different export types for preprocessing.
  • Hid unused buttons in ViewShortcutListView.
  • Made data preprocessing a NamedItem to allow naming.
09:55 Changeset [13506] by gkronber

renamed folder

09:53 Changeset [13505] by gkronber

Created feature development branch (without ticket) for thaslinger

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