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20:33 Ticket #2501 (It should be possible to use any IRegressionModel as mean function in ...) created by gkronber
17:28 Changeset [13117] by pfleck

#2269 Added ReduceToPopulationSize parameter to control if the population is reduced to the PopulationSize after elder migration (default) or the layer can have more than PopulationSize individuals until the next generation.

16:20 Changeset [13116] by mkommend

#2485: Corrected C# formatter for SymbolicExpressionTrees to handle subtractions correctly.

15:56 Changeset [13115] by jkarder

#1265: worked on visualization

  • added context menu item for chart modes
  • added ShowToolBar to ChartControl
  • updated chart modes
13:50 Changeset [13114] by jkarder

#1265: worked on visualization

  • removed BackgroundColor and PictureBox from ChartControl
  • updated chart modes


17:48 Changeset [13113] by pfleck

#2269 Some small changes.

17:12 Changeset [13112] by jkarder

#1265: implemented new render stage concept

17:09 Changeset [13111] by pfleck


  • Instead of hidden execution scope change logic in LayerReseeder, the new ReseedingController makes the scope change more obvious by using an OperatorParameter.
  • Instead of the classes for EldersEmigrator, LayerOpener and LayerReseeder the operator graph is created in the AlpsGeneticAlgorithmMainLoop using CombinedOperator.
15:34 Changeset [13110] by pfleck


  • Removed ContinuousReseeding because it does not bring any improvements and makes reseeding more complicated.
  • Adapted changes from UnidirectionalRingMigrator.
15:17 Changeset [13109] by pfleck


  • Renamed ClockwiseMigrationDirection ClockwiseMigration.
  • Removed access property.
  • Updated documentation comments.
15:10 Changeset [13108] by jkarder

#1265: moved previousLocation assignment to ChartMode class

13:12 Changeset [13107] by jkarder

#1265: fixed ZoomOutChartMode

11:37 Changeset [13106] by jkarder

#1265: fixed bug in ChartControl

11:29 Changeset [13105] by jkarder

#1265: worked on visualization

  • added BackgroundColor to IChart
  • added RulerChartMode
  • renamed MoveChartMode to PanChartMode
10:22 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by abeham
08:19 Changeset [13104] by gkronber

#1998: fixed a problem in Classification/ClassificationSolutionComparisonView

07:12 Changeset [13103] by gkronber

#1998: code simplification of ConfusionMatrixCalculator

06:51 Changeset [13102] by gkronber


  • changed namespace and name of view
  • calculate f1 score only for solutions for binary classification problems


22:38 Changeset [13101] by gkronber

#1998: bug fixes (typo, duplicate result item)

22:32 Changeset [13100] by gkronber

#1998: merged changes from the branch to trunk (btw. this branch was difficult to merge back to trunk because of it's specific structure)

22:00 Changeset [13099] by gkronber

#1998: fixed strings (the person is called Matthews)

21:54 Changeset [13098] by gkronber


  • introduced new class ConstantModel (to merge ConstantRegressionModel, ConstantClassificationModel and ConstantTimeSeriesModel)
  • fixed copyright statements
  • tried to unify naming
  • added F1 score and Matthew's correlation to classification results collection
21:39 Changeset [13097] by gkronber

#1998: reverse merge of r13089 (reused the ConstantRegressionModel as ConstantClassificationModel (OK?))

15:59 Changeset [13096] by pfleck


  • Simplified operator graph in MainOperator.
  • Added item descriptions.
  • Removed unnecessary code.
09:36 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by ascheibe


17:10 Changeset [13095] by pfleck


  • Added the possibility of continuous reseeding (percentage based reseeding of layer 0).
  • Restructured operator graph.
  • Deleted LayerUpdator (replaced by LayerOpener`)
  • Deleted LayerSorter.
  • Moved preparing of GeneticAlgorithmMainLoop to AlpsGeneticAlgorithmMainOperator.
16:26 Changeset [13094] by pfleck

Added backwards compatibility for IslandGeneticAlgorithm and IslandOffspringSelectionGeneticAlgorithm to still use counterclockwise migration.
The UnidirectionalRingMigrator uses clockwise per default.

14:16 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe


21:46 Changeset [13093] by ascheibe

#2428 made access service configuration file public

20:41 Changeset [13092] by gkronber

#1998 removed creatable attribute from OneR and ZeroR

20:39 Changeset [13091] by gkronber

#1998: minor changes

20:26 Changeset [13090] by gkronber

#1998: moved OneR and ZeroR out of the folder for linear models, renamed OneRTest -> OneR

19:48 Changeset [13089] by gkronber


  • deleted obsolete version of OneR algorithm (also does perform worse than mkommend's implementation in my tests)
  • reused the ConstantRegressionModel as ConstantClassificationModel (OK?)
  • fixed a few strings here and there
19:13 Changeset [13088] by gkronber

#1998: merged r13087 from trunk to branch

19:11 Changeset [13087] by gkronber

#2500: deleted 3 .cs files that were not referenced in the project

19:10 Ticket #2500 (Delete unused .cs files in the solution) created by gkronber
Probably we should have a unit test for this.
18:45 Changeset [13086] by gkronber

#1998: made compatibility changes necessary because of trunk developments (compile fail)

18:39 Changeset [13085] by gkronber

#1998: merged changesets r10551:13084 (only on HeuristicLab.Algorithms.DataAnalysis) from trunk to branch

18:35 Changeset [13084] by gkronber

#1998: merged changesets r10551:13081 (only on HeuristicLab.Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views) from trunk to branch

18:33 Changeset [13083] by gkronber

#1998: merged changesets r10551:13081 (only on HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis) from trunk to branch

18:29 Changeset [13082] by gkronber

#1998: merged changesets r10553:13081 (only on HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views) from trunk to branch

18:23 Changeset [13081] by gkronber

#1998 changed framework version to v4.5

12:50 Changeset [13080] by jkarder

#2298: added ExecutableScript and ExecutableScriptView

12:41 Changeset [13079] by pfleck

#2269 Removed ShiftToRightMigrator and used UnidirectionalRingMigrator instead

11:09 Changeset [13078] by pfleck


  • Added ClockwiseMigrationDirection Parameter.
  • Added backwards compatability hook that use the old counterclockwise migration.
10:18 Ticket #2461 (Enable paging for downloading Hive Jobs) closed by jkarder
10:08 Changeset [13077] by jkarder

#2205: worked on optimization networks

  • added first version of network visualization
  • updated frame files
09:27 Changeset [13076] by jkarder

#1265: implemented new chart mode concept


08:01 Changeset [13075] by gkronber

#2499: added missing file DictionaryExtensions.cs


21:01 Changeset [13074] by gkronber

#2499: added license header and removed unused usings

20:57 Changeset [13073] by gkronber

#2499: svn:ignore

20:56 Changeset [13072] by gkronber

#2499: added code from HeuristicLab.BioBoost.Views (from private repository) nothing much has been changed

20:43 Changeset [13071] by gkronber

#2499: added license headers and removed unused usings

20:27 Changeset [13070] by gkronber

#2499: svn:ignore

20:26 Changeset [13069] by gkronber

#2499: imported source code for HeuristicLab.BioBoost from private repository with some changes

19:41 Changeset [13068] by gkronber

#2499 empty folder structure

19:35 Changeset [13067] by gkronber

#2499 created folder for BioBoost source code

19:33 Ticket #2499 (BioBoost (logistic network planning) trunk integration) created by gkronber
Relevant code developed by HEAL members within the BioBoost project …
08:49 Changeset [13066] by gkronber

#2450: adapted unit test


20:44 Changeset [13065] by gkronber

#2450: marked constructor of GBTModel obsolete and wrapped GBTModels in GBTModelSurrogates where necessary in the API. Removed an internal unused method from the API.

19:09 Ticket #2498 (Improve Gaussian process training and inference to support larger datasets) created by gkronber
The most recent and most relevant seems to be KISS-GP which promises …
18:49 Changeset [13064] by gkronber

#2488: in r13025 I seemed to erroneously remove some files from the test project

18:31 Ticket #2473 (Automatically hide all columns containing only a single value in the ...) closed by gkronber
done: r13063: merged r13036 and r13054 from trunk to stable.
18:31 Changeset [13063] by gkronber

#2473: merged r13036 and r13054 from trunk to stable

18:27 Ticket #2452 (Support drag&drop of new solutions in the ...) closed by gkronber
18:26 Changeset [13062] by gkronber

#2452: merged r13002:13004 from trunk to stable


16:22 Changeset [13061] by bburlacu

#1772: Adapted visualization code according to the changes in the HeuristicLab.Visualization branch.

14:14 Ticket #2497 (Improve scaling of inputs and optionally target values for the ...) created by gkronber
There are some issues related to scaling of data in the Gaussian …
11:53 Changeset [13060] by ascheibe

#2496 improved information shown in error dialog

11:27 Changeset [13059] by mkommend

#2418: corrected spelling mistake in median implementation.

11:05 Ticket #2496 (Provide more detailed information when no connection can be ...) created by ascheibe
10:17 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
09:09 Changeset [13058] by gkronber

#2472: fixed lawn mower sample


20:57 Changeset [13057] by gkronber

#2472 changed lawn mower sample to use the new implementation and added assertions for the results of the unit test

20:20 Changeset [13056] by gkronber

#2472: changed GP artificial ant sample to use new implementation

20:18 Changeset [13055] by gkronber

#2472: changed ordering of symbols in the grammar for the artificial ant problem to make sure the new problem produces the same results as the old implementation

19:49 Changeset [13054] by gkronber

#2473: improvements as suggested by abeham

19:28 Ticket #2439 (Remove bugs in LM-BFGS) closed by gkronber
done: r13053: merged r12794:12795 and r12797 from trunk to stable
19:28 Changeset [13053] by gkronber

#2439 merged r12794:12795 and r12797 from trunk to stable

19:15 Ticket #2449 (Persistence of Gaussian process models is inefficient) closed by gkronber
done: r13052: merged r12819 from trunk to stable
19:15 Changeset [13052] by gkronber

#2449: merged r12819 from trunk to stable

19:12 Changeset [13051] by gkronber

#2491: removed usage of Percentile extension method

19:05 Ticket #2061 (Synchronization in Experiment class causes contention problems for ...) closed by gkronber
19:03 Changeset [13050] by gkronber

#2061: merged r13000 from trunk to stable

19:01 Ticket #2448 (Ensemble solutions do not store individual solutions) closed by gkronber
19:01 Changeset [13049] by gkronber

#2448: merged r12816 from trunk to stable

19:00 Ticket #1736 (View for the ConstantRegressionModel) closed by gkronber
done: r13048: merged r13001 from trunk to stable
19:00 Changeset [13048] by gkronber

#1736: merged r13001 from trunk to stable

18:58 Ticket #2484 (Mathematica formatter for symbolic data analysis models) closed by gkronber
done: r13047: merged r12982 from trunk to stable
18:58 Changeset [13047] by gkronber

#2484: merged r12982 from trunk to stable

14:50 Ticket #2495 (Allow configuring of migration direction in UnidirectionalRingMigrator) created by pfleck
Currently, the UnidirectionalRingMigrator migrates individuals by …
14:38 Ticket #2494 (NewItem-Dialog should consider Categories in search results) created by pfleck
Currently, the NewItemDialog only displays items that matches …


17:42 Changeset [13046] by pfleck


  • Changed the age type from int to double.
  • Changed EldersSelector to make use of a ScopeTreeLookupParameter.
  • Removed unused operators in LayerUpdator.
15:51 Ticket #2493 (Editing labels in the experiment (tree) view don't update the ...) created by abeham
To reproduce: 1. Create a new experiment 2. Add a new genetic …
14:18 Changeset [13045] by jkarder

#1265: merged changes from abeham

12:08 Changeset [13044] by bwerth

#2217 Updated project references

12:06 Changeset [13043] by mkommend

#2217: Added test problem for CMA-ES.

10:55 Changeset [13042] by bwerth

#2217: Branched CMA-ES.

10:50 Changeset [13041] by bwerth

#2217: Added folder for MultiObj_CMAES.

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