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19:13 Changeset [12876] by gkronber

#2283: implemented first crude version of extreme hunter algorithm in branch

19:03 Changeset [12875] by gkronber

#2450: fixed constructors for loss functions

18:38 Changeset [12874] by gkronber

#2434: merged r12873 from trunk to branch

18:35 Changeset [12873] by gkronber

#2450 derived ILossFunction from IItem to allow execution on hive without privileged flag (made an "after deserialization"-hook necessary to convert the parameter type)

18:33 Changeset [12872] by gkronber

#2434 reverse merge of r12871 (changes should be applied directly to trunk)

18:31 Changeset [12871] by gkronber

#2434 derived ILossFunction from IItem to allow execution on hive without privileged flag (made an "after deserialization"-hook necessary to convert the parameter type)

17:10 Changeset [12870] by gkronber

#2434 fixed compile error in unit tests using CV

16:35 Changeset [12869] by gkronber

#2434: merged r12835:12868 from trunk to cross-validation branch

16:11 Changeset [12868] by gkronber

#2450: introduced surrogate for GBT-models which recalculates the actual model on demand to improve persistence of GBT solutions

15:35 Changeset [12867] by ascheibe

#2388 merged trunk into branch

15:14 Changeset [12866] by ascheibe

#2388 some more cleanups

09:32 Changeset [12865] by abeham


  • Added label on last data point
  • Changed target in cost view to display as ratio to best-known or best found


00:53 Changeset [12864] by abeham


  • fixed bug in iterated algorithm
  • changed RLD view to use % deviation as targets
  • RLD view now always groups by problem


14:35 Changeset [12863] by pfleck

#2269: Added EvaluatedSolutionsHistoryAnalyzer to keep track of the number of evaluated solutions when the analyzers are called.


19:34 Ticket #2463 (Icons in RunView become misplaced) created by abeham
There is a problem with updating the icon list in RunView. To …
17:11 Changeset [12862] by abeham

#2431: modified EngineAlgorithm to clear log on prepare

17:08 Ticket #2462 (Engine log can grow to extreme sizes) created by abeham
There is no cap on the engine's log size, an algorithm that is started …
16:24 Ticket #2461 (Enable paging for downloading Hive Jobs) created by abeham
Instead of having to download the whole experiment all the time …
16:19 Changeset [12861] by ascheibe

#2388 removed old code and switched to new code

16:05 Changeset [12860] by abeham

#2457: worked on expert system

16:04 Changeset [12859] by abeham

#2431: Renamed AlgorithmIterator to IteratedAlgorithm

15:22 Changeset [12858] by ascheibe


  • prevent disposing of hive data context
  • more cleanups
14:51 Changeset [12857] by ascheibe


  • cleaned up sql scripts
  • cleaned up hive service
  • made performance logger optional
  • removed unused web service methods
14:19 Changeset [12856] by abeham

#2431: Added AlgorithmIterator instead of IRRestarter

  • AlgorithmIterator implements IAlgorithm whereas IRRestarter implemented only IOptimizer
  • Deriving from Algorithm leads to better design
14:13 Changeset [12855] by abeham

#2444: fixed oversight as mentioned in review

14:05 Ticket #2460 (Algorithm instance is not read-only when stored in a run object) created by abeham
Typically, all results and parameters in a run are read-only. But if …
11:18 Changeset [12854] by mkommend

#2379: Added new sample for new bubble chart.


16:37 Changeset [12853] by ascheibe

#2388 some minor cleanups

14:18 Changeset [12852] by ascheibe

#2388 added missing Web.config and reverted change in persistence that prevented it from compiling

14:17 Changeset [12851] by mkommend

#2459: Added RMSE properties to IRegressionSolution.

14:16 Ticket #2459 (IRegressionSolution is missing properties for the RMSE) created by mkommend
#2412 added the training and test RMSE to all regression solutions. …
10:59 Changeset [12850] by mkommend

#2175: Forgot to commit merge info and some files in r12848.

10:36 Changeset [12849] by mkommend

#2175: Updated license year to 2015.

10:35 Changeset [12848] by mkommend

#2175: Merged trunk changes and extracted parameters of evaluators to their base class.

10:29 Changeset [12847] by abeham

#2457: Added view


15:51 Changeset [12846] by ascheibe

#2430 fixed naming of some project files

15:42 Blog: In memoriam John H. Holland 1929-2015 created by abeham
15:35 Changeset [12845] by ascheibe

#2440 fixed KeyNotFoundException in StatisticalTestsView

13:54 Changeset [12844] by mkommend

#2458: Adapted tree creators to work with the same depth restriction as the PTC2 (excluding the root symbol).

13:46 Ticket #2458 (Full and Grow tree creator use a different depth restrictions as PTC2) created by mkommend
The PTC2 skips the root symbol while calculating the tree depth, …
10:11 Changeset [12843] by ascheibe

#2388 merged trunk into branch

09:48 Changeset [12842] by abeham


  • Added plugins
  • Worked on properties of the optimizer
09:43 Ticket #2457 (Create an expert system optimizer) created by abeham
A prototype of an expert-system-like optimizer should be implemented …


12:49 Changeset [12841] by abeham


  • Added calculation of ERT results tables
  • Added grouping by problem to avoid having different problems in one graph
  • Some restructuring to avoid duplicate code


19:49 Changeset [12840] by aballeit

#2283 Final

09:52 Ticket #2456 (Exception on pausing a running Hive job) created by abeham
I got an exception when waiting for a Pause command to finish: …


22:01 Ticket #2455 (Timeouts when deleting larger experiments from Hive) created by abeham
After 10 minutes of waiting for the removal of a job a timeout occurs. …
21:55 Ticket #2454 (The ItemName of Creatables should include their respective acronym) created by abeham
I always tend to type "TSP" in the Create New Item dialog and receive …


11:06 Changeset [12839] by bburlacu

#2453: Ensure similarity value is never greater than 1 in the SymbolicExpressionTreePhenotypicSimilarityCalculator.

11:04 Ticket #2453 (Double precision artifacts cause exceptions in the phenotypic ...) created by bburlacu
Floating point precision artifacts in the OnlinePearsonsRCalculator


17:24 Ticket #2452 (Support drag&drop of new solutions in the ...) created by bburlacu
When new solutions are dropped on the chart area, their respective …
00:06 Changeset [12838] by abeham

#2431: updated RLD analysis view

  • Added analysis by cost
  • Prepared tab for output of ERT tables


17:02 Ticket #2443 (StackOverflowException when using "large" MaximumTreeDepth) closed by mkommend
rejected: I have tested this issue and can confirm that a tree depth limit of …
11:45 Changeset [12837] by abeham

#2451: Fixed bug in constructor

11:35 Ticket #2451 ((Integer|Real)VectorEncoding constructor fails when individual bounds ...) created by abeham
The LengthParameter property is set before the BoundsParameter …


23:48 Changeset [12836] by abeham

#2446: changed name of methods

23:42 Changeset [12835] by abeham

#2444: changed counting to solution evaluation equivalents in order to avoid running into int.MaxValue for long runs

23:33 Changeset [12834] by abeham

#2431: Changed analyzer to always output last value (even if quality is equal)

11:37 Changeset [12833] by aballeit

#2283 EpsGreedy Textbox for Epsylon

00:03 Changeset [12832] by aballeit

#2283 limit parallelism

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