17:00 Changeset [12415] by pfleck

#2027 Renamed the parameter of ISingleValueTerminator to match the interface name.

16:21 Changeset [12414] by pfleck

#2027 Changed Terminator base class to SingleSuccessorOperator and omit some values while collecting parameter values to reduce the amount of collected values for all terminators.

13:06 Changeset [12413] by pfleck

#2027 Added some custom values when collecting parameter values of Terminators.


17:04 Changeset [12412] by pfleck

#2027 Removed the MaximumEvaluatedSolutions-parameter from OSGA.

16:47 Changeset [12411] by pfleck


  • Removed MaximumIterationsTerminator and MaximumEvaluatedSolutionsTermimator because they practically do the same.
  • Add the possibility for ThresholdTerminators to use a foreign parameter (e.g. MaximumSelectionPressure). This way the terminator can use parameters which are still relevant for the algorithm and still provide consistent management of the terminators.
  • Renamed IThresholdTerminator to ISingleValueTerminator.
14:21 Changeset [12410] by pfleck


  • Added IThresholdTerminator interface for more flexibility. The ThresholdTerminatorView now uses the interface instead of a concrete terminator.
  • Added MaximumIterationsTerminator and SingleObjectiveQualityTerminator as common used Terminators.
11:09 Changeset [12409] by ehopf

#2361: Merged r12358 into branch.


14:22 Changeset [12408] by pfleck


  • Added ValueChanged-events to Terminators.
  • Fixed wiring bug of quality-based Terminator.
09:47 Changeset [12407] by pfleck

Inverted the conditions to check the continue criteria instead of termination criteria.
Conditions are then specified more naturally: "while generations < max" instead of "break if generations > min".
If any Continue-Check returns false, the algorithm will be terminated.

The naming "Terminator" has to be discussed because it suggest to specify the criteria when the algorithm should stop, instead of continue.


18:08 Changeset [12406] by bburlacu

#1772: Removed obsolete FrequentFragmentsDialog, added a checkbox to select the subtree matching mode in the SymbolicDataAnalysisGenealogyGraphView, removed commented code from the SymbolicDataAnalysisPoly10Analyzer.

14:30 Changeset [12405] by pfleck


  • Uses FixedValueParameters and added some properties.
  • Added the comparison-symbol in the string-representation of Terminators.
  • Renamed Terminator parameter to Termination to use a more neutral term.
  • Used Red-Flag as Termination-Icon.
12:29 Changeset [12404] by pfleck


  • Hide the additional ViewsLabel of the ViewHost in the ThresholdTerminatorView.
  • Renamed Terminators-parameter to Terminator to match naming of the Analyzer-parameter.
10:54 Changeset [12403] by pfleck

#2027 Wired Maximization-Parameter for the Quality Terminator.


16:15 Changeset [12402] by pfleck

#2027 Renamed TerminationCriterion to Terminator.

14:53 Changeset [12401] by pfleck

#2387 Fixed a bug where the automatic selection of the first element behaved differently for the NewItemDialog.

14:12 Changeset [12400] by pfleck

#2387 Forgot to commit a file.

14:02 Changeset [12399] by pfleck


  • Added context-menu for expanding and collapsing tree-nodes.
  • Improve response time when expanding/collapsing all nodes for TypeSelector and NewItemDialog.
13:36 Changeset [12398] by pfleck


  • Added clearSearch-button in TypeSelector.
  • Adapted behavior of TypeSelector and NewItemDialog that a selected node stays selected as long as it matches the search criteria.
12:09 Changeset [12397] by pfleck


  • Adapted behavior of the matching in the TypeSelector that it behave the same as the NewItemDialog. The search string is tokenized by space and matches if all tokens are contained, (eg. "Sym Reg" matches "SymbolicRegression...").
  • Enabled navigation with up- and down-arrow in the tree while the search-box is focused.
  • Improved response time of NewItemDialog and TypeSelector when they contain a large amount of nodes.


20:17 Ticket #2389 (Implement lexicase selection for GP) created by gkronber
The GECCO paper in which eps-Lexicase has been first described is a …
16:30 Changeset [12396] by abeham

#2319: Added SinglePointCrossover


16:41 Changeset [12395] by dglaser

#2388 merged trunk into hive statistics branch

15:43 Changeset [12394] by dglaser

#2388 updated solution and files

15:41 Ticket #2388 (Improve new Hive statistics web page) created by dglaser


16:46 Ticket #2387 (Adapt TypeSelector to changes from NewItemDialog) created by pfleck
The behavior of the TypeSelecor should be the same like the …
16:26 Changeset [12393] by pfleck


  • Removed Expand/CollapseAll buttons.
  • Removed cycling of items.
12:54 Changeset [12392] by bburlacu

#2386: Updated GetHashCode method in the EnumerableBoolEqualityComparer.

12:53 Ticket #2386 (Poor hash function affects performance in the Parameter-less ...) created by bburlacu
The C# implementation of PPP uses a HashSet<BinaryVector> to keep …
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