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15:58 Ticket #2381 (Object-graph traversal does not finish in some cases / algorithm does ...) closed by gkronber


20:40 Changeset [12391] by gkronber

#2283: added shuffling of terminal symbols to the royal pair problem to make sure that there is no bias from order of terminal symbols.

11:03 Changeset [12390] by gkronber

#2283: fixed a potential exception and reduced iterations for unit-tests


16:40 Changeset [12389] by pfleck

#2379 Add root item of RecursiveDataItem to tree view.

16:08 Changeset [12388] by pfleck

#2379 Added BubbleChartView which can select the parts of the RecursiveDataItem tree which should be searched for the selected keys (axis).


17:26 Changeset [12387] by apolidur

#2221: Fixing RealizationsSize parameter not updating


18:20 Changeset [12386] by gkronber

#2283: more unit tests to generate data for eurocast

17:48 Ticket #2385 (Boolean parameter for data-analysis algorithms to disable creation of ...) created by gkronber
For multiple data-analysis algorithms the creation (+evaluation) of …
09:45 Ticket #2384 (Zooming-support for symbolic expression tree charts) created by gkronber
09:44 Ticket #2383 (Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target ...) created by gkronber
This could be the case e.g. when only a part of the whole data set is …


12:49 Ticket #2345 (The x-axis in the error-characteristic-curve view is always at least 1.0) closed by mkommend
done: r12385: Merged r12365 into stable.
12:49 Changeset [12385] by mkommend

#2345: Merged r12365 into stable.

12:48 Ticket #2365 (SymbolicExpressionTreeChart: node impact colors are not preserved when ...) closed by mkommend
12:47 Changeset [12384] by mkommend

#2365: Merged r12237 into stable.

12:46 Ticket #2373 (Typo in RandomBinaryVectorCreator) closed by mkommend
12:46 Changeset [12383] by mkommend

#2373: Merged r12333 into stable.

12:45 Ticket #2378 (Setter for Vertex label throws exception when the label is null) closed by mkommend
done: r12382: Merged r12360 into stable.
12:45 Changeset [12382] by mkommend

#2378: Merged r12360 into stable.

10:44 Changeset [12381] by pfleck

#2379 Added tree view component in RecursiveDataItemView. Removed RecursiveDataItemListView view because tree view is moved to RecursiveDataItemView.


18:30 Changeset [12380] by apolidur

#2221: Small refactoring and code cleaning

17:13 Changeset [12379] by pfleck


  • Added first draft of the RecursiveDataItem structure.
  • Added a view for the data structure as well was a list of the data structure.
16:46 Ticket #2382 (Improve regex in String2XMLSerializer) created by ascheibe
I ran into the limitation that arrays are not allowed to be larger …
13:08 Changeset [12378] by gkronber

Merged revision(s) 12333-12365 from trunk/sources:
#2373: Corrected typo in RandomBinaryVectorCreator by implementing an after-deserialization-hook.

#2359: Refactored pruning operators and analyzers.

#2359: Removed commented code from pruning analyzer.

#2378: Vertex.cs: Fixed bug in Label setter.
#2359: The changes in r12358 look fine to me. Added total number of pruned nodes in the analyzer's data table. Removed unused parameter names in the SymbolicDataAnalysisSingleObjectivePruningAnalyzer.
#2345: Fixed x-axis maximum in error characteristics curve.


12:59 Ticket #2376 (Selection of function symbols from the grammar is biased) closed by gkronber
worksforme: Solution to this problem is to set very large depth limits.
12:32 Changeset [12377] by pfleck

#2379 Added BubbleChart-Plugin.

12:20 Changeset [12376] by pfleck

#2379 Created branch.

11:54 Changeset [12375] by gkronber

#2283: made TreeNodes structs instead of classes

08:39 Changeset [12374] by gkronber

#2261: added absolute and relative error loss functions for GBT.

08:24 Ticket #2381 (Object-graph traversal does not finish in some cases / algorithm does ...) created by gkronber
I observed a problem in the object graph traversal on several …


14:34 Changeset [12373] by gkronber

#2261: added hidden alg.-parameter to disable solution-creation (this is useful for cross-validation)

14:06 Ticket #2380 (Tree layout algorithms and general tree drawing control should be ...) created by gkronber
The drawing code could be easily reused for other kinds of trees …
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