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15:12 Changeset [12331] by pfleck

#2375 Added first draft of ALPS-OSGA which simply uses a OSGA inside ALPS.

11:24 Changeset [12330] by pfleck

#2375 Added ALPS-OS Plugin.

11:12 Ticket #2375 (Implement ALPS with OS) created by pfleck
Combining ALPS with aspects of Offspring Selection could be very …
10:35 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPProblemInstance edited by pfleck
10:32 attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPProblemInstance by pfleck
10:17 attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck


20:33 Changeset [12329] by gkronber

#2261 created a branch for gradient boosted trees algorithm implementation

17:27 Ticket #2374 (Make RegressionSolution class non-abstract) created by gkronber
Why did we define RegressionSolution as abstract? It is often useful …
11:28 Changeset [12328] by pfleck

Added execution-time based termination criterion.
Restructured configuring termination criteria.


19:47 Changeset [12327] by gkronber

#2205: removed hard coded string for the retrieval of the regression solution to allow using other regression algorithms (e.g. RF)

19:23 Changeset [12326] by gkronber

#2205: derived selection problem from BinaryProblem (now PPP can be used as feature selection algorithm)

19:21 Ticket #2373 (Typo in RandomBinaryVectorCreator) created by gkronber
19:08 Changeset [12325] by gkronber

#2205: added solution cache

18:41 Changeset [12324] by gkronber

#2205: renamed classes and files (hard coded network and connector)

16:18 Changeset [12323] by mkommend

#2205: Added simple optimization network for solving features selection problems.

15:54 Changeset [12322] by ascheibe

#2221 fixed project files of PTSP branch


13:57 Changeset [12321] by arapeanu

#2288: Modified CreateTargetVariationExperimentDialog.cs to exclude unchecked inputs from the target variables

12:32 Changeset [12320] by arapeanu

#2288: Added sliders functionality, dialog box for setting the number of repetitions for each batch + modified node importance weighting

11:05 Changeset [12319] by mkommend

#2320: Added simple symbol and grammar for symbolic expression encoding.


23:14 Changeset [12318] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed small bug/typo in the SymbolicDataAnalysisPoly10Analyzer

18:05 Changeset [12317] by apolidur

#2221: Fixing PluginDependencies

12:35 Ticket #2299 (Interface ISymbolicExpressionTreeOperator should have a ...) closed by mkommend
obsolete: The suggested change in this ticket was implemented in r12314 (ticket …
11:08 Changeset [12316] by mkommend

#2320: Implemented symbolic expression tree encoding.


16:31 Changeset [12315] by ascheibe

#2372 fixed user creation in access service admin tool

16:30 Ticket #2372 (Fix user creation in access service admin tool) created by ascheibe
The tool does not set the isApproved property of new users leading to …
15:31 Changeset [12314] by mkommend

#2320: Added a parameter for the expression tree to ISymbolicExpressionTreeOperator.

15:17 Changeset [12313] by mkommend

#2320: Simplified TreeCreators.

14:40 Changeset [12312] by pfleck

#2027 Corrected wrong variable name.

14:32 Changeset [12311] by ehopf

#2361: Removed a unnecessary method call.

14:22 Changeset [12310] by pfleck

#2027 Made a genetic ComparisonTerminationCriterion instead of the MaximumIterationsTerminationCriterion.

14:08 Changeset [12309] by ehopf

#2361: Adjusted Release Project settings.

12:29 Changeset [12308] by pfleck

#2027 Used an InstrumentedOperator instead of an AlgorithmOperator and added the operators to the BeforeExecutionOperators.

11:14 Changeset [12307] by pfleck

#2027 Fixed problem that parameter values are not available during operator construction by using value changed events.
Note that the debug view is not working with this because of the runtime operator graph change.


21:13 Ticket #2371 (Setting the seed for ValueGenerator not possible (for data analysis ...) created by gkronber
This is for instance relevant for the (random) generation of benchmark …
17:43 Changeset [12306] by apolidur

#2221: Prepared PTSP for instance input

16:58 Changeset [12305] by mkommend

#2025: Merged changes from the NewItemDialog branch into the trunk.

16:52 Changeset [12304] by pfleck

#2027 Used new termination-operator and -criteria in OSGA.

16:46 Changeset [12303] by pfleck

#2027 First draft for termination criteria.

11:59 Changeset [12302] by ehopf

#2361: Added a NotSupported-Exception for the case that the user activates the applyLinearScaling-option. Additionally made some execution time measurements with and without invocation of the ToArray-Extension-Method after the calculation of the bounded estimated values.

11:00 Changeset [12301] by pfleck


  • Added and configured Termination Plugin.
  • Adapted references for OSGA Plugin.
  • Created solution file.
10:36 Changeset [12300] by pfleck

#2027 Copied OSGA Plugin for testing the new termination criteria.

10:34 Changeset [12299] by pfleck

#2027 Created branch.


16:12 Changeset [12298] by gkronber

#2283: experiments with q-learning


16:53 Ticket #2356 (Fix generation of unique IDs of Hive slave) closed by ascheibe
done: r12297: merged r12236,r12273 into stable
16:53 Changeset [12297] by ascheibe

#2356 merged r12236,r12273 into stable

16:51 Ticket #2357 (DeleteObsoleteSlaves should respect the downtime foreign key) closed by ascheibe
done: r12296: merged r12172 into stable
16:50 Changeset [12296] by ascheibe

#2357 merged r12172 into stable

13:05 Changeset [12295] by gkronber

#2283: force selection of untried alternatives

10:09 Changeset [12294] by gkronber

#2283: worked on Q-Learning for poly10


15:38 Changeset [12293] by pfleck

#2301 Use decimal instead of double for the DefineArithmeticProgressionDialog and in the CreateExperimentDialog.
Note, when using decimal only during the generate process but not during some calculations (e.g. determining meaningful step sizes), numeric inaccuracies occur.
Therefore some calculations now uses decimal instead of double values.

14:56 Changeset [12292] by pfleck

#2301 Removed the GenerateSteps from the ValueGenerator and put it into the new SequenceGenerator.
Adapted DataAnalysis-Instances and scripts (samples and unit tests).

14:31 Changeset [12291] by gkronber

#2283 added missing files (forgotten in the branch)

14:31 Changeset [12290] by gkronber

#2283 created a new branch to separate development from aballeit

14:26 Changeset [12289] by gkronber

#2283: added a unit test for MCTS(gkr)

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