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17:22 Changeset [11590] by pfleck


  • Finished implementing LayerUpdator.
  • Proper implemented per-layer results.
  • Some bugfixes and wiring.
  • Added LastSubScopeCloner. Note that the First/LastSubScopeCloner/Processor might be dropped and Left/Right-Selectors are used instead. Thanks to jkarder for this suggestion.
16:13 Changeset [11589] by bburlacu

#2276: Unsealed Dataset class, refactored GetDoubleValues, GetStringValues, GetDateTimeValues methods to internally use the same generic method, added ModifiableDataset class which adds the functionality of replacing, adding or removing rows in the dataset.

16:09 Changeset [11588] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted encodings to store its specific parameters in the standard parameter collection.

13:24 Changeset [11587] by mkommend

#2174: Implemented multi-encoding operators and adapated wiring of operators in the programmable problems.

11:06 Changeset [11586] by pfleck

#2269 Implemented LayerUpdator.

  • Added First/LastSubScopeProcessor.
  • Added two Calculators because ExpressionCalculator does not support required features yet.
  • Added some wiring.
  • Small bugfixes and refactorings.


15:25 Changeset [11585] by pfleck

#2269 Implemented EldersEmigrator.

  • Implemented EldersSelector and ShiftToRightMigrator.
13:53 Changeset [11584] by bburlacu

#2276: Removed programmable problem from this branch.

13:46 Changeset [11583] by pfleck


  • Implemented MatingPoolCreator.
  • Added a modified GeneticAlgorithMainLoop as main operator in ALPS-GA-MainLoop.
13:05 Changeset [11582] by mkommend

#2174: Configured solution creator in single encodings.

12:50 Changeset [11581] by mkommend

#2277: Added public modifier in class declaration of BestSingleObjectiveTestFunctionSolutionAnalyzer.

12:49 Ticket #2277 (Missing class modifier in BestSingleObjectiveTestFunctionSolutionAnalyzer) created by mkommend
No class modifier for the visibility of …
11:37 Changeset [11580] by pfleck

#2269 Implemented AlpsGeneticAlgorithmMainLoop.

09:57 Changeset [11579] by bburlacu

#2276: Removed unnecessary folders from the branch.

09:19 Changeset [11578] by pfleck

#2269 Implemented wiring of ALPS-GA based on Island-GA wiring.

05:15 Changeset [11577] by swagner

#2205: Restructured solution and projects and switched all projects to .NET 4.5

03:26 Changeset [11576] by swagner

#2205: Merged changes r11062:11557 from trunk/sources into branches/OptimizationNetworks


17:08 Changeset [11575] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted permutation encoding.

16:28 Changeset [11574] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted branched optimization plugin to branch structure and updated project references.

16:22 Changeset [11573] by mkommend

#2174: Branched HeuristicLab.Optimization for the programmable problem branch.

16:09 Changeset [11572] by bburlacu

#2276: Merged the Programmable problem projects into the branch, adjusted references and build paths.

15:16 Changeset [11571] by bburlacu

#2276: Commit initial version of IDataset interface and code refactoring.

15:06 Changeset [11570] by bburlacu

Create branch for #2276

15:06 Ticket #2276 (Create interface for Dataset class, refactor code) created by bburlacu
We should extract the essential requirements for a Dataset object into …
14:44 Changeset [11569] by pfleck


  • Added a generic EnumValue for wrapping an enum.
  • Added a generic EnumValueView which displays a drop down with the available enum values.
  • Made AgingScheme an EnumValue instead of ValueTypeValue.
13:31 Changeset [11568] by pfleck

#2269 Added Parameters for ALPS-GA.

10:23 Changeset [11567] by pfleck

#2269 Added AlpsGeneticAlgorithm and updated plugin description.

10:03 Changeset [11566] by pfleck

#2269 Added ALPS-Plugin.

  • Updated Build-Configuration for DataPreprocessingViews.
03:12 Changeset [11565] by swagner

#2205: Continued working on programmable network items

  • allowed code changes only in user-defined nodes and networks
  • added manual initialization of compiled programmable network items


05:32 Changeset [11564] by swagner

#2205: Continued working on programmable network items


04:50 Changeset [11563] by swagner

#2205: Continued working on programmable network items

  • implemented view and some refactoring


02:53 Changeset [11562] by swagner

#2205: Started working on programmable network items.


17:20 Changeset [11561] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted IntegerEncoding to include the wiring code of operators.

15:14 Changeset [11560] by mkommend

#2174: Added TestFunctionProblem for evaluating the design and correctness of the new encoding classes.

15:12 Changeset [11559] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted IEncoding and Encoding base class.

10:56 Changeset [11558] by pfleck


  • Updated prototype APLS-OperatorGraph.
  • Added Samples for VRP and SymReg.
  • Temporarily added OptionalSubScopesProcessor for the ALPS prototype.


14:26 Changeset [11557] by ascheibe

#2158 improved error handling for nested views


21:09 Changeset [11556] by abeham

updated tutorial with slides from mkommend
other (minor) changes


16:05 Changeset [11555] by ascheibe

#2158 added error handling for view nesting problem

03:22 Changeset [11554] by swagner

#2205: Implemented review comments:

  • added cloning of Port in HookOperator and prevented cloning of hook operator ports in AlgorithmNode instead
  • added additional checks that port parameters of a hook operator port match with parameters of hook operator


17:30 Changeset [11553] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted binary encoding to new wiring method.


01:22 Changeset [11552] by abeham

added slides for programmable problem


17:15 Changeset [11551] by abeham

Added tutorial for optimization of external application

16:46 Changeset [11550] by mkommend

#2174: Updated IEncoding interface, adapted problems and refactored operator discovery in realencoding

13:10 Changeset [11549] by mkommend

#2275: Derived IRealVectorStdDevStrategyParameterOperator from IOperator.

13:10 Ticket #2275 (IRealVectorStdDevStrategyParameterOperator does not derive from IOperator) created by mkommend
11:55 Changeset [11548] by bburlacu

#2234: Updated svm grid search scripts with the versions created by the unit tests.

10:58 Changeset [11547] by bburlacu

#2234: Updated svm grid search scripts.


23:48 Changeset [11546] by mkommend

#2174: Extracted wiring of real vector operators from the single objective programmable problem to the real encoding.

19:46 Changeset [11545] by bburlacu

#2234: Updated test resources.

18:15 Changeset [11544] by bburlacu

#2234: Updated sample scripts.

17:52 Changeset [11543] by mkommend

#2174: Refactoring of encodings to allow wiring of operators within the encoding instead of the problem (work in progress).

17:07 Changeset [11542] by bburlacu

#2234: Fixed bug in CrossValidate method where the OnlineCalculatorError was ignored. Updated GridSearch method to return the crossvalidation mse as an out parameter and to skip nan values.

15:58 Changeset [11541] by bburlacu

#2098: Updated SymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolutionExcelExporter (added the missing functionality).

14:16 Changeset [11540] by mkommend

#2273: Changed behavior of CSV import for clustering problem data to enable all input variables per default.

14:04 Ticket #2274 (Cluster Visualization View cannot handle one dimensional data points) created by mkommend
The ClusterVisualizationView assumes that the points for visualization …
14:00 Ticket #2273 (CSV import into a clustering problem deactives the last input variable) created by mkommend
For clustering problem per default all input variables should be …
03:02 Changeset [11539] by swagner

#2205: Small UI tweaks and bug fixes

01:43 Changeset [11538] by swagner

#2205: Implemented review comments:

  • added IConnectablePort
  • replaced MessagePort.Messages by MessagePort.LastMessage
  • removed Path and PathChanged in NetworkItem

Additional changes:

  • refactored CanConnectToPort
  • refactored cloning of port parameters in MessagePortView
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.