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16:50 Ticket #2222 (Update Startpage text) closed by abeham
done: r11374: merged to stable
16:50 Changeset [11374] by abeham

#2222: merged to stable

16:49 Ticket #1802 (Improve serialization and deserialization of enumerables of primitive types) closed by mkommend
done: r11373: Merged r10896 and r11352 to stable.
16:49 Changeset [11373] by mkommend

#1802: Merged r10896 and r11352 to stable.

16:32 Ticket #2224 (TableFileParser doesn't import numeric values into string columns) closed by mkommend
done: r11372: Merged r11274 into stable.
16:31 Changeset [11372] by mkommend

#2224: Merged r11274 into stable.

16:29 Ticket #2233 (Cloning exception in svm_parameter when performing symbolc regression ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11371: Merged r11036 into stable.
16:29 Changeset [11371] by mkommend

#2233: Merged r11036 into stable.

15:53 Ticket #2220 (Improve the generation of all possible combinations of values in ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11370: Merged r11309 & r11347 into stable.
15:53 Changeset [11370] by mkommend

#2220: Merged r11309 & r11347 into stable.

13:13 Changeset [11369] by abeham

#2174: renamed programmable problem branch

12:34 Ticket #2246 (DataPreprocessing loses the selected input variables while restoring ...) created by mkommend
When the data preprocessing is started from a problem data where not …
12:30 Ticket #2245 (Shuffle manipulation treats the training and test partition separately) created by mkommend
The data preprocessing view provides the functionality to shuffle the …


17:19 Changeset [11368] by ascheibe

#2031 adapted sample size view to the changes of #2120

12:46 Changeset [11367] by gkronber

#2216 fixed a bug in the display of the baseline curve in the error characteristic curve view and simplified code.

11:18 Changeset [11366] by ascheibe

#2244 added installer script for the hive janitor

10:45 Changeset [11365] by ascheibe


  • updated slave and services solution files to VS 2012
  • updated janitor service and removed old janitor installer
10:35 Changeset [11364] by ascheibe

#2244 added new installer for the HeuristicLab Hive Slave

10:30 Ticket #2244 (Update Installers for Hive) created by ascheibe
Installer projects have been removed with Visual Studio 2012. We …
10:23 Changeset [11363] by abeham


  • Removed SimSharp reference (not the purpose of this branch anymore)
  • Fixed bugs regarding parameter names when no parameter have been defined
  • Added a method to the problem definition to retrieve a neighborhood solution
    • Programmable problem now works with LocalSearch and SimulatedAnnealing
09:48 Ticket #2243 (JavaScript error when showing symbolic models in mathematical notation ...) created by gkronber


16:15 Changeset [11362] by bburlacu

#2237: Addressed part of the comments above:

  • Methods are similar to the ones from SupportVectorMachineUtil
  • Cleaned up sample scripts
  • Elapsed time is shown in seconds
  • Included demo problem
  • Added stratified crossvalidation (shuffling is turned off by default)
  • Added different GridSearch methods with/without crossvalidation.
  • Fixed bug in fold generation when the number of folds is larger than the number of values
13:30 Changeset [11361] by bburlacu

#2234: Added the option to shuffle the crossvalidation folds (this option is on by default since libsvm does it too). Implemented stratified fold generation for classification data (ensures similar label distribution in each fold).

12:49 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
link to ppsn2014 symb reg dataset (diff)
12:47 Changeset [11360] by gkronber

data for demoing the data preprocessing functionality

12:16 Changeset [11359] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial material for PPSN 2014

12:10 Changeset [11358] by gkronber

updates on slides 55, 56, 57 and 58

11:53 Changeset [11357] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial slides

11:35 Changeset [11356] by gkronber

removed links to datasets on additional material page. replaced screenshot for 'Open Sample' slide

11:24 AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
11:16 Changeset [11355] by swagner

Moved folder APCASE under folder conferences

11:15 Changeset [11354] by swagner

Added folder for PPSN 2014

11:04 Research edited by swagner


13:10 Changeset [11353] by epitzer

#2242 Add composite serializer for Queues and generic Queue<>s.

13:07 Ticket #2242 (Datatypes Queue and Queue<> are not serializable) created by epitzer
12:38 Changeset [11352] by epitzer

#1802 add more test cases to ensure proper working of nullable types


14:07 HeuristicLab Flyer.pdf attached to Documentation/AboutHeuristicLab by ascheibe


17:26 Changeset [11351] by swagner

Updated HeuristicLab tutorial slides


11:58 Changeset [11350] by bburlacu

#1772: Small fix to fragment tracing.

11:58 Changeset [11349] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged trunk changes for HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views.

00:38 Changeset [11348] by bburlacu

#2236: GenerateSteps: added the ability to generate sequences on negative or decreasing intervals.


22:25 Changeset [11347] by bburlacu

#2220: Fixed bug in the CartesianProduct extension method that was added in r11309 as part of #2234.

10:39 Changeset [11346] by abeham

#2241: fixed event handling

10:38 Changeset [11345] by abeham

#2120: fixed event handling

10:04 Ticket #2241 (ItemsRemoved event handling is incorrect in some places) created by abeham
A couple of item collection event handlers were implemented …


19:40 Changeset [11344] by abeham


  • Parameters and Results are now ObservableDictionaries
  • PropertyChanged event handler replaces the Changed event handler
  • RunCollection listens to changed events to each run's parameters and results (8 additional event handlers per run)
17:31 Changeset [11343] by mkommend

#2237: Corrected newly introduced bug in RandomForestModel and reorganized RandomForestUtil.

17:30 Changeset [11342] by mkommend

#2234: Corrected locking in SVM Util class.

17:18 Ticket #2240 (Events for adding items to ObservableDictionary are not consistent) created by abeham
The following code fires ItemsAdded if element key was not present …
16:15 Changeset [11341] by abeham

#2222: changed text

15:52 Changeset [11340] by mkommend

#2234: Fixed bug in svm classification regarding the parameter extraction.

15:39 Ticket #2239 (The VariableStoreView unnecessarily tries to serialize objects.) created by bburlacu
The IsSerializable() method is expensive for large objects, as it …
14:16 Changeset [11339] by mkommend

#2237: Minor code changes in SVMUtil to perform cross validation (code reorganization, naming).


15:15 Changeset [11338] by bburlacu

#2237: Refactored random forest grid search and added support for symbolic classification.

15:12 Changeset [11337] by bburlacu

#2234: Refactored SVM grid search, added support for symbolic classification.

15:08 Ticket #2230 (Missing build platforms in Scilab/Matlab extlibs) closed by mkommend
done: r11336: Merged r11298 into stable.
15:07 Changeset [11336] by mkommend

#2230: Merged r11298 into stable.

15:06 Ticket #2227 (FAQ links in data analysis providers are dead) closed by mkommend
done: r11335: Merged r11283 into stable.
15:06 Changeset [11335] by mkommend

#2227: Merged r11283 into stable.


15:53 Ticket #2226 (Update VRP links in instance provider) closed by pfleck
done: r11334 Merged r11280, r11282, r11292, r11294, r11295 and r11296 into …
15:52 Changeset [11334] by pfleck

#2226 Merged r11280, r11282, r11292, r11294, r11295 and r11296 into stable.

15:42 Ticket #2225 (VehicleRoutingProblem cannot load TSPLib(CVRP)) closed by pfleck
done: r11333 Merged r11285, r11286, r11287 and r11331 into stable.
15:41 Changeset [11333] by pfleck

#2225 Merged r11285, r11286, r11287 and r11331 into stable.

15:18 Changeset [11332] by mkommend

#2238: Removed grammar objects from trees used in symbolic data analysissolutions.

15:03 Changeset [11331] by pfleck

#2225 Updated links for GoldenFormat based instance providers.

14:46 Changeset [11330] by mkommend

#2238: Removed unnecessary name changes event registration for result in DataAnalysisSolutions.

14:41 Changeset [11329] by pfleck

#2208 Hide Quality Penalty and Distance values in OrienteeringSolutionView when no solution is present.

14:14 Ticket #2238 (Reduce memory footprint of GP solutions) created by mkommend
When GP experiments (classification & regression) are executed on the …
14:04 Changeset [11328] by pfleck

#2208 Set BestKnownQuality to null when BestKnownSolution is set to null.

13:09 Changeset [11327] by pfleck


  • Added distance and penalty visualization for orienteering solution.
  • Added Evaluate method in IOrienteeringEvaluator for evaluation of new best solutions (still need some design improvements).
09:16 Changeset [11326] by bburlacu

#2234: Refactored CrossValidate and GridSearch methods.

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