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15:15 Changeset [11338] by bburlacu

#2237: Refactored random forest grid search and added support for symbolic classification.

15:12 Changeset [11337] by bburlacu

#2234: Refactored SVM grid search, added support for symbolic classification.

15:08 Ticket #2230 (Missing build platforms in Scilab/Matlab extlibs) closed by mkommend
done: r11336: Merged r11298 into stable.
15:07 Changeset [11336] by mkommend

#2230: Merged r11298 into stable.

15:06 Ticket #2227 (FAQ links in data analysis providers are dead) closed by mkommend
done: r11335: Merged r11283 into stable.
15:06 Changeset [11335] by mkommend

#2227: Merged r11283 into stable.


15:53 Ticket #2226 (Update VRP links in instance provider) closed by pfleck
done: r11334 Merged r11280, r11282, r11292, r11294, r11295 and r11296 into …
15:52 Changeset [11334] by pfleck

#2226 Merged r11280, r11282, r11292, r11294, r11295 and r11296 into stable.

15:42 Ticket #2225 (VehicleRoutingProblem cannot load TSPLib(CVRP)) closed by pfleck
done: r11333 Merged r11285, r11286, r11287 and r11331 into stable.
15:41 Changeset [11333] by pfleck

#2225 Merged r11285, r11286, r11287 and r11331 into stable.

15:18 Changeset [11332] by mkommend

#2238: Removed grammar objects from trees used in symbolic data analysissolutions.

15:03 Changeset [11331] by pfleck

#2225 Updated links for GoldenFormat based instance providers.

14:46 Changeset [11330] by mkommend

#2238: Removed unnecessary name changes event registration for result in DataAnalysisSolutions.

14:41 Changeset [11329] by pfleck

#2208 Hide Quality Penalty and Distance values in OrienteeringSolutionView when no solution is present.

14:14 Ticket #2238 (Reduce memory footprint of GP solutions) created by mkommend
When GP experiments (classification & regression) are executed on the …
14:04 Changeset [11328] by pfleck

#2208 Set BestKnownQuality to null when BestKnownSolution is set to null.

13:09 Changeset [11327] by pfleck


  • Added distance and penalty visualization for orienteering solution.
  • Added Evaluate method in IOrienteeringEvaluator for evaluation of new best solutions (still need some design improvements).
09:16 Changeset [11326] by bburlacu

#2234: Refactored CrossValidate and GridSearch methods.


15:56 Changeset [11325] by pfleck


  • Fixed OrienteeringSolution visualization when start or endpoint are out of range
  • Changed some parameters in OP to FixedValueParameter
  • Added start/terminal index check in OP
13:50 Changeset [11324] by bburlacu

#2223: Introduced AddVertices method. Check if both source and target vertices are included in the graph when adding a new arc.

13:36 Changeset [11323] by pfleck


  • Updated InstanceProvider reference
  • Avoid evaluation in OrienteeringLocalImprovementOperator when no local iterations are performed.
13:10 Changeset [11322] by pfleck

#2208 Added DistanceMatrix to excluded types in DeepCloneableCloningTest.

12:15 Changeset [11321] by pfleck


  • Added IOrienteeringEvaluator interface
  • Defined parameters in IOrienteeringEvaluator
10:36 Changeset [11320] by pfleck

#2208 Renamed FixedPenalty to PointVisitingCosts

10:03 Changeset [11319] by pfleck

#2208 Renamed TerminusPoint to TerminalPoint


18:28 Changeset [11318] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed bug and improved handling of elite individuals in the genealogy analyzer. Fixed minor bug in the tracing code. Other minor cosmetic improvements to the GenealogyGraph and FragmentGraphView.


13:32 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham
13:29 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham


14:21 Changeset [11317] by bburlacu

#2237: Forgot to commit changes to project file.

14:08 Changeset [11316] by pfleck


  • Changed Coordinates to OptionalValueParameter so that distance matrix-only instances can be executed (but not visualized).
  • Updated VNS-OP sample.
14:02 Changeset [11315] by bburlacu

#2237: Added RandomForestUtil class implementing fold generation, cross-validation and grid search. Overloaded CreateRegressionModel method to accept a user-specified data partition.

13:56 Ticket #2237 (Implement grid search for random forest parameters) created by bburlacu
This ticket is identical to #2234, only for random forests. Grid …
13:28 Changeset [11314] by pfleck


  • Uses average distance as maximum distance when interpreting VRP as OP.
  • Add offset to "Begin" label position in visualization so that it does not overlap with the "End" label when start- and endpoint are the same.
12:00 Changeset [11313] by bburlacu

#2236: Added an overload of the GenerateSteps method accepting a Func<double,double> transform. Added GenerateLogarithmicSteps method for filling an interval with logarithmically spaced points.

11:53 Ticket #2236 (Allow arbitrary transformations of evenly spaced point sequences in ...) created by bburlacu
The GenerateSteps method in the ValueGenerator class is very …
11:19 Changeset [11312] by pfleck

#2208 Updated VNS-OP sample.

10:54 Ticket #2235 (Simplify creation of combinations in CreateExperimentDialog) created by abeham
The cartesian product extension method introduced in r11309 could …
10:53 Changeset [11311] by pfleck

#2208 Added distance penalty calculation in OrienteeringEvaluator.

10:29 Changeset [11310] by mkommend

#2175: Merged trunk changes into complexity branch.

10:14 Changeset [11309] by bburlacu

#2234: Added CartesianProduct extension method to HeuristicLab.Common/3.3/EnumerableExtensions.cs, used to generate all possible combinations of parameters for the grid search.


16:33 Changeset [11308] by bburlacu

#2234: Implemented SVM grid search in SupportVectorMachineUtil.cs.

16:32 Changeset [11307] by pfleck


  • Added missing PluginDependencies.
  • Sealed some classes.
16:06 Ticket #2234 (Implement grid search for LibSVM parameters) created by bburlacu
- The grid search should find the optimal set of parameters by …
15:58 Changeset [11306] by bburlacu

#2233: Check weight and weight_label fields for null when cloning svm_parameters.

15:55 Ticket #2233 (Cloning exception in svm_parameter when performing symbolc regression ...) created by bburlacu
The weight and weight_label fields are only initialized and used …
14:27 Changeset [11305] by pfleck

Added missing build targets for Orienteering assemblies

13:28 Changeset [11304] by pfleck

Added a VNS-OP sample.

13:05 Changeset [11303] by pfleck

#2208 merged changes from trunk

12:57 Changeset [11302] by pfleck

VNS always clears all LocalImprovement operators when changing problem.
Added missing AlbaLambdaLocalImprovementOperator in VRP.

11:18 Changeset [11301] by pfleck

forgot to commit .csproj

11:12 Changeset [11300] by pfleck

Introduced ILocalImprovementAlgorithmOperator to separate single operators for local improvement and operator graphs/algorithms for local improvement.
This way the ILocalImprovementOperator does not have to specify a problem type and does not store a problem any more.

The LocalSearchImprovementOperator and SimulatedAnnealingImprovementOperator implement the new ILocalImprovementAlgorithmOperator as they represent an operator graph for local improvement.
The QAP and VRP local improvement operators implement the ILocalImprovementOperator which does not store a problem anymore.

10:32 Ticket #2232 (Split ILocalImprovementOperator) created by pfleck
The ILocalImprovementOperator specifies a ProblemType and stores a …
09:58 Ticket #2231 (Add BestKnownSolution visualization to the Knapsack problem view) created by abeham
The knapsack problem currently does not visualize the best known …
09:47 Documentation/Reference/VehicleRoutingProblem edited by abeham
09:24 Changeset [11299] by pfleck

Renamed SchildeOP in Schilde.


15:42 Changeset [11298] by abeham


  • Added missing build platforms
  • Added OS condition to PreBuildEvents in HeuristicLab.DotNetScilab-1.0.csproj
15:36 Ticket #2230 (Missing build platforms in Scilab/Matlab extlibs) created by abeham
The x86 and x64 platforms are missing.
15:09 Ticket #2228 (TSP IndexOutOfBounds when changing instance) closed by pfleck
done: r11297: Merged r11290 into stable.
15:08 Changeset [11297] by pfleck

#2228: Merged r11290 into stable.

14:58 Ticket #2229 (Enable loading of best known solutions for mult-depot VRP) created by pfleck
Currently, the …
11:24 Changeset [11296] by pfleck

Renamed Cordeau instance files according to their instance provider class.

09:55 Changeset [11295] by pfleck


  • Fixed VRPInstanceProvider parsing of best known solutions. If a file contains multiple solutions (Augerat A-n45-k7), only the first solution is used.
  • Fixed broken .opt files (R in Route missing): B-n57-k9, E-n76-k7, tai75a
09:19 Changeset [11294] by pfleck

Renamed CordeauInstanceProvider to CordeauMDInstanceProvider and CordeauTWInstanceProvider to CordeauMDTWInstanceProvider as suggested by abeham.


13:23 Changeset [11293] by pfleck

Changed selection of neighborhood for shaking operator to a deterministic selection.
This way, neighborhoods won't be visited multiple times during an attempt to escape local optimum.

12:12 Changeset [11292] by pfleck

Split the CordeauInstanceProvider into 2 InstanceProvider which separates the MDCVRP and MDCVRPTW instances.

10:35 Changeset [11291] by bburlacu

#1772: Added license files and removed unnecessary code from SymbolicDataAnalysisProblem.cs

10:19 Changeset [11290] by pfleck

reverted r11071 to reenable index check.

10:14 Ticket #2228 (TSP IndexOutOfBounds when changing instance) created by pfleck
When changing the instance of a TSP, a IndexOutOfBoundException …
09:30 Changeset [11289] by pfleck

#2208 merged changes from #2225 to enable all CVRP provider for the orienteering problem.

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