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23:58 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham
17:30 Changeset [11219] by bburlacu

#2215: Refactored the tree distance calculators as similarity calculators (extending SingleObjectiveSolutionSimilarityCalculator). Removed ISymbolicExpressionTreeDistanceCalculator interface. Made small performance enhancements to the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator. Added unit tests to check correctness and performance of bottom up similarity. Added SingleObjectivePopulationDiversityAnalyzer in the default operators list along with the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator.

13:51 Ticket #2216 (Curve for the baseline is not shown in the ERC view) created by gkronber
The blue curve for the constant model is not displayed in the ERC view …
13:49 Changeset [11218] by gkronber


13:49 Changeset [11217] by gkronber

initial commit of demo of excel interoperability (PredictRandomForest)

13:46 Changeset [11216] by gkronber

created branch for excel integration

12:42 Changeset [11215] by bburlacu

#2215: Code clean-up and small performance improvements.

11:14 Changeset [11214] by mkommend

#2214: Improved and corrected view lookup in the data preprocessing starter.

11:04 Changeset [11213] by bburlacu

#2215: Removed missing/unneeded files from project file.

01:54 Changeset [11212] by bburlacu

#2215: Realized that "Height" in the paper might actually refer to the subtree depth (and not it's level in the tree). Changed code according to this interpretation as it makes more sense and seems to produce the correct results.

01:40 Changeset [11211] by bburlacu

#2215: Added implementation of the BottomUpTreeDistanceCalculator in branches/HeuristicLab.BottomUpTreeDistance.


16:48 Blog: New HeuristicLab Publication edited by swagner
15:20 Ticket #2215 (More accurate tree similarity measure based on tree bottom-up distance) created by bburlacu
Currently we calculate the similarity measure between two trees T1 and …
10:47 Ticket #2214 (DataPreprocessing cannot be started directly from the problem data) created by mkommend
If the problem data is not encapsulated by an algorithm or problem an …
10:31 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham


02:41 Changeset [11210] by swagner

#2213: Created branch for integration of irace

02:40 Ticket #2213 (Integrate irace for automatic algorithm configuration) created by swagner
irace ( is an R package which …


16:40 Changeset [11209] by bburlacu

#1772: Improved performance of the BottomUpDistanceCalculator

16:39 Changeset [11208] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged trunk changes.

14:26 Changeset [11207] by ascheibe

fixed license file in janitor installer

14:09 Changeset [11206] by mroscoe
13:44 Changeset [11205] by ascheibe

merged rest of trunk into hive statistics branch

13:34 Changeset [11204] by ascheibe

merged only Hive changes from trunk into branch

12:35 Changeset [11203] by ascheibe

reverted last commit

12:01 Changeset [11202] by ascheibe

merged trunk into hive statistics branch

11:01 DevelopersTeam edited by gkronber
added Sabine Winkler (implemented Grammatical Evolution) (diff)
10:48 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by gkronber
10:46 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ExternalLibraries created by gkronber
10:23 Changeset [11201] by ascheibe

updated project file

10:02 Changeset [11200] by mroscoe

added other installers

10:00 Changeset [11199] by mroscoe

added ignore prop for janitor setup

09:59 Changeset [11198] by mroscoe

added janitor setup


16:15 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by ascheibe
16:14 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ImplementAnEvaluator edited by ascheibe
16:10 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ImplementAnEvaluator edited by ascheibe
15:57 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ImplementAnEvaluator edited by ascheibe
15:55 scopes.jpg attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ImplementAnEvaluator by ascheibe
15:55 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ImplementAnEvaluator created by ascheibe
14:47 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Compile HeuristicLab under Linux edited by ascheibe
14:45 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Compile HeuristicLab under Linux edited by ascheibe


16:32 Changeset [11197] by bburlacu

#1772: Separated tree distance calculations in different classes which implement a new interface called IDistanceCalculator. The isomorphic tree distance calculates the distance based on the maximum common subtree between two symbolic expression trees, and the bottom-up tree distance returns a value based on the number of matching pairs of nodes in a bottom-up mapping. Introduced the distance calculator as a parameter in the SimilarityCalculator operator so that the diversity analyzer can use either of the two distances.

15:00 Changeset [11196] by mroscoe
14:58 Changeset [11195] by pfleck

#2208 Added blank OrienteeringShakingOperator.

14:39 Changeset [11194] by pfleck


  • Added OrienteeringLocalImprovementOperator parameterization
  • Renamed some stuff
12:27 Changeset [11193] by pfleck

#2208 Implemented OrienteeringLocalImprovementOperator.

10:02 Changeset [11192] by pfleck

#2208 improved GreedyTourCreator by using an iterative length calculation instead of re-evaluation.


16:14 Changeset [11191] by pfleck

#2208 Implemented GreedyOrienteeringTourCreator

09:16 Changeset [11190] by pfleck


  • Added BestOrienteeringSolutionAnalyser
  • Added OrienteeringSolution
  • Implemented InitializeInitialOrienteeringInstance


15:27 Changeset [11189] by pfleck


  • Implemented OrienteeringProblem as CVRPData ProblemInstanceInterpreter.
  • Added OrienteeringProblemView.
14:06 Changeset [11188] by pfleck

#2208 Added Orienteerings.Views plugin.

13:21 Changeset [11187] by pfleck


  • Added Operators in Problem.
  • Implemented simple OrienteeringEvaluator.
11:35 Changeset [11186] by pfleck

#2208 added blank OrienteeringProblem and OrienteeringEvaluator

11:33 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
10:28 Changeset [11185] by pfleck

#2208 merged trunk and updated version info


20:29 EvoSoft edited by swagner


14:49 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
01:01 Features edited by ascheibe
added new stuff from 3.3.10 (diff)
00:42 Documentation/AboutHeuristicLab edited by swagner
00:39 Blog: New HeuristicLab Publication edited by swagner
00:29 Research edited by swagner
00:24 Research edited by swagner
00:22 Research edited by swagner
00:09 Changeset [11184] by ascheibe

#2212 updated tutorial slides

00:07 Research edited by swagner
00:06 Software Review - The HeuristicLab Framework.pdf attached to Research by swagner
00:06 Architecture and Design of the HeuristicLab Optimization Environment.pdf attached to Research by swagner
00:06 Architecture and Design of the HeuristicLab Optimization Environment.bib attached to Research by swagner
00:05 Research edited by swagner


23:36 EvoSoft/2012 edited by swagner
23:35 HeuristicLab attached to Download by ascheibe
last zip was broken
23:34 EvoSoft/2013 edited by swagner
23:32 EvoSoft edited by swagner
23:00 Ticket #2212 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.11) created by ascheibe
Codename: * Beach Bar New Features: * New algorithm: …
22:55 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by swagner
22:44 ChangeLog edited by swagner
22:39 Research edited by swagner
22:32 Documentation edited by swagner
22:24 Support edited by swagner
22:18 WikiStart edited by swagner
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22:16 Imprint edited by swagner
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22:01 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by swagner
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21:48 ObsoletePages edited by abeham
21:20 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
21:18 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
21:10 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
20:54 Milestone HeuristicLab 3.3.10 completed
== HeuristicLab 3.3.10 "Vancouver" - July 10th, 2014 == * …
20:53 Ticket #2115 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.10) closed by ascheibe
20:40 Blog: HeuristicLab 3.3.10 "Vancouver" Release created by ascheibe
20:15 Blog: New Website and Subversion URL created by ascheibe
17:48 Download edited by abeham
17:45 Changeset [11183] by abeham

added download button for 3.3.10 and gimp file

17:43 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham
17:38 Changeset [11182] by ascheibe

#1886 added another unit test

17:37 WikiStart edited by abeham
17:37 ChangeLog edited by abeham
17:33 ChangeLogPending edited by abeham
17:32 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham
17:31 ga_population_diversity.jpg attached to Features by abeham
17:31 gp_regression_tree_training_test_set.jpg attached to Features by abeham
17:31 mutator_hello_world.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:31 metaopt.png attached to Features by abeham
17:30 hive_job_manager.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 hello_meta_heuristic_world.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 gp_regression_tree_optimized_simplified_scatter_plot.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 gp_classification_tree_roc_simplified.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 gp_classification_tree_roc.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 gp_classification_graphical_textual_representation.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 gp_artificial_ant_best_solution.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 ga_vrp_best_tour.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 ga_tsp_qualities.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:30 ga_tsp_debug_engine.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:29 ga_tsp_best_tour.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:29 bubble_chart_vrp.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:29 box_plot_vrp.PNG attached to Features by abeham
17:29 Changeset [11181] by ascheibe

#1886 small change in view

17:27 Features edited by abeham
17:26 Changeset [11180] by ascheibe

#1886 added unit test

17:24 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham
17:23 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham
17:20 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham
17:13 Download edited by abeham
17:06 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
17:06 HL Download 3.3.10.png attached to Pictures by abeham
16:52 WikiStart edited by abeham
16:50 WikiStart edited by abeham
16:47 Download edited by abeham
16:46 Documentation/Reference edited by abeham
16:45 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham
16:44 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham
16:43 Features edited by abeham
16:42 Documentation edited by abeham
changed link for timeline and roadmap (diff)
16:42 Documentation edited by abeham
changed links to include trac.fcgi (diff)
11:21 Changeset [11179] by abeham

#2115: Updated target path of post build command template

11:16 Changeset [11178] by abeham

#2115: created release tag

11:05 Ticket #2210 (Add missing changes to stable) closed by abeham
done: All commits have already been applied to the stable branch
03:28 Changeset [11177] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks

00:50 Changeset [11176] by ascheibe

#2115 merged r11175 (updated samples) into trunk

00:45 Changeset [11175] by ascheibe

#2115 updated samples in stable branch


23:51 Ticket #2211 (Provide unit tests for samples and scripts creation and execution) created by ascheibe
Previously, all samples unit tests were added to the class …
23:16 Changeset [11174] by ascheibe

#2115 merged r11173 (updated version information) into trunk

23:12 Changeset [11173] by ascheibe

#2115 updated version information in stable:
3.3.9 -> 3.3.10
3.4.5 -> 3.4.6 (GP)
3.4.1 -> 3.4.2 (Trading)
3.4.2 -> 3.4.3 (Vehicle Routing)
3.3.8 -> 3.3.10 (Parameter Optimization)
DataPreprocessing = 3.4.0

22:36 Changeset [11172] by ascheibe

#2115 updated missing copyrights in trunk

22:12 Changeset [11171] by ascheibe

#2115 merged r11170 (copyright update) into trunk

21:27 Changeset [11170] by ascheibe

#2115 updated copyright year in stable branch

20:22 Changeset [11169] by ascheibe

#2210 reverted r11168 by hand to get a consistent trunk/stable

20:20 Changeset [11168] by ascheibe

#2210 merged r10955 into stable

20:14 Changeset [11167] by ascheibe

#2210 (re?)merged r10504 into stable

20:07 Changeset [11166] by ascheibe

#2210 merged missing r10646 and r10503 into stable

20:05 Ticket #2210 (Add missing changes to stable) created by ascheibe
There are some problems where stable and trunk diverge because of …
16:40 Changeset [11165] by bburlacu

#1772: Added fix to improve accuracy of bottom-up tree distance.

16:27 Ticket #2183 (The linear interpreter fails with an ArithmeticOverflow exception when ...) closed by ascheibe
done: r11164: merged r10859 into stable
16:26 Changeset [11164] by ascheibe

#2183 merged r10859 into stable

14:10 Changeset [11163] by mkommend

#2206: Adapted merge info for PreprocessingCheckedItemListView in the trunk as well.

14:03 Changeset [11162] by gkronber

#2115: merged r11161 from trunk to stable

14:02 Changeset [11161] by gkronber

#2115: fixed version number of grammatical evolution plugin

13:54 Ticket #2206 (Integrate DataPreprocessing into HeuristicLab) closed by mkommend
done: r11160: Corrected merge info for PreprocessingCheckedItemListView.
13:50 Changeset [11160] by mkommend

#2206: Corrected merge info for PreprocessingCheckedItemListView.

13:21 Changeset [11159] by mkommend

#2206: Merged r11114, r11116, r11156 into stable.

13:15 Changeset [11158] by mkommend

#2206: Reverse merged r11157.

13:08 Changeset [11157] by mkommend

#2206: Merged r11064, r11068, r11070, r11098, r11114, r11116, r11119, r11156 into stable.

10:37 Changeset [11156] by gkronber

#2206: made several changes / improvements to the data-preprocessing code while reviewing the code

09:41 Ticket #2082 (External evaluation problems for Scilab and Matlab) closed by mkommend
09:35 Changeset [11155] by mkommend

#2082: Merged r11099, r11100, r11102, r11124, r11125, r11126, r11127, r11128, r11131, r11153 into the trunk.

08:59 Ticket #2209 (Implement an string-based access to the VariableStore for Scripts) closed by abeham
done: r11154: merged to stable
08:59 Changeset [11154] by abeham

#2209: merged to stable

07:09 Changeset [11153] by gkronber

#2082: fixed plugin name and a string in the assembly info.


23:35 EvoSoft edited by swagner
23:35 EvoSoft edited by swagner
23:10 EvoSoft edited by swagner
23:09 EvoSoft/2013 edited by swagner
20:05 Ticket #2193 (BestSolutionAnalyzer does not add a result if the best quality is not ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11152: Merged r10937, r11019 into stable.
20:04 Changeset [11152] by mkommend

#2193: Merged r10937, r11019 into stable.

20:03 Ticket #2171 (Integrate ScilabParameterOptimizationProblem in the trunk) closed by mkommend
done: r11151: Merged r10601:r10607, r10653, r11075, r11076, r11077, r11080, …
20:02 Changeset [11151] by mkommend

#2171: Merged r10601:r10607, r10653, r11075, r11076, r11077, r11080, r11081 into stable.

19:47 Ticket #1763 (Support changing of constants and variable weights in the simplifier ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11150: Merged r9930, r11086, r11111, r11112, r11115, r11123 into …
19:46 Changeset [11150] by mkommend

#1763: Merged r9930, r11086, r11111, r11112, r11115, r11123 into stable (all other changes were already merged to the stable branch.

19:37 Ticket #2197 (Error characteristics curve shows an exception for data sets with ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11149: Merged r11093 into stable.
19:36 Changeset [11149] by mkommend

#2197: Merged r11093 into stable.

19:35 Ticket #2194 (Ensemble should only be created from visible runs) closed by mkommend
done: r11148: Merged r10941 into stable.
19:35 Changeset [11148] by mkommend

#2194: Merged r10941 into stable.

19:34 Ticket #2187 (Typo in message box for "Export to Excel") closed by mkommend
done: r11147: Merged r10894 into stable.
19:34 Changeset [11147] by mkommend

#2187: Merged r10894 into stable.

19:31 Ticket #2156 (More efficient way to calculate impacts and replacement values in the ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11146: Merged r10492 into stable.
19:30 Changeset [11146] by mkommend

#2156: Merged r10492 into stable.

19:29 Ticket #2143 (Pruning of introns/negative impact nodes in symbolic data analysis ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11145: Merged r10368, r10375, r10378, r10414, r10417, r10418, r10428, …
19:29 Changeset [11145] by mkommend

#2143: Merged r10368, r10375, r10378, r10414, r10417, r10418, r10428, r10469, r10470, r11013, r11025, r11026, r11027 into stable.

19:04 Ticket #1758 (Change Dataset of RegressionModel) closed by mkommend
done: r11144: Merged r10173:10176 and r10540, r10541, r10543, r10545 and …
19:03 Changeset [11144] by mkommend

#1758: Merged r10173:10176 and r10540, r10541, r10543, r10545 and r11031 into stable.

18:58 Ticket #2192 (Discovering of StoreableHooks is not cached) closed by mkommend
done: r11143: Merged r10958 into stable.
18:58 Changeset [11143] by mkommend

#2192: Merged r10958 into stable.

18:56 Ticket #2198 (HL should suggest better file names) closed by mkommend
done: r11142: Merged r11012 into stable.
18:56 Changeset [11142] by mkommend

#2198: Merged r11012 into stable.

18:55 Ticket #2178 (Reorder statistics in the BoxPlotView) closed by mkommend
done: r11141: Merged r10767 into stable.
18:54 Changeset [11141] by mkommend

#2178: Merged r10767 into stable.

18:54 Ticket #2201 (Enhance PathValue Datatypes) closed by mkommend
done: r11140: Merged r11034 into stable.
18:53 Changeset [11140] by mkommend

#2201: Merged r11034 into stable.

18:52 Ticket #2121 (Bubble chart view throws exception on hidden categories) closed by mkommend
done: r11139: Merged r11007, r11024, r11095 into stable.
18:52 Changeset [11139] by mkommend

#2121: Merged r11007, 11024, r11095 into stable.

18:49 Ticket #2179 (Use the PTC2 as the default tree creator in the show sample tree dialog) closed by mkommend
done: r11138: Merged r10793 into stable.
18:48 Changeset [11138] by mkommend

#2179: Merged r10793 into stable.

18:46 Ticket #2173 (Wrong argument is passed into base constructor in ComparisonConstraint) closed by mkommend
done: r11137: Merged r10745 into stable.
18:44 Changeset [11137] by mkommend

#2173: Merged r10745 into stable.

16:02 Changeset [11136] by pfleck


  • Added Orienteering problem as Script
  • Added Score visualization
  • Merged trunk
14:18 Changeset [11135] by pfleck


  • Added Indexer to Variables for string based access to variables.
  • Updated CSharpScropt code template
13:58 Ticket #2209 (Implement an string-based access to the VariableStore for Scripts) created by pfleck
Currently there is no mechanism to access the VariableStore via …
11:24 Changeset [11134] by pfleck

#2208 Added a tightly coupled VNS implementation of Orienteering Problem

11:02 Changeset [11133] by pfleck

#2208 Merged recent trunk changes

10:58 Changeset [11132] by pfleck

#2208 Added Orienteering project

10:47 Changeset [11131] by abeham

#2082: fixed output path of project and path to interop dll

10:27 Changeset [11130] by pfleck

#2208 Created branch

10:27 Ticket #2208 (Implement Orienteering Problem) created by pfleck
09:38 Ticket #2207 (Adapt project files for linux) closed by ascheibe
done: r11129: merged r11078 into stable
09:37 Changeset [11129] by ascheibe

#2207 merged r11078 into stable

09:33 Changeset [11128] by ascheibe

#2082 updated new extlib project file to work with linux

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