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16:28 Ticket #2177 (Implement XOR symbol) created by mkommend
Currently only AND, OR and NOT are supported as boolean operators. …
10:40 Changeset [10761] by abeham

#2136: fixed a bug when switching views

09:10 Changeset [10760] by gteufl

deleted testfile

09:09 Changeset [10759] by gteufl

test account of gteufl


16:08 Changeset [10758] by gkronber

deleted obsolete MATLAB interpreter

15:34 Changeset [10757] by gkronber

#1967 removed obsolete classes and cleaned up the implementation. Added the ProblemInstanceProvider interface to allow loading of CSV files.

13:22 Changeset [10756] by gkronber

#1967 adaptations to work with current trunk version


17:15 Changeset [10755] by bburlacu

#1772: Simplified genealogy graph and fragment graph creation:

  • the genealogy graph now has a 1-1 mapping between content and vertices (as opposed to 1-n as it was previously, to account for elites); this required changes to the directed graph implementation
  • the fragment graph only contains bifurcation points (where the subtree contains the fragment so tracing must be done both ways (in the root parent AND in the other parent). in the other cases, tracing is restarted from the parent genealogy graph node.


22:34 Changeset [10754] by abeham

#2174: minor refactorings

18:01 Changeset [10753] by abeham

#2174: The problem is now not Sim# specific anymore, but the parameters of Sim# models could be optimized using this problem. It's all about being able to program the evaluation function and parameter vector.

17:08 Changeset [10752] by bburlacu

#1772: Refactored subtree tracing functionality and moved it from the view into a separate static class. Shortened symbol names in the FragmentGraphView so that trees are displayed more nicely.

13:34 Changeset [10751] by mkommend

#2175: Added solution for complexity analysis.

13:18 Changeset [10750] by mkommend

#2175: Branched DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression with local changes.

13:16 Changeset [10749] by mkommend

#2175: Branched DataAnalysis.Symbolic with local changes.

13:15 Changeset [10748] by mkommend

#2175: Added branch folder for complexity analysis.

11:58 Ticket #2176 (CMA-ES doesn't use SolutionCreator) created by abeham
The CMA-ES doesn't use the problem's solution creator, but creates its …
11:51 Ticket #2175 (Calculate the complexity of symbolic expression trees) created by mkommend
Currently the only measure that gives an indication of the complexity …
11:23 Changeset [10747] by abeham

#2136: fixed anchor in ScriptView


17:15 Changeset [10746] by bburlacu

#1772: Small improvements to FragmentGraphView, moved tracking classes to separate folder.

13:04 Changeset [10745] by mkommend

#2173: Corrected ctor call in ComparisonConstraint.

10:07 Ticket #2152 (The extensibility of the VRPProblem should be improved for creating ...) closed by pfleck
done: r10744: merged r10435, r10460, r10475, r10651,r10652 into stable
10:04 Changeset [10744] by pfleck

#2152: merged r10435, r10460, r10475, r10651,r10652 into stable


15:07 Ticket #2146 (Bug in SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition extension method) closed by abeham
done: r10743: merged r10407,r10465,r10466,r10474,r10503,r10504,r10646 into …
15:05 Changeset [10743] by abeham

#2146: merged r10407,r10465,r10466,r10474,r10503,r10504,r10646 into stable


15:59 Changeset [10742] by rstoll

deleted unused method

13:41 Changeset [10741] by aesterer

Handle add/delete column in chart view

13:32 Changeset [10740] by rstoll
  • changed variableValues from Dictionary<int, IList> to IList<Ilist> because this way DeleteColumn works correctly without any modification of the keys (otherwise the keys would need to be rewriten)
13:16 Changeset [10739] by sbreuer
  • close find and replace dialog when switching to other view
  • scroll to found cell on find next
  • fix search bug (search even if nothing is selected)
  • set cursor in search field and set find next button to default
  • do not show any icon in find and replace dialog
13:09 Changeset [10738] by rstoll

deleted resx

13:08 Changeset [10737] by rstoll
  • Preview and execution for delete columns/rows with insufficient information
13:05 Changeset [10736] by aesterer

Update chart when data changed

12:45 Changeset [10735] by psteiner

set datagridview as start view

11:43 Changeset [10734] by mleitner

Add not implemented notice to transformation view

10:24 Changeset [10733] by aesterer

Modified chart logic


23:54 Changeset [10732] by bburlacu

#1772: Some improvements on the way the genealogy graph and the lineages are drawn.

23:28 Changeset [10731] by abeham


  • Split Script into Script and CSharpScript
  • Split ScriptView into ScriptView and CSharpScriptView
17:23 Changeset [10730] by bburlacu

#1772: Improved FragmentGraphView.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.