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20:12 Changeset [10594] by mkommend

#2082: Updated copyright and used Environment.NewLine instead of \r\n.


21:06 Ticket #2160 (CreateEnsembleMenuItem doesn't clone the selected DataAnalysisSolutions) closed by mkommend
done: r10593: Merged r10526 into stable.
21:06 Changeset [10593] by mkommend

#2160: Merged r10526 into stable.

21:03 Ticket #2166 (SymbolicDataAnalysisAnalyzer must not use AsParallel for parallel execution) closed by mkommend
done: r10592: Merged r10576 and r10578 into stable.
21:03 Changeset [10592] by mkommend

#2166: Merged r10576 and r10578 into stable.

21:01 Changeset [10591] by mkommend

#1997: Added reevaluation of all indidviduals after migration to island algorithms and fixed symbolic data analysis evaluators for island algorithms.

17:42 Changeset [10590] by sbreuer
  • enhanced selection of cells
17:37 Changeset [10589] by psteiner

Implemented Filterview, ComparisonFilterView

17:19 Changeset [10588] by mleitner

using IStringConvertibleValue

17:07 Changeset [10587] by mleitner

Fix Comparision Filter

17:03 Changeset [10586] by tsteinre
  • divided/refactored PreprocessingData into TransactionalPreprocessingData and preprocessingData
16:45 Changeset [10585] by rstoll
  • Apply sort had unnecessary refresh - fixed
  • Refactored notOwnEvent - own method triggersOwnEvent for saver usage
16:44 Changeset [10584] by abeham

#2168: Added transport plugin for jMetal 4.5

16:41 Ticket #2168 (Integration of metaheuristic frameworks in HeuristicLab) created by abeham
HeuristicLab could be used to run algorithms implemented in other …
16:28 Changeset [10583] by rstoll
  • copied StringConvertibleMatrixView since we need to override dataGridView_CellValidating and dataGridView_CellParsing as well as PasteValuesToDataGridView
  • optimising event subscription, do not refresh if event is triggered by the view itself
16:01 Changeset [10582] by mleitner

Setup ComparisionFilter

15:53 Changeset [10581] by tsteinre
  • removed index workaround in PreprocessingData Undo-Feature event handling.
15:30 Changeset [10580] by tsteinre
  • Added transaction support for DataPreprocessing (Undo Feature)
15:23 Changeset [10579] by mkommend

#1997: Merged trunk changes into data analysis island algorithms branch and fixed bugs in the evaluators.

15:09 Changeset [10578] by mkommend

#2166: Adapted GP data analysis test to include the verification of the validation solution.

14:40 Changeset [10577] by abeham


  • Fixed drag-drop behavior in VariableStoreView
  • Added additional information to Script and changed setting name and description
14:39 Changeset [10576] by mkommend

#2166: Removed all calls to AsParallel in the symbolic data analysis analyzers.

14:37 Changeset [10575] by abeham

#2167: added check for invokerequired

14:35 Ticket #2167 (Illegal cross-thread exception in MainForm when removing progress ...) created by abeham
A check for InvokeRequired is missing in …
14:27 Ticket #2166 (SymbolicDataAnalysisAnalyzer must not use AsParallel for parallel execution) created by mkommend
AsParallel does not preserve to order of the enumerable …
14:24 Changeset [10574] by mleitner
13:41 Changeset [10573] by sbreuer
  • refresh LineChartView when PreprocessingData changes
12:47 Changeset [10572] by rstoll
  • accidentally test committed - reverted
12:33 Changeset [10571] by sbreuer
  • Update DataGrid on changes in preprocessingData


16:33 Ticket #2150 (The behavior of the ScopeTreeLookupParameter should be configurable) closed by mkommend
rejected: The description of the behavior of the ScopeTreeLookupParameter is …
15:41 Changeset [10570] by mkommend

#1998: Adde missing value handling in new implementation of OneR.

15:16 Changeset [10569] by mkommend

#1998: Reimplemented OneR classification algorithm.


14:43 Changeset [10568] by mkommend

#1998: Code cleanup in ZeroR classification algorithm.


16:38 Changeset [10567] by abeham

#2165: Imported branch of adding python scripting support through IronPython

16:32 Ticket #2165 (Add python as scripting language) created by abeham
IronPython allows an integration of Python and .Net.
16:31 Changeset [10566] by abeham


  • Made Variables class public (could be used in other scripts as well)
  • Renamed ItemName to "C# Script"
16:23 Changeset [10565] by mkommend

#2076: Simplified the API of the tree layout engines.


22:58 Changeset [10564] by bburlacu

#2076: Forgot to commit changes to the InteractiveSymbolicDataAnalysisSolutionSimplifierView for repainting node impacts after the InteractiveSymbolicExpressionTreeChart gets repainted.

16:30 Changeset [10563] by bburlacu

#2164: Fixed storable and cloning constructor access level (from private to protected).

15:55 Changeset [10562] by bburlacu

#2164: Committed initial version of the tree matching functionality.

15:53 Ticket #2164 (Tree matching functionality for symbolic expression trees) created by bburlacu
A useful feature to have would be the possibility to compare and …
15:07 Changeset [10561] by bburlacu

#2076: Updated the way the layout is used in the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart; updated simplifier view accordingly.

11:12 Changeset [10560] by mkommend

#1998: Fixed bugs in classification solution comparison view.

10:38 Changeset [10559] by pfleck
  • moved preprocessing starter to view assembly


23:11 Changeset [10558] by pfleck
  • removed unnecessary references and using
  • added missing license header
  • formatted code according to HL standards
22:08 Changeset [10557] by pfleck
  • moved all views into views-assembly
17:36 Changeset [10556] by mkommend

#1998: Updated classification model comparison branch with trunk changes (remaining changes).

17:33 Changeset [10555] by pfleck
  • signed views assembly and fixed .net version number
17:31 Changeset [10554] by pfleck
  • removed resx reference
  • improved variable values copying
17:30 Changeset [10553] by mkommend

#1998: Updated classification model comparision branch with trunk changes.

17:27 Changeset [10552] by aesterer

Revised line chart and added histogram

17:27 Changeset [10551] by rstoll

Event registration implemented for statistics view

17:14 Changeset [10550] by tsteinre

implemented Undo-feature of PreprocessingData

16:39 Changeset [10549] by psteiner

Added Views and Classes for Filtering

16:18 Changeset [10548] by pfleck
  • implemented PreprocessingData cloning constructor.
16:06 Changeset [10547] by tsteinre
  • started work on undo-feature of PreprocessingData
16:00 Changeset [10546] by aesterer

Created PreprocessingDataTableView

15:51 Changeset [10545] by mkommend

#1758: Added icons to simplifier buttons (simplify, optimize).

15:43 Changeset [10544] by sbreuer
  • created changed event in preprocessing data
  • register to event in line chart
15:25 Changeset [10543] by mkommend

#1758: Corrected plugin dependencies in views plugins.

15:20 Changeset [10542] by pfleck
  • created new assembly for DataPreprocessing views
15:14 Changeset [10541] by mkommend

#1758: Updated button tooltips.

15:08 Changeset [10540] by mkommend

#1758: Reimplemented functionality to load new problem data to data analysis solution and redesigned the according views.

  • Added setter for the target variable of regression and classification problem data.
  • Added functionality to check the compatibility of problem data.
  • Added functionality to adjust the properties of a problem data.
  • Added flowLayoutPanel with according buttons for loading a new problem data, simplifying and exporting data analysis solutions.
  • TradingProblemData currently throws a NotSupportedException when the properties should be adjusted.
14:48 Changeset [10539] by rstoll

Added License notice

14:48 Changeset [10538] by pfleck
  • merged trunk
14:11 Changeset [10537] by rstoll
  • Delete samples without sufficient information or variance implemented in TransformationLogic
13:46 Changeset [10536] by pfleck
  • Removed cloning of ProblemData. Instead the new ProblemData is instanciated based on the old type.
13:43 Changeset [10535] by rstoll
  • Renamed reOrderToIndices to ReOrderToIndices
13:28 Changeset [10534] by rstoll
  • StatisticsView column specific information added
13:10 Changeset [10533] by sbreuer
  • call OnContentChanged after every action in context menu
12:21 Changeset [10532] by sbreuer
  • changed variableName to columnIndex
10:51 Changeset [10531] by bburlacu

#2076: SymbolicExpressionTreeChart: initialize layout when the tree node is changed, not when the tree draw method is called.


11:36 Ticket #1575 (Graphical view for random forest models) closed by gkronber
rejected: This is not really feasible.
11:31 Ticket #2125 (All covariance functions return the full gradient vector even when ...) closed by gkronber
done: r10530: merged r10489:10491 and r10493 from trunk into stable
11:30 Changeset [10530] by gkronber

#2125: merged r10489:10491 and r10493 from trunk into stable

11:29 Ticket #1971 (Adding and removing multiple items in the ItemCollectionView<T> takes ...) closed by gkronber
11:28 Changeset [10529] by gkronber

#1971: merged r9613 and r10495 from trunk into stable.

11:27 Ticket #2124 (Spectral Mixture Kernel) closed by gkronber
done: r10528: merged r10480 from trunk into stable
11:27 Changeset [10528] by gkronber

#2124: merged r10480 from trunk into stable

11:24 Ticket #2157 (Incorrect naming for y-axis in the error characteristic view for ...) closed by gkronber
done: r10527: merged r10500 from trunk to stable.
11:24 Changeset [10527] by gkronber

#2157: merged r10500 from trunk to stable.

10:16 Ticket #2163 (Implement Artificial Permutation Instances (API)) created by abeham
Artificial permutation instances are landscapes in the space of …
09:58 Ticket #2162 (Implement the Linear Ordering Problem) created by abeham
The Linear Ordering Problem (LOP) consists of finding a simultaneous …
09:53 Ticket #2161 (Implement the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem) created by abeham
In the flow shop the assignment of each operation to each machine is …


13:56 Changeset [10526] by mkommend

#2160: Corrected create ensemble menu item to clone the selected data analysis solutions.

13:51 Ticket #2160 (CreateEnsembleMenuItem doesn't clone the selected DataAnalysisSolutions) created by mkommend
The menu item creates an ensemble model based on the currently …


17:33 Changeset [10525] by abeham

#1610: added visual model

15:21 Changeset [10524] by bburlacu

#1772: Reverse-merged erroneous commit (booked on ticked #2076), and merged latest trunk changes.

14:41 Changeset [10523] by bburlacu

#2159: Added license header to SymbolicExpressionTreeHierarchicalFormatter.cs

13:34 Changeset [10522] by bburlacu

#2159: Added the SymbolicExpressionTreeHierarchicalFormatter. Changed the TextualSymbolicDataAnalysisModelView to use a monospaced font.

13:25 Ticket #2159 (Hierarchical textual formatter of symbolic expression trees) created by bburlacu
This formatter uses a set of special characters (available in the …
12:48 Changeset [10521] by bburlacu

#2076: Fixed build error due to incomplete commit (previous commit).

11:56 Changeset [10520] by bburlacu

#2076: Got rid of layout adapters. Extracted the previous drawing code and made it into another layout engine called the BoxesLayoutEngine (because it divides the areas necessary for each subtree into boxes and recursively applies the layout). Simplified usage of layout engine so that most of the things are handled internally, and the user just has to provide some lambdas telling the engine how to navigate the original tree. Added context option in the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart to choose which layout engine to use for tree drawing. Moved the SymbolicExpressionTreeLatexFormatter to the HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views assembly because it depends on the layout engine.

09:13 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEncoding edited by pfleck
09:13 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPProblemInstance edited by pfleck
08:57 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by pfleck
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