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15:48 Changeset [9878] by jkarder


  • added project HL.Problems.Instances.TestFunctions (includes data descriptor and instance provider)
  • added instance type SOTFData
  • added SingleObjectiveTestFunctionProblemView
15:21 Blog: New HeuristicLab Publication edited by ascheibe
15:07 Blog: New HeuristicLab Publication edited by ascheibe
15:04 Blog: New HeuristicLab Publication created by ascheibe
11:32 UsersTutorials edited by ascheibe
10:47 Changeset [9877] by jkarder

#1909: added solution file and build cmds and adjusted references

10:21 Changeset [9876] by jkarder

#1909: branched project HL.Problems.TestFunctions.Views

10:17 Changeset [9875] by jkarder

#1909: branched project HL.Problems.TestFunctions

10:13 Changeset [9874] by jkarder

#1909: branched project HL.Problems.Instances

10:06 Changeset [9873] by jkarder

#1909: created branch TestFunctionInstances


16:32 Changeset [9872] by gkronber

#2026 removed unused files


11:48 Changeset [9871] by bburlacu

#2021: Replaced the opcode switch block in the Evaluate() method with an if-else block, as it apparently improves performance.


17:00 Changeset [9870] by bburlacu

#1837: Merged trunk changes and fixed sliding window visualization.

15:56 Ticket #2095 (Improve object graph traversal by using a cache) closed by mkommend
done: r9869: Merged trunk changes for object graph traversal in the stable …
15:55 Changeset [9869] by mkommend

#2095: Merged trunk changes for object graph traversal in the stable branch.

15:54 Changeset [9868] by jkarder

#1042: additional commit for r9867 (fix build fail)

15:36 Changeset [9867] by jkarder

#1042: refactored ProgressView

14:08 Changeset [9866] by mkommend

#2055: Added comments to ShrinkDataAnalysisRunsMenuItem.

13:28 Changeset [9865] by jkarder


  • progress management is handled internally
  • fixed ProgressView overlays so that they don't get disabled anymore
11:56 Ticket #1270 (Implement representation of symbolic expressions in Smalltalk syntax) closed by gkronber
11:56 Changeset [9864] by gkronber

#1270 merged r9863 from trunk to stable branch

11:55 Changeset [9863] by gkronber

#1270 fixed copyright year

11:53 Changeset [9862] by gkronber

#1270: merged r9647:9649, r9794:9795, r9821 from trunk to stable branch

11:21 Changeset [9861] by mkommend

#2055: Removed fileshrinker from tools directory.

11:19 Changeset [9860] by mkommend

#2055: Added new menu item for data analysis commands.

11:19 Changeset [9859] by mkommend

#2055: Added menuitem that removes duplicate datasets.

07:41 Ticket #2010 (Some TSP instances do not load) closed by gkronber
done: r9858: merged r9848 from trunk to stable branch
07:41 Changeset [9858] by gkronber

#2010 merged r9848 from trunk to stable branch

07:19 Ticket #2044 (Checked state of Items in a CheckedItemsListView is changed when the ...) closed by gkronber
done: r9857: merged r9839 from trunk to stable branch.
07:19 Changeset [9857] by gkronber

#2044: merged r9839 from trunk to stable branch.

07:17 Ticket #1591 (Remove outdated versions of plugins which were kept for compatibility ...) closed by gkronber
done: r9856: merged r9741, r9752 and r9762 from trunk to stable branch.
07:16 Changeset [9856] by gkronber

#1591 merged 9741, 9752, 9762 from trunk to stable branch (remove outdated plugins)


16:36 Changeset [9855] by jkarder


  • added FieldInfo cache
  • refactored GetAllFields to work iteratively
16:15 Ticket #2095 (Improve object graph traversal by using a cache) created by jkarder
FieldInfos of types found during the traversal can be cached in a …
15:53 Changeset [9854] by bburlacu

#2076: Wrapped dialog creation for pgf/tikz export in an using statement.

15:43 Changeset [9853] by bburlacu

#2076: Deleted old branch.

15:38 Changeset [9852] by bburlacu

#2076: Created new branch as the old one was crashing subversion:

  • Restructured branch contents, created HeuristicLab.TreeLayout solution.
  • Merged HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding and HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views from the trunk
  • Renamed TreeLayout to ReingoldTilfordLayoutEngine and moved it to HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding/LayoutEngines
  • Added SymbolicExpressionTreeLatexFormatter and modified the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart to allow the export of tree in pgf/latex format (using the formatter and the layout engine).
12:15 Changeset [9851] by jkarder

#1042: fixed file name shown in ProgressView overlays


16:42 Changeset [9850] by mkommend

#2081: Added exception handling to the TextFileView.

16:16 Changeset [9849] by jkarder

#1042: ProgressView overlays are now shown to indicate save operations

13:54 Changeset [9848] by jkarder

#2010: implemented TSPUpperEuclideanPathEvaluator for instances using the CEIL_2D distance measure

12:23 Changeset [9847] by gkronber

#2026 lawn mower programs are only executed once. This makes the problem much harder.

11:38 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
added lawn mower problem (diff)
11:37 Changeset [9846] by gkronber

#2026 added lawn mower problem. create a OSGA for solving the compiled problem directly

09:43 Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems edited by gkronber
note about GPDL alternative (diff)
09:40 Changeset [9845] by mkommend

#2094: Adapted estimated values view for discriminant function classification solutions.

09:39 Ticket #2094 (Show the training and test split for discriminant function ...) created by mkommend
The EstimatedValuesView for classification and discriminant function …


23:15 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
23:10 Changeset [9844] by gkronber

#2026 added two GP benchmark problems even-parity and multiplexer.


18:29 Changeset [9843] by gkronber

#2026 made the problem field non-static, added a unit test to compile all examples

18:11 Changeset [9842] by gkronber

#2026 added rudimentary error checking to GPDL parser ATG. Added GPL license headers to all files. Created a first set of unit tests.

15:28 Changeset [9841] by mkommend

#2081: Changed FileShare to read / write for file reloading.

13:13 Changeset [9840] by mkommend

#2021: Fixed a bug node impact caluclation code and adapted the cloner to include a method to get the matching cloned object given the original one.


16:56 Changeset [9839] by abeham


  • Updated checked state of listview items in CheckedItemListView when elements were moved in the CheckedItemList
  • Cosmetic change in CheckedItemCollectionView
15:26 Changeset [9838] by abeham

#1833: changed parameter collection for runs, so that the "checked" information is available.

15:17 Changeset [9837] by bburlacu

#2021: Removed SymbolicDataAnalysisSolutionValuesCalculator.cs file that was accidentally copied into the trunk when the linear interpreter was integrated.

13:55 Changeset [9836] by epitzer

Fix VRP FLA manipulators and adapt to VRP-3.4 (#1703)

13:01 Changeset [9835] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged remaining trunk changes into the EvolutionaryTracking branch.

11:16 Changeset [9834] by bburlacu

#1772: Manually merged HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding project from the trunk to the branch.

09:57 Changeset [9833] by mkommend

#2081: Implemented reviewer comments by gkronber for path values.

09:35 Ticket #2022 (Updating items in ItemListView is rather slow) closed by mkommend
rejected: IMHO this is not an real issue. If this hampers anyone a new ticket …
09:33 Changeset [9832] by mkommend

#2022: Deleted branch for improving ItemListViews.


15:55 Changeset [9831] by mkommend

#2021: Deleted the linear interpreter branch.

15:53 Changeset [9830] by mkommend

#2021: Set the linear interpreter as default for symbolic data analysis problems.

15:17 Ticket #1483 (The default constructor for DataRow should not be public) closed by gkronber
done: r9829: merged r9740 into the stable branch
15:17 Changeset [9829] by gkronber

#1483: merged r9740 into the stable branch

14:47 Changeset [9828] by mkommend

#2021: Integrated the linear interpreter in the trunk and restructed interpreter unit tests.

14:33 Changeset [9827] by jkarder


  • adapted MetaOpt NamedItems once more
    • gave more meaningful names to some items
    • removed unreferenced default ctors
    • changed access modifiers
12:51 Changeset [9826] by mkommend

#2021: Minor code changes in the linear interpreter branch.

12:10 Ticket #2093 (Evaluator for symbolic data analysis that calculates the mean of ...) created by gkronber
In preliminary experiments, we found that this improves success rates …
11:09 Changeset [9825] by gkronber

#1508 additional commit for r9824 (additional commit for r9822) to fix build fail.

11:00 Changeset [9824] by gkronber

#1508 additional commit for r9822 (fix build fail)

10:23 Changeset [9823] by jkarder

#1099: adapted MetaOpt NamedItems

10:23 Changeset [9822] by gkronber

#1508 fixed namespace for classes in Trading.Symbolic

10:17 Changeset [9821] by gkronber

#1270 made changes as suggested in the review comments

  • initially select default string formatter in the symbolic expression view
  • renamed smalltalk formatter and fixed the namespace
  • fixed namespace of GraphViz formatter
  • removed unused usings


17:39 Changeset [9820] by mkommend

#1099: Corrected namespace of NamedItemTest and added it to the basic test list.

17:35 Changeset [9819] by ascheibe

#1099 adapted Hive NamedItems

16:28 Changeset [9818] by bburlacu

#2021: Changed Evaluate method to pass the row parameter by value and not by reference.

14:40 Changeset [9817] by mkommend

#1099: Added NamedItemTest.

14:39 Changeset [9816] by mkommend

#1099: Added default name for DataTable and ScatterPlotDatarow when created with the default ctor.

13:58 Changeset [9815] by bburlacu

#2021: Code enhancements: changed the SymbolicExpressionTreeLinearCompiler to use and return an array directly and not a list.ToArray(). Replaced GetPrefixSequence lambda with a standalone method and eliminated SetSkip lambda from the PrepareInstructions method. Updated description of SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeLinearInterpreter.

12:05 Ticket #1421 (Change of StringValue in ItemCollection View does not react on Enter) closed by mkommend
done: r9814: Integrated r9755 into stable.
12:05 Changeset [9814] by mkommend

#1421: Integrated r9755 into stable.

11:00 DevelopersTeam edited by ascheibe
10:55 Changeset [9813] by ascheibe

#2031 fixed a bug when calculating the percentage of equal groups


17:54 Changeset [9812] by gkronber

#1508 removed plugin references and change return type to IConstrainedValueParameter

17:43 Ticket #2092 (The root node of symbolic expression trees should not be shown if it ...) created by gkronber
In the view for symbolic expression trees it is awkward that the root …
17:40 Changeset [9811] by gkronber

#1508 removed empty folders from project file and set svn:ignore properties

17:38 Changeset [9810] by mkommend

#2088: Removed assembly base directory attribute

17:35 Changeset [9809] by gkronber

#1508 included trading plug-ins into trunk solution

17:30 Changeset [9808] by gkronber

#1508 deleted feature branch (trading) after trunk merge

17:21 Ticket #2091 (Assembly description is missing for HeuristicLab.Problems.Instances plugin) created by gkronber
Please add a description string in AssemblyInfo.cs.frame
17:15 Changeset [9807] by mkommend

#2088: Fixed test list

17:06 Changeset [9806] by mkommend

#2088: Changed unit tests to be executable on the builder.

16:57 Changeset [9805] by gkronber

#1508 deleted obsolete solution file

16:55 Changeset [9804] by gkronber

#1508 merged trading plug-in into the trunk (2nd try)

16:54 Changeset [9803] by mkommend

#2088: Removed unused testContextInstance fields in the unit tests.

16:47 Changeset [9802] by gkronber

#1508 reverse merge of broken merge (r9801)

16:44 Changeset [9801] by gkronber

#1508 merged trading plug-in into the trunk

08:47 Ticket #2087 (HiveException: Add task fails with: The query results cannot be ...) closed by ascheibe
done: Thanks! r9800: merged r9751 into stable branch
08:47 Changeset [9800] by ascheibe

#2087 merged r9751 into stable branch

08:45 Ticket #2090 (HiveException: Invalid attempt to read when no data is present.) created by bburlacu
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